My apologies


I was supposed to have the lovely Jill with me today- but this post has  been rescheduled! So sorry for the tease! I have a little something to sooth the burn marks. He’s my friend’s hunk of the day but Joelene Coleman was sweet enough to let me borrow ‘the Water Boy’ for the day.

[image deleted]


You can drop by and see what Joelene is up to today as well. Click on her name and see the ten rules to make people buy your books on her site. (I’m sorry for the confusion over the link for those who have tried and couldn’t find it. I forgot to make the connection!)




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I'm a mother of three daughters, five granddaughters (with a new surprise on the way), and wife to a wonderfully supportive man. I began writing warm-you-to-the-bones romance as a teen, and the addiction has now morphed into a life of its own. I became a published author in May 2011! I create art and jewelry with polymer clay and beads to relax, and have a passion for sewing for fun. Check out my Tips From an Editor blog at See my art, craft and sewing projects at

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  1. We’ll be happy whenever Joelene comes over, but we sure do like her substitute!


  2. This is NOT Adam Sandler. Oh, but I am feeling a bit parched. lol!


  3. LOL…nice picture Calisa 🙂 Even though the temps here have dropped, this guy made me run to turn on the fan 🙂 YUMMY


  4. Oh my! If only Wesley had looked like that saying “As you wish.”

    Thanks for rescheduling me. Yesterday was a full day of editing, formatting, and uploading Divorce, Interrupted. It is now at and Smashwords, hoping for Amazon by the end of the day.


  5. Ah…yeah, he’ll work. I’m feeling much better. Tell Joelene I said THANKS!


  6. This is the second time I posted this title, but this post was postponed last week! lol Glad to brighten your day, Gale.


  7. Must be a full moon this month. I double booked and had to reschedule someone. Now it’s another calendar, more post-it notes….
    But the farm boy made my morning. Thanks.


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