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I made it back for a second consecutive week so if you didn’t join Six Sentence Sunday or visit my post last week- maybe you should. That way you’ll at least know what’s going on with my Six this week when I’m sharing some more from my fireman wip.

So without further ado, here’s the setup and this week’s six from Hearts Afire.

Haley is still in the cabinet shop after last weeks’ post and has gotten to the reason for her visit only to have Sean knock the wind from her…hornet’s wings… When she realizes her pre-teen daughter has been lying to her about hanging out at the wood shop with a stranger. Not only that, but Sean finds out the child has been lying to him, too. In this clip you see how they discovered the deceit. 

“My note?”

Ah hell. Sean dragged a hand down his tired face before he met the angry gray eyes of the mother hornet. He let a curse slip. “You didn’t write any note, did you?”

“I did not.”

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  1. Very nice six. That child’s in big trouble now. 🙂


  2. Ahhh… Wait and see!


  3. Loved…”before he met the angry gray eyes of the mother hornet” Great six!


  4. Very intriguing! i want to


  5. I like his reaction to her question. Nice six.


  6. gayleramage

    Ooh, someone’s been busted! 😀


  7. So who wrote the note? Excellent!


  8. Short and sweet…and very nice, Calisa. I got a feel for the characters through what little dialogue they exchanged. Nice work! 🙂


  9. Joanna Aislinn

    Very good. Enough to hook me–again 🙂


  10. Thanks Christine! I love that scene. 🙂


  11. Great six…loved the visuals Calisa 🙂


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