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Osiyo, (hello)

What a week! Kat O’Reilly had some great points to ponder, don’cha think? Wado (Thank you), again Jen Nipps for dropping in this week and filling our heads with wonderfully yummy images of those Irish men of yours. Can’t wait to read more.
Wado, to those who stopped by and joined the discussion. I’ll have more later for you to jump into. I am open to suggestions as to what you’d like to hear about and talk about.

I’ve been reading Sherryl Woods’ Amazing Gracie since Thursday. What a great book. Her hero, Kevin Patrick Daniels, tortures her heroine, Gracie Mac Dougal, deliciously and with such humor I fell in love with him instantly. From his threadbare denims (my kinda man!) to that slow southern drawl that I can almost hear when Kevin Patrick teases Gracie, this book is a gentle southern treasure. If you haven’t got it in your tbr pile- get it! You won’t be sorry after page one. I wanna be tortured by him! And, to be sure, she does her fair share of torture in return. She doesn’t dress right, eat right, talk right… but he’s a good sport who is more than willing to teach her how to do things the ‘right’ way.

In between reading and keeping up with blogs I enjoy reading (I discovered the romance bandits today and will add them to my list) I have added 2,393 words to my own WIP today. First Chase wants Kelly to dine with him, now she’s about to return the favor she denied him! I can’t wait to see what these two get into next. I’m up to a new total WC of 14,120 and gaining. I hope to make 16K tonight before I stop. Then, it’s a few more pages/chapters of Amazing Gracie. WOOT!

Now, I have a question for ya’ll. When you want to get a set amount of words written in a day- what do you do to ensure you reach your goal?
I ask this because I realized during this last two days of procrastination that reaching 300 words a day (the daily goal of our challenge) isn’t my problem. It’s reaching 300 words. Period. I can get those in in an hour, no stress. My problem seems to be that I need to go farther and that if all I’m trying to reach is that number, then I have trouble starting at all. I’m a marathon writer who starts and doesn’t stop until my hands are ready to fall off and my brain is thinking faster than I can write. I’m a pantster on top of that. It takes a lot more for me to give myself permission to write just 300 words than it does to stop after 3000. Which is why I wrote my last manuscript in less than 2 months and spent the next 10 editing and rewriting it. Arggggh!

So, what do you do to ensure you reach your goal no matter how short or long it is? (Life woes aside that is.)

Dodadagohvi (until we meet again)

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  1. >That sounds like a fruitful idea. I'll have to wait until our new library is finished… but great tip. Thanks Tina. (How's the first sale high? )


  2. >I have given up on daily goals but I do have weekly ones. And when I am having a particularly hard time reaching them I either set a timer or I go to the library with my laptop. I cannot get up or in the case of the library, go home, until I reach my goal.Painful yes, but I cannot edit an empty page so it does work.


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