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~Wolf Credo~
Respect the Elders
Teach the Young
Cooperate with the Pack
Play when you can
Hunt when you must
Rest in between
Share your Affection
Voice your Feelings
Leave your Mark!!!
The Guardian Wolves of Colusa Mountain
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Here are some things you may not know about wolves to prepare you for your journey.

~The Wolf ~wa-hya or wa-ya~
Feared and hated by men the world over, the mighty wolf has been plagued by all forms of evil stories, myths and legends. Hunted, trapped and killed to the point of extinction, many of these majestic animals are gone forever — their breeds and blood lines never to be seen again.
In spite of the many horror stories of wolves hunting, tracking and killing humans, no such event has ever been confirmed. Their eerie and lonely howl, which can make the blood run cold, is merely their form of communication. Each howl, with its tone, depth, length and frequency carries a different message to the pack, or to the partner who is out of sight. They’re merely “talking”.
If you carry wolf medicine, here are some characteristics that sound familiar to you:
You are fiercely loyal — to friends, family, ideals and principles. There is no compromise for you.
You are very territorial. You protect all that is yours and your family’s at any expense. You are fearless in your protection, but not reckless. You plan your strategy carefully, and wait for the opportune moment for most powerful effect.
You have a strong family structure. There is no doubt who the elders, patriarchs and parents are, or about their roles in the family structure. Disobedience, selfishness and unruly behavior is not tolerated as there are strong boundaries for the young. They are taught well and carefully so that they may assume leadership roles in their own family structures.
You have an unrelenting sense of adventure. You love to explore new things, to stretch out for new horizons. You have a thirst for knowledge and for learning new things. You are eager to share these things which make you a natural teacher. Your adventures may take you away from home and family, but it is important that you have this base of security to return to.
You have an unrelenting need to be alone. You are so busy being the protector, the provider, the teacher, and the trailblazer, that it’s very easy for you to become exhausted and burned out. In order to re-charge your spirit, and keep your balance, it is critical that you have time to be alone with your thoughts and your own sense of self. This is one side of your nature that must not be overlooked. Even if you lock yourself in the bathroom for 15 minutes a day, the time alone must be honored if you are to have value to those you care for.
To Native Americans, the wolf is a powerful
spiritual symbol. They are considered to be
teachers or pathfinders. The wolf star was red,
an esteemed color, associated with the wolf by
all tribes. Also known as Sirius, it is the brightest
star in the Northern Sky. The milky way was the
wolf’s trail-the route to heaven. In time, the wolf
also became associated among the four seasons
with summer, among the trees with the willow,
and among the great natural forces with the clouds.
The Indians respected the wolf’s prowess as
a hunter, his stamina, and the way he moved
silently across the landscape. They were moved
by his howling, which they sometimes regarded
as talking with the spirit world. The wolf appears in
many legends as a messenger, great long distance
traveler and a guide for anyone seeking the spirit
world. He was the forerunner of new ideas who
returned to the clan to teach and share medicine.
Wolf is the Grand teacher. Wolf is the sage,
who after many winters upon the sacred path
and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share
new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the
radical and the traditional in the same breath.
When the Wolf walks by you – you will remember.
The old ones tell us stories about our beginnings
and of a time when human kind first came to live
upon this Earth. It was Wolf who taught Humans
the ways of living in harmony. It was Wolf who
taught us how to form community upon this Earth,
for Wolves have an intuitive knowledge of order
through chaos and they possess the ability to
survive change, intact.
Wolf medicine is very ancient and born of living
experience. Wolf will look deep into your heart
and share the greatest of knowledge, but will
demand full participation, and absolute sincerity.
When Wolf has walked by you, the very presence of
the wolf will rekindle old memories within your soul.
Through the friction of experience you rekindle
the emotional fires of the inner soul and question
the manifestations of your own consciousness.
You can own a thing only when you have come to
own the emotional experience of it, and realize
the responsibility for its creation. then you are
free to continue. Wolf medicine can make you whole.
You will return to Wolf many times in your life as
you complete and begin your cycles of experience
and seek the inner truth.
Ghost Wolf
the Wolf Lodge
* I don’t know who the authors of the credo, photo, or these legends are, but I give full credit to them. I had no part in creating any of the content other than my welcome introductions.

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