You won’t believe who my guest is today!


I know you’re jealous. Admit it. 🙂 I’m the lucky one today and I am verra thrilled to be the caboose of the multi-blog scavenger hunt for sister TWRP debut author (and I’m proud to say, my friend!), Mackenzie Crowne’s Gift of the Realm. We’re doing an interview and she’s here to tell you more about why you will want to read this book—besides that enchanting and haunting cover and the scrumptious Colin! So let’s get this ranch jumping!  Please give a Ranch welcome to Mac Crowne! *indicates the screen door in a grand gesture…gawks…at…*

Donovan O’Brian Quinn be me name.

Calisa: Wha-? Wait a minute…

Donovan: I’m pleased to make yer acquaintance. The lovely Calisa was kind enough to invite me to visit today, to tell ye about me book. Gift of the Realm, it’s called. Oh, I didn’t do the actual writing of the thing. Mackenzie Crowne had that honor, but the story is mine. I’m the star, ye see.

Calisa: Uh-huh… *glances around for the hidden camera then back at the dog talking? to her* Hello? *a talking dog! pinches her arm and winces* Am I being Punk’d? I thought Mac was supposed to be here today. Where’s Ashton? Oh, well. Who am I to turn away a talking dog? Welcome to the ranch, Donovan, was it?

Donovan: I know what ye be thinking’. A dog? Really? Dogs don’t type and they certainly don’t blog.

Calisa: Of course you know “what I be thinking.’ I just expressed that. What I want to know is…how?

Donovan: Well now, I’m here to tell ye, if ye hadn’t noticed already, an ordinary dog I’m not. An Irish wolfhound I be, living in the world of folklore and fairies in the mystical village of Dunhaven, Ireland, where strange and wonderful happenings are the norm. My people are Halflings, ye see. Ye might have heard of them. Keely and Colin Quinn be their names.

[image deleted]

Calisa: Actually, I have— Ooh! That’s beautiful! I’ve always dreamed of going to Ireland and seeing a cliff like this one. *sighs*

Mac: Donovan!

*Calisa jumps from her reverie*

Donovan: *Yelp* Oh, Mac! Ye frightened a full seven years off me life. I didn’t see ye there. Tis the author herself, me friends. Say hello, Mac.

Calisa: Mac, what a pleasant surprise to see you! *eyeballs Donovan suspiciously*

Mac: Hello, everyone, nice to meet you. What are you up to, Donovan? Sorry, Calisa. I hope he’s not bothering you.

Calisa: Not at—

Donovan: I like that! Invited, I was. Calisa and I are having a wee visit. The lass smells of sweet, cinnamon candy, don’t ye know. I like that in a human.

Calisa: I didn’t actually know it was going to be Donovan, Mac. But since he’s here… He does say such kind, flattering things about me. 🙂 And I do enjoy spicy cinnamon now and again…which Donovan noticed. Flattery…

Mac: Yes, she is a sweetheart. *winks at Calisa* A wee visit, huh?

Calisa: I don’t mind, really. And you are a sweet darlin, Mac. And he was about to tell me some of his story which I’d love to hear! I’m sure my Ranch guests are all ears, as well. I mean, how often does one have a chance to *chat* with a talking Irish dog?

Donovan: Aye. I’m sharing a bit of our story with the lads and lasses who’ve popped in for a visit. It’s a fine tale ye’ve woven, even if it tis a romance.

Mac: Keely and Colin don’t seem to mind Gift of the Realm is a romance.

Calisa: My guests and I LOVE romance! *bobs head back and forth between Mac and Donovan wondering if either are really listening to her*

Donovan: Hah! Humans, even those with fairie blood running through their veins, are silly with it when they find their one true mate. But I didn’t say I minded. After all, it’s a tale full of curses and fairies, and an ancient ring of stones. And then of course, there’s me. Who doesn’t love a tale includin’ a charmin’ Irish wolfhound?

Calisa: *raises hand, whispers* I do.

Mac: I’m not sure Keely would use the word charming. Not when you have a habit of digging up her lilacs.

Donovan: Ah, that. Well, I’m a dog, ain’t I? It’s what we do. And Keely doesn’t mind so much, not when her black wolf has a paw in that bit of mischief, more often than not.

Mac: Hmmm. *grins* She does have a soft spot for that Halfling of hers.

Donovan: And isn’t that how it should be, I ask ye? No matter. She can’t stay mad at me. Not for long, anyway. I helped her solve the mystery of the ring, after all.

Mac: Yes, you did, but you don’t want to share too much with your new friends here. You’ll spoil the story for them.

Donovan: Aye. Ye have a point. Still, we might tease them with a bit of our tail. An excerpt, I believe it’s called. Ye have one, don’t ye? And are ye still running yer scavenger hunt contest, over at yer own web home? The one where me friends have a chance at winning a free copy of Gift of the Realm and a $25 Amazon card?

*Calisa’s ears perk at this idea*

Mac: I do have an excerpt, and the Virtual Scavenger Hunt runs through today.

Donovan: And I’m thinkin’ ye should give away a free copy of our story right here, to one of the lovely Calisa’s friends.

