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I go to a lot of blogs (more than I should these days when I ought to be revising) and the bloggers have gimmick days. I’ve learned a lot from some of these blogs. Some useful, some not so much, but a lot of fun. Some blog excerpts of various authors’ books (a wonderful promo for friends), some do ‘Freak You Out Friday’, have a blast, type days (lookin’ at my ❤ cp, Christine Bell), some do other great, and really helpful blogs.
Another instance is that my other ❤ crit partner Melinda Pierce does Warrior Wednesdays; Tales of the Unpubbed on her blog at http://writingnotwhining.blogspot.com. This is a really awesome idea she came up with- wish I’d thought of it first! She has unpublished authors drop by and tell the story of their journey to get published. That’s where you’ll find me today. Yep, I’m a warrior. As yet, like most (or all) of you know I am unpublished to date- though I have a major revision underway (stayed tuned to see how that project progresses)- unless you count the book I wrote in fifth grade, but to hear about that you’ll need to pop over to Melinda’s blog.  
I’ve decided to try something new. Well, not exactly new- as you’ve just read- but for me it is. So, short as this blog is, I’m asking for help. What can I do? I’m thinking Tuesdays or Thursdays and something fun but helpful. What would you like to see on my blog and what schedule would be best- weekly, twice a month, monthly? Speak out here.


About Calisa Rhose

I'm a mother of three daughters and wife to a wonderful man of 35+ years. I'm also an avid seamstress, polymer clay artisan and die-hard crafter, always coming up with things to make with, and for, my six granddaughters and two grandsons. Check out my craft site https://lisasfancifulallure.wordpress.com/ when you have a moment. I'm also a small online business owner of Okie fLips on Etsy and Poshmark (eBay/Merkari coming soon), https://www.etsy.com/people/cmselfridge and https://poshmark.com/closet/okieflips I'm a published author of sensual romance. I write about stubborn men and women who don't take no for an answer, and there's always that golden HEA. Cowboys and first responders are my favorite contemporary heroes to write about. My light paranormal heroes are strong men ready to protect their women--not that they need protecting, since they are capable of caring for themselves.

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  1. >Ooh- that's good. Lol I really hate grammar! Maybe that's why it sticks at me so much? Y'know capchas drive me totally nuts. I posted on a blog yesterday (I think) and my capcha made me excited. It was 'water'! A real word!!! I know…sad.


  2. >Okay, I'm back with another suggestion – since you are the Queen of Grammar, maybe you could do Grammar Lovin' Tuesday and go over some grammar no nos and give examples.


  3. >I think something weekly is easy to commit to – think about something in the writing world that interests you, for me it was helping promo those who aren't pubbed yet, but for you it could be cover artists, or searching for the best book blurbs, etc. This may not be too helpful, but I know you'll think of something.


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