What a treat I have on the ranch for you today. Author, golfer and all around wonderful person, Rolynn Anderson is here with wise words and a great book. Thanks for visiting Rolynn and sharing Last Resort with us!

I write, I golf, I garden, and I boat.  Okay, that last verb didn’t quite work, even though it’s parallel, but you get the drift.  Consider for a moment the verbs that define you…your dedicated efforts, endeavors that pull you deeply into “them” and challenge you immensely.

Have you got one or two?  Good.  Keep them in your head.

I just finished reading GOLFING WITH GOD: A NOVEL ABOUT HEAVEN AND EARTH, by Roland Merullo.   I’m not sure I would have read the book if it hadn’t been my friend’s pick for book club.  Even when she told me the book was a quirky approach to spirituality, I viewed the first few pages skeptically.  Still, I love to golf, so the teacher/golfer main character and the faint hope that I might learn something to improve my game, moved me to read on.

A side-note about a fellow author (from his Amazon bio) “Roland Merullo’s best-selling novel, Breakfast with Buddha, recently went into its 11th printing. Like Golfing with God before it, and American Savior after it, Breakfast with Buddha treats questions of philosophy/spirituality from a multi-denominational viewpoint and with a healthy dose of humor.” http://www.amazon.com/Roland-Merullo/e/B001IQXCGE

Turns out the book is a funny and instructive allegory about one multiply reincarnated human’s journey toward being a better person, and, you guessed it, becoming a better golfer.  In a good portion of the novel, God is an attractive woman with a case of the short-game (chipping and putting) yips, that our main character, Hank, is supposed to eradicate.  Typical of allegories, this isn’t about golf, it’s about character improvement.  Hank says: “When your soul is riddled with quirks and urges, old failures and fresh embarrassments, you need help.”  Turns out he not only learns how to be better person by instructing God, but he also sees how golf is a tool and a template for working out his internal issues.

Now it’s time for you to trot out the endeavors you chose, above.  Hank would say that if you pay attention to the elements of that endeavor (mountain-climbing, say), they will help you learn how to become the kind of person you want to be.  Is he (Merullo and Frank) right?  Take my writing.  Does the act of writing as well as the characters and stories I choose, teach me something about my own struggles and serve as a tool for managing them?

What do you think?  Cool or crazy ideas?  My tentative take: I’m moved to think more about the concepts, because my golf game has improved since I read the book!

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Great thoughts. Golfing with God… I may just have to read this one even though I’m not a golfer. Thanks for the link. So gang- what do you think? Let us know.


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  1. Jumping in late so I’ll just ease a hip on the side of the porch and take the leftovers. I love books (and movies) that make you take a look at your self. “Who Moved My Cheese” was a great example, and “Golfing With God” sounds like a perfect way to see your imperfections as character traits. Like freckles on your nose. You don’t want them, but they give you your individual “look.” Read the blurb to “Last Resort” and it sounds fun. A fishing expert huh? Sounds like some good “bait and tackle” will be used.


  2. Thank you for coming by, Sandy!


  3. Most interesting!
    I love the connection of every day with spiritual.

    Thank you for the post.


  4. I’m so happy you could be here today, too, Rolynn! My marshmallows depend on my mood I think. Sometimes I’ll scorch them for that charred taste and sometimes I just want it light brown, warm and gooey. Smokies are always a hit! And beer or wine. (I save the vodka for special occasions lol)


  5. That’s a good question to ask our self, Lo. Now here’s the marshmallows and (dare I say it?) Li’l smokies.


    • I’m the type who can’t burn my marshmallow, so I might be sitting here awhile. Love the idea of snacking on smokies while I wait for just the right ‘melt’. This is my kind of discussion…and I thank Calisa for inviting me today!


  6. lorettawheeler

    I love these type of books:) They bring it all down to a simplistic process. It was suggested I read “Who Moved the Cheese” when I was having trouble making it around the curve with all the changes in my life. I learned a lot from it:) I’m always on the look-out for “signs” that tell me I need to take another path. It isn’t always easy, but it sure helps to take notice of the sign posts:) One thing I have tried to apply in my life is answering this one question when I’m stuck: Are you tired of this? Would you like to try something else? Most of the time, it works for me. May take me awhile to figure out the “something else” but it gets me started in another direction.
    Great blog Calisa:) Now toss us the marshmallows, and we’ll all perch on the porch with you before heading back to the mall!


    • Loretta, good points. Sometimes we don’t listen/pay attention to what we’re feeling and we need someone or something to give us a goose. ‘Course one person’s goose might merely annoy another person. 🙂 Rolynn


  7. I think we might try to. Something to think about, for sure.


  8. I’m curious. Do you think we work out internal struggles through our writing (like the Golfer in this book)? I always seem to have father issues going on in my novels. ‘Course my female main character always has a fatal flaw…easy to identify with that! Rolynn


  9. Thanks for the idea. Golfing with God sounds like a good present for my husband. Last Resort would be a good gift for me.


    • Ally, I love the way you think! They are both fun, fast reads…just the kind of escape we need. Your husband will get a huge kick out of God as a Babe with the yips. 🙂 Rolynn


  10. That makes two of us, Colleen. lol Thanks for dropping in.


  11. Never could see the appeal in wacking a little ball with a stick, but to each his own. However, this book sounds fascinating. Best of luck with it.


    • I understand, Callie. The game gets me out of my desk chair, out in the air, and out with real people. I come up with good ideas when I golf, as well…seems to free the mind! Rolynn


  12. Our book club just finished reading “The Shack” where God is a large black womanwho loves to cook. Why not a golfer? Whatever helps us understand our relationship to Her better.


  13. Hi Rolynn and thanks for the interesting topic today, along with a couple of interesting books!

    I’ve never tried to golf here on the ranch, but we can try rose apple golf! What’s that, you ask? Horse hockey? Same difference! Think about it and let me know if you’re game!


  14. I’m with you Calisa! I’m not a golfer, but this might be a book to pick up and check out. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take up golf after I read it. LOL


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