Mac: That’s an excellent idea, Donovan. I’m glad you thought of it.

Calisa: *claps hands and hops in joy*

[image deleted]

Donovan: Then what are ye waiting for? Give me friends the chains, so they can find out more about me…I mean, yer book.

Mac: I think you mean the links.

Calisa: *snickers*

Donovan: *snort* Dog, remember?

Mac: *laughs* Here are the excerpt and the links. And don’t stay too long. You’re scheduled for a grooming today.

Donovan: *growl* I thought to chat with me new friends a bit. There be dog lovers here, ye know. I’ll be gifting our book to one of them, after I hear what breed, other than Wolfhound, take their fancies. I’ll be along in me own good time.

Calisa: Erm… I love my Chihuahuas and cried when I had to find a new home for my beautiful Boxer… *eyes the cover of Mac’s book hungrily* Too bad hostesses can’t win. *pouts*

Mac: *waves at Calisa* Thanks, my friend. Don’t let him climb on the furniture. He sheds like crazy.

Calisa: That’s ok, Mac. I have plenty of duct tape around here I use for my own four-legged hair balls. *waves Mac off*

Donovan: *snort*

Calisa: What? I use the tape to remove hair from the furniture! Oh… Just let the visitors read the excerpt… *rolls eyes*


She tossed a thick stalk onto the small pile at her feet and set the claw at another. Her continued silence said she was done with him and expected him to go.

He abused her of that expectation by taking a seat at the small table beside the garden. He sat with his legs spread, elbows propped on his knees. Donovan lifted his head to stare at him, his dark brows puckered above darker eyes that seemed to plead with him to bring peace to the garden once more.

“I am your friend, Keely,” Colin told her, “and I’d like to help if I can.”

She paused at her chore, tilting her head to eye him suspiciously from beneath the brow of the hat. “Why would you want to do that?”

He rubbed a hand over his jaw. “Well, now, there’s a question. It turns out I’m not the sort of man who can ignore a mystery.”

“That’s not the impression you gave yesterday.”

“Yesterday I was near to being speechless.” A slow smile spread across his face as he decided how to break through her pique. “A man can be excused for being a bit rattled when sitting across from a lovely woman who’s just admitted to dreaming of him for the better part of a decade.”

She fell back on her heels, her eyes widening. “I didn’t admit to dreaming of you, Quinn.” She jabbed the claw in his direction. “I said you joined me in the dreams.”

“You’d consider that a distinction, and yet you admit you’ve been dreaming of me. I prefer my own interpretation.” Confusion knit her brow, and he could see she wasn’t sure if she wanted to blast him for being an arrogant ass, or smile. He pressed the advantage. “I’ve a clearer head this morning, darlin’. I’m here to offer my help.”

She didn’t react to his use of the endearment, but he didn’t miss the flash of interest in her eyes at his offer of help. “How, exactly, do you propose to do that?”

“These dreams we share.” He paused, pleased to see a faint blush spreading color on her cheeks. “They always take place at the Door?”

She nodded.

“The way I see it, you’ve made Dunhaven your home, but you’ve spent little time here. I, on the other hand, have lived the whole of my life in Dunhaven, except for the time I spent at university, and you’ll not be holding that against me.”

“I won’t, huh?”

He grinned. “No, darlin’, you won’t.”

“Hmm.” She glanced away, fiddling with the tool clutched in her lap. He winked at Donovan, and gained a dog grin. Now they were getting somewhere.

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What a great excerpt, Mac!!! And I really think I might print and frame that cover just so I can drool over it. Remember, black wolf shifter fan here. 🙂 Thank you so very much for the contest, Mac!

Donovan…it was wonderful, and interesting to meet you. Thanks for surprising me with your visit. What more can I say but, stay away from my lilacs—don’t lift that leg there! Go get your groom on. 🙂

For everyone else, don’t forget to visit Mac’s cyber home- which is one you don’t want to miss, it’s gorgeous! Leave a note in the ranch comment box telling Donovan your email and what your favorite dog breed is (except Wolfhounds- no buttering allowed on the ranch unless it’s by me!) for the chance at a FREE copy of Gift of the Realm!!!


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  1. Donovan: Glad to make yer acquaintance, Amy Lou. A beagle, eh? Hyper lot, for all they’re sweet to look at. Always dashing this way and that. Wolfhounds now…

    Mac: So glad you stopped in, Amy, and enjoyed our post. And Colin is … rawr! In more ways than one. LOL


  2. Hey, Mac! What a great post! I love Donovan already. (and Colin too, he seems…rawr…)But my favorite dog? Well, a beagle of course. 🙂 There’s one in my back yard right now. Love my Ammo. 🙂


  3. Donovan is beautiful. Wolves look out! Can’t wait to read more.


    • Donovan: Ah, there’s a lass. You’ve a keen eye, Amber.

      Mac: Why, thank you Amber. Thanks so much for dropping in.


