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As promised, I am visiting fellow TWRP author W. Lynn Chantale’s blog today. Why do I write what I write? Come on over and find out this answer and more about me! http://wlynnchantale-decadentdecisions.blogspot.com 

And to add to today’s fun- I want to suggest a wonderful paranormal book to read.

Have you heard of TWRP author Laura Kaye? No? Have you heard of a book titled Forever Freed? Thought it might be something you’d read but then never invested in trying it? DO IT!

Now, my regular visitors might know I love werewolves, not exactly werewolves, but wolf shapeshifters specifically. What does this have to do with LK? Um, she’s into vampires. Don’t we all know by now how well those two mix? lol But I fell into a revision slump Sunday and decided a read might wake the muse back up. I don’t know about the muse yet, but I’m awake! I absolutely love, love, love Forever Freed!!! So much so that I’ve put out the invitation to Lucien Demarco, the torn hero, to visit in the near future. He’s enough to make a wolf-lover switch sides when Edward Cullen couldn’t. 

So get this book. Read the book and I hope to hear back from Lucien soon and can bring him to my stage to introduce you all to him. Maybe I can get a little something from him about the love of his life, Samantha, too. For now I’ll say this about FOREVER FREED is the most heart wrenching and heart warming book I’ve ever read in first person. It’s not your average first person book though. I was amazed that Laura carried the whole story in the hero’s point of view (pov) and yet I felt so in tune with Samantha by the end it was incredible. The way Laura shows us the heroine’s side through Lucien’s eyes left me wanting more of these two. I did not feel as though I didn’t know her innermost desires at all, but I felt her pain and love for Lucien. Amazing. I will keep this book for many reasons. And let’s not forget little Ollie. The child reminds me of my own granddaughter in so many ways, she’s that real through Lucien’s eyes! As a writer some books make me want to get writing again and create my own love story. I can’t wait to write. I love those inspirational stories. But this one left me just wanting more. That is a good book. That I was left thinking about this story and the trueness of the characters long after the end- that is a great book!

Thank you Laura Kaye.



And don’t forget to visit me at W. Lynn’s blog so I’m not all alone!


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  1. Dropping by to thank you for visiting with Laura Kaye today at Under the Tiki Hut. It’s nice meeting you. Sorry I’m so late getting to blogs – there was a certain cabana boy….


  2. Read the excerpt — woo-hoo. Definitely a different kind of hero.


  3. It is Donna! It really is! Love ya.


  4. Now I’m going to buy it. Sounds like a great read!


  5. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for the interview!


  6. I will AJ! Thanks for stopping by! You mean I beat you to it? Yay me! lol


  7. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS INTERVIEW! Please make sure you announce it around the loops, Calisa. I’ll be anxious to get in some face time with Lucien! Woot!


  8. Wow, Calisa! I am totally thrilled you loved Forever Freed so much! And so appreciative of your sharing the love! LOL There are two more books planned in this series, though I’m not sure the when of it all, so hopefully I’ll be able to give you more yet! THANK YOU THANK YOU! (And Lucien would love to come visit you… 🙂 ) Oh, and OMG, for the positive comparison to Edward Cullen (who I, er, kinda rather love), I bow down to you!


    • Lol Laura. I did. truly. And there will be others? YeeHaw!!! I can’t wait now. Shouldn’t a told me! lol Can I guess? Langston? No, that one is sealed already. Hm… Oh- I’d love to hear Griffin and Henny’s story! You could even do like a free short read on your website! Ok. ok I quit. 🙂 But I do want to invite Lucien to an interview very soon! Thank him for me and I’ll be in touch. Oh- and though I’m a wolf fan…I do love Edward too.

      *team J*


  9. that sounds fantastic I’ll have to grab it!


  10. Wow, sounds fantastic. I’ll have to check it out. You definitely have me intrigued. Thanks for the info and best of luck to Laura Kaye.


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