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I had intended to let the previous blog ride out the weekend when I posted it. But then Vonnie reminded me she was supposed to arrive bright and early today, instead of Monday as I’d announced. Plans are made to change. Right? So there I was toiling late into the night putting her sitting area together, baking, brewing—well, ok, I cheated and ran to The Corner Store For Anything Author and got all those yumilicious treats over there on the side table. Do dig in and sit back and let’s see what Vonnie has brought for us here on the ranch.

Please help me welcome my friend and fellow Rose, Vonnie Davis!

Good morning, Calisa, thanks for having me on your lovely blog today. To any of your readers in harm’s way from Hurricane Irene, please stay safe.

That goes double for me my friends on the east coast!

I’m having my second cup of coffee, gearing up for our visit. Yawn…I am so not a morning person, especially now that I’m retired.

Me neither, Vonnie. Don’t you just love my green horse patterned jammies? Why don’t you begin with a little about yourself?

I live in Lynchburg, VA, with my writer husband, whose book The Phantom Lady of Paris was released two weeks before mine. We are in major book promotion mode here at our house. Our cat, Jazie Miles Davis, is not impressed as he tells one and all on Twitter. Yes, our cat tweets. What can I say? He’s special.

A huge shout out of CONGRATULATIONS Calvin!

Calvin and I met late in life on match dot com, of all places. I’d been divorced for ten years, busy getting my kids through college and then going to college myself. I was the typical Grandma-in-College story.

A year to the day from Calvin’s first email, we were married. I gained a grown stepson, living in Germany, and Calvin gained three grown stepchildren and six grandchildren.

*Sigh* So romantic! The one year to the day part, I mean. The kids are just Kewl! Shutting up now.

At the time, Calvin was writing every day. I was dreaming about it. Cal insisted I retire. Why should I work if he wasn’t, he asked? Hey, who am I to argue with such intelligent logic? So, at the age of fifty-six, I retired from technical writing and slowly morphed into a romance writer. What a painful journey!

I knew how to write. What I didn’t know was the craft of writing. My first romance was so bad no one wanted it. I had much to learn—and still do. But learning keeps us young, doesn’t it? Please say, “Yes.”

My debut book, Storm’s Interlude, just kind of rolled out of my addled brain. I was pouting about my first book at the time, angry that no one liked my nice guy hero. “I suppose if I wrote the typical alpha-male, everyone would have loved the story,” I grumbled as I powered up my laptop. “Well, if that’s what they want, that’s what I’ll give them.” And I wrote the most bizarre opening scene I could think of and was in the middle of chapter four when I realized I liked these characters. The book took three months to write. The bad book no one liked had consumed over two years of writing and rewriting; maybe I’d edited the spirit right out of it…sigh.

My agent started shopping the book out to publishers on a Monday. The following Monday I had a contract offer from a small press. I told her I wanted The Wild Rose Press; I’d heard so many favorable things about them from other writers. She sent emails out to all the publishers she’d queried, telling them if they were the least interested, they had two weeks to read and offer because I already had a contract offer. At the time I thought she was being rather ballsy. I mean, who am I? An unpublished grandma, that’s who.

The following week I had an offer from TWRP. Imagine, two contract offers in two weeks. I also had a lovely rejection letter from an editor at Harlequin saying that she loved my characters and my writing, but since I wrote much in the style of Linda Lael Miller, she’d have trouble convincing acquisitions to take me on. I cried. Me and Linda Lael Miller in the same sentence was unbelievable. Simply beyond my imagination.

Since its release on July 15th, Storm’s Interlude has garnered three 5-Star reviews and a Best Book review from Long and Short Reviews. The links to those reviews are here:

Single Title Reviews — http://bit.ly/qfW9a6

One Hundred Romances Project — http://bit.ly/q3WvQy

Night Owl Reviews — http://bit.ly/qCMfcQ

Long and Short Reviews — http://bit.ly/odfEiy

Do you have an excerpt to share with us today?

