What is multi-published?


No. That shaking isn’t an earthquake. It’s just me snoopy dancin’ around the Ranch this week.

Maybe my blog title should say WHO is multi-published.

The answer is… I AM!

I’m totally and completely thrilled to announce that Sunday, May 27, 2012 Lyrical Press offered me a contract for Perfect Dr. Viv via their Senior Editor, theย lovelyย Piper Denna!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Even more fun, I get to be a debut author again, even though it’s not my first book published! *eyes HOME in the sidebar –>* It IS my first with Lyrical. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’cha just love loopholes? *snort*

I will have edits and the story will be re-titled so as soon as I have that I’ll happily share and I’ve got all current info in my Bookshelf right here in my site to update as information becomes available. I canna wait to see what their cover gods come up with for a cover for this one. Especially if Piper gets her way and the title changes to Paws, Claws and Lacey Bras! *gulp* No, this is NOT an erotic- it’s a veterinarian! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for letting me screamย my good news from your rooftops! Like you have a choice. ๐Ÿ˜›

Why don’t you hop over to my bookshelf page and check out the unofficial blurb and excerpt, and unedited stats, for Perfect Dr. Viv?

Feel free to weigh in with title suggestions for a tortured EMT-P (mediflight) and a sexy veterinarian. Don’t forget there’s also a 7 yo daughter and her pet skunk to consider. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or just help me pick one of these:

Kismet Unleashed

Paws, Claws and Lacey Bras

Rescued Trust

Hearts in Flight

Caged Trust

The Scent of Love

I can’t guarantee the winner will be the one accepted for publication, but it will be fun to see which one wins!

While you’re here, I’m blogging at Authors By Moonlight today on the joys of spring if you want to pop in there. I’d love to chat with you.



About Calisa Rhose

I'm a mother of three daughters, five granddaughters (with a new surprise on the way), and wife to a wonderfully supportive man. I began writing warm-you-to-the-bones romance as a teen, and the addiction has now morphed into a life of its own. I became a published author in May 2011! I create art and jewelry with polymer clay and beads to relax, and have a passion for sewing for fun. Check out my Tips From an Editor blog at https://painlessediting.wordpress.com/ See my art, craft and sewing projects at http://lisasfancifulallure.wordpress.com

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  1. Thank you Lyn! It is the popular choice and I made my choice. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Many congratulations, Calisa – I think Paws, claws and Lacy Bras is a fantastic title! How could it fail?


  3. Thank you for stopping in, Lo! Grab a wine and Smokey and we’ll chat.
    So Piper and I like Fate in Flight (replacing hearts) and Risk Factors or Kismet