  4. Congrats to Sandy! I’m officially jealous!

    A special thanks to Mac and Donovan for making the visit so fun! Gotta watch those skunks… 😛


  5. Thanks so much for visiting everyone. And a special thanks to Calisa for putting up with us. Donovan said to say thanks as well, and that he’s never met a more pleasant group of lasses. He’d be here himself, but he and Colin got into a bit of mischief during their romp last night. Keely ordered a de-skunking for both. Neither are happy right now. Donovan did, however, send along a special congrats to our winner –

    Sandy love. May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door. I hope you enjoy my …er, Mac’s story.


  6. Fun post, Mac. And I love doggies! That cover is beyond gorgeous too.
    Best of luck with your new release!


    • Donovan: Hah! I told you there be dog lovers here! And why not, I ask, when we are such superior creatures.

      I think that means he likes you, Susan. I love the cover too. Diana Carlile is a true artist. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Donovan: Tried? I like that! Tried and succeeded, I say. But as you think I’m cute, and you’ve gone off to pick up my story, all is forgiven. We wolfhounds don’t hold to grudges.

    Mac: Thanks Katherine. Glad to hear we’ve left you wanting more. I hope you enjoy our story.


  8. Great post. I like how Donovan tried to hijack the post. It was cute. Loved your excerpt. It left me wanting more so now I’m off to buy a copy of Gift of the Realm. Hope you have great sales.


  9. Fun interview! Donovan rocks.
    Thanks for making me smile.


    • Donovan: There’s a love, Sandy me girl. *grins at Calisa* You’ve the smartest of friends, lass.

      Mac: There’ll be no living him him now, Sandy. LOL Thanks for joining in the fun.


  10. Donovan: Nothing wrong with a bit of groveling, Nancy. And I once knew a lovely chocolate lab named Navi. She loved to make people laugh, she did, and a good romp in the weeds. She’s gone from us now, but not forgotten.

    Mac: Aww Donovan. Navi was a sweetheart, wasn’t she?

    Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. I hope you enjoy our story.


  11. Jennifer Lowery

    That was awesome!! I’m so happy I stopped by to read this 🙂


    • Donovan: The girl knows fun when she finds it. Nice to meet you, sweet Jennifer.

      Mac:Yes, thank you, Jennifer. So nice of you to come by.


  12. Donovan: There’s a love! *sniff* Is that lilac you’re wearing, dear Maw?

    Mac: Behave yourself, Donovan. And don’t encourage him, Maw. He’s already a handful. Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by.


  13. Thanks for coming to the final post in Mac’s hunt everyone. I can’t tell you how much fun we had putting this together! We laughed a lot too. Keep sharing your favorite dog breed until Mac calls out a winner later on today, or tomorrow! 😀


  14. OMG! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything. Great interview. I’m still laughing. Donovan is a hoot. Great excerpt and major congratulations on the release.



  15. Yep! It’s going to sound like grovelling but I love irish wolfhounds so much i put my very own THOR in Monogamy Twist. I’m also partial to chocolate laradors. My daughter’s choc lab, Winston. is the best dog ever! Congrats and best wishes. I think I’m going to love Gift of the Realm.


  16. Donovan: Lovely Jannine, even a drop of Irish Wolfhound blood makes a canine superior to all the rest!

    Mac: What about a black wolf?

    Donovan: *clears throat* I’ve already plead the 5th, haven’t I?

    I seem to have a dog in each of my stories too, Jannine. I can’t seem to keep them out! Thanks for stopping by.


  17. janninegallant

    Loved the interview! I have a dog (or two) in every one of my books, always a different breed. But you’ll aprove of A Deadly Love (out in Aug.), Donovan. The dog in that one is part Irish wolfhound! Thanks for the fun, Mac and Calisa.


  18. Go ahead, Donovan, I’d be interested in that answer myself.

    Donovan: *eye’s Mac* Well now, Ally. I’d be sharing me true thoughts on the subject, if not for herself breathing over me shoulder. So, I plead the fifth. That black wolf has a wee bit of a temper and I’d not be pleased to find meself sleepin’ out in the garden.


  19. Wonderful interview and excerpt. But Donovan, how do you feel about that black wolf getting the cover instead of you?


  20. *waves at Calisa* Good morning, sweetie! Thanks so much for having us.


  21. Thanks Gale, and I agree. Shifters are sooo fun! Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in the drawing.


  22. Awww Vonnie, you’re the best. I’m so GLAD you enjoyed my story. Thanks so much for the review, and don’t worry about Donovan. I caught him digging through the garbage not ten minutes ago! 😉


  23. Thanks so much, Christine. I couldn’t be more thrilled than to make my publishing debut with a lovely little, mystical fairie tale with such an awesome cover! TWRP rocks!


  24. Great interview and intriguing cover. I love my shifters. Thanks!


  25. Ladies, I finished GIFT OF THE REALM last night. Mac, I left a little review on Amazon for you. I loved Donovan. I think he’d be a great pet to have. How nice to see him interviewed, so I could be further charmed by his personality. Enjoyed your excerpt, but then I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book from start to finish. A great, great read!!! A keeper!

    Calisa, Mac, Donovan, have a fantastic day–and for heaven’s sake, would someone please give Donovan a couple treats? He’s looking a mite peeked.


  26. Terrific interview!

    Congrats Mac on your new release, your awesome cover and wonderful excerpt!


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