I’d love to share an excerpt. Since I’ve talked about my bizarre opening scene written in an I-don’t-wanna-write-an-alpha-male snit, I’ll share that.


Someone swaggered out of the moonlit night toward Rachel. Exhausted from a long day of driving, she braked and blinked. Either she was hallucinating or her sugar levels had plummeted. Maybe that accounted for the male mirage, albeit a very magnificent male mirage, trekking toward her. She peered once more into the hot July night at the image illuminated by her headlights. Sure enough, there he was, cresting the hill on foot—a naked man wearing nothing but a black cowboy hat, a pair of boots and a go-to-hell sneer.

Well, well, things really did grow bigger in Texas. The man quickly covered his privates with his black Stetson. Rachel sighed. The show was evidently over. Should she stand up in her Beetle convertible and applaud? Give a couple cat calls? Wolf whistles? Maybe not.

She turned down the music on the car’s CD player. Sounds of crickets and a lonely bullfrog in the distance created a nighttime symphony in the stillness of this isolated stretch of country road. Lightning bugs darted back and forth, blinking a display of neon yellow glow.

The naked man strode toward her car, and Rachel’s heart rate kicked up. Common sense told her to step on the gas, yet what woman wanted to drive away from such a riveting sight? Still, life had taught her to be careful. She reached into her handbag and extracted her chrome revolver. Before he reached her car, she quickly slid her gun under the folds of her skirt.

Just let him try anything funny—I know how to take care of myself.

Both of his large hands clasped his hat to his groin. His face bore annoyance and a touch of chagrin. “I need a ride.” By his bearing and commanding tone of voice, she guessed the man was used to giving orders and having them followed.

Her eyes took a slow journey across his face. Even in the moonlight, she could see traces of Native heritage. His shoulder-length ebony hair, too long for her tastes, glistened against his bronzed skin. Proud arrogant eyes sparked anger.

Because Rachel believed in indulging herself, she allowed her eyes to travel over his broad shoulders, muscular chest and tight abdominal muscles. She saw a thin trail of dark hair starting below his navel, knowing full well where it ended, and fought back a groan. Her eyes slid back up to lock on his. “You need a pair of pants, too.” Knowing her voice hummed with desire, she cleared her throat, hoping the naked man hadn’t noticed.

He looked up at the sky for a beat. “Just my freakin’ luck! A birthday party gone bad, and now I’m bein’ ogled by some horny kid with damnable blue eyes.”

What the heck was wrong with her eyes? She quickly glanced in her rearview mirror and saw nothing amiss. She narrowed those “damnable blue eyes” and sneered. “Look, buster, I’m not the one prancing around Texas naked as a jaybird. I’ll have you know I’m hardly a kid.” She glanced down at the black cowboy hat. “And, furthermore, stop hiding behind that big ol’ Stetson. From what I saw, a French beret would do the job.”

There, let the arrogant fool stew on that while he strutted back to whatever rock he crawled out from under. She slammed her car in gear and sped off.

She swore she wouldn’t look in her rearview mirror. Nope, she would not look. Like a magnet emitting a powerful homing signal, her eyes slowly slid to the glass surface. He was standing where she’d left him, his Stetson tilted back on his head, his hands fisted on his narrow naked hips and his mouth moving. He was no doubt cussing her out.

I just have to get this book! I love this scene.  Where can I get Storm’s Interlude?


http://amzn.to/pkkcLq — Amazon

http://bit.ly/rcCIMa — The Wild Rose Press

http://bit.ly/pb9DQd — Barnes and Noble, Nook only

I blog at http://www.vintagevonnie.blogspot.com

My website is http://www.vonniedavis.com

Follow me on Twitter @VonnieWrites

Follow my Jazie @jaziemilesdavis

In honor of being nominated for Book of the Week at LASR, I’m giving away a PDF copy of Storm’s Interlude TO ONE LUCKY COMMENTER!

