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Being a typical pantster (no plotting for this wild child) I don’t always know what will happen with a scene or chapter until it does, but when it happens, and works… Great! For some reason I haven’t found a successful method of plotting that works for me. When I do try to plot, I end up getting confused with where I want the story to go and where it ends up. Most of the time my well thought out plans get put aside while I write blind.
Oddly, after writing a complete ms I sometimes do a mini plot, or a synopsis, that helps me make necessary edits. Unfortunately, it is also this method which causes me to toss a finished ms into the ‘don’t know what to do with this one’ pile, at which time I begin an all new story.

So, you can understand why I am so excited now. I just love it when characters cooperate and scenes come together one at a time. That is what writes the book. One letter, word, scene, page, and chapter at a time. That seems to be my method, and until I find a different one that works better for me, I’ll go with it. I wrote 802 words yesterday. Which means I made my 300 per day x2 plus a few more just like I’d planned.

I need to go cyber-searching and find pictures of Kelly and Chase. Visuals always help me focus on my characters. In fact, I may need to cast everyone because there are some interesting sub-characters in this that I want to ‘see’ as well.

I’ve decided to give a weekly or bi-weekly word count update, so look for higher numbers to be reported over the weekends from here on out. That said, I will write more tonight and bring these lovable ‘people’ closer to life.

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I'm a mother of three daughters and wife to a wonderful man of 30+ years. I'm also an avid seamstress, polymer clay artisan and diehard crafter always coming up with things to make with, and for, my six granddaughters. Check out my craft site https://lisasfancifulallure.wordpress.com/ when you have a moment. I'm a published author of sensual romance. I write about stubborn men and women who don't take no for an answer, and there's always that golden HEA. Cowboys and first responders are my favorite contemporary heroes to write about. My light paranormal heroes are strong men ready to protect their women--not that they need protecting.

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