Isn’t that an awesome review record for one month? Congratulations on the LASR Book of the Week nomination. You’ll have to let us know how it turns out. I’ll be voting!

Now show Vonnie some commenter love and win this book! We’ll announce the winner Sunday right here on my blog so don’t forget to leave your email so we can reach the winner.


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  1. Thanks for making it by Donna!


  2. Great excerpt and interview! Awesome job on the reviews too.


  3. I love this opening scene! Especially when she looks back to find his hat on his head and his mouth moving. I can just IMAGINE what he is saying! LOL

    Congratulations on the fabulous reviews, Vonnie!


  4. I’ve so enjoyed having you come to the ranch for a respite from the storm today Vonnie! We’ll have to do this again.


  5. I’ll do the drawing tomorrow (Sunday) around noon–electricity and internet permitting. Thanks for having me, Calisa. Hugs!!!


  6. I love you all for coming here even though I suspect Vonnie is tied up with Hurricane Irene and hasn’t been able to get online since this morning. Please check back tomorrow for the winner and I hope Vonnie can return by then. If not, the winner will be announced as soon as Vonnie is able.

    Thank you all for coming by and for your understanding through this rough storm! Isn’t it ironic her hero’s name and her absence or the cause of it are the same? “Storm”


  7. Please forgive me for being so late today, but i couldn’t let the fantastic rejection from Harlequin go by without commenting. To be comapred to Linda Lael Miller is da bomb! So I guess that makes Vonnie da bomb!
    Wonderful first sale story, Vonnie. I’m proud to be a fellow Rose with you.


    • My older grandkids call me “da bomb,” but for different reasons. You’re so right, Lynne, it was an honor…don’t know how deserving I am of that, but the rejection letter is framed, let me tell you.


  8. Me! Me! Oh, oh! PICK ME, PICK ME!! I wanna copy of Storm’s Interlude!! Please, please! Pick me!! I love this scene Vonnie and am thrilled that you finally got down to business so that we could ALL enjoy your characters. Cheers, my friend!!


  9. Fantasy Football day at my house so just now blog-hopping. Vonnie, I love your story and the story of you and Calvin too.


    • NO worries, Jill. With the storm knocking out our power in fits and starts and internet doing its dance with the hurricane, I’m late, too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  10. Lol Joelene. Glad she got your dander (and more) up! Everyone needs to subscribe to the Vintage Vonnie blog. Of course who makes me laugh harder, you or her, is up in the air still.


  11. Wonderful opener, but mean of you to leave us in the backseat of the bug when we wanted to get out back there. Damn seatbelts! Who doesn’t love a man with a black Stetson? Your debut novel is wonderful, and I see many more in your future. Get NightOwl reviews sent to my inbox, and now I can put a face with the author. Thanks Calisa for introducing Vonnie, oh, and um….the naked cowboy.


  12. I’m another who can’t wait to read more than just an excerpt. A storm is definitely what your book is kicking up in the reviews, Vonnie. Great stuff!


  13. Yard sale day. Sorry I’m late welcoming you Vonnie. Thanks for coming!


    • I’m later than you. I’m teaching a workshop at Savvy Authors on POV and checking homework is time consuming. Today is the last day for that. Thanks so much for having me.


  14. Leah St. James

    I love that excerpt, Vonnie! Congratulations on your wonderful reviews. 🙂


    • Hi Leah, how nice seeing you here. I’m late checking in for comments. One of those days, I’m afraid. Good, but so busy. Thanks for your comment.


  15. Sandy, thanks. Although the opening scene is rather “off the wall,” the remainder of the book deals with some heavy issues: Storm’s sister who has leukemia and Rachel’s maniacal ex-boyfriend. Even so, there are dribbles of my humor in there as well. Thanks for stopping by.


  16. That is probably one of the best opening scenes I’ve ever read. No wonder your agent snapped it up. Congratulations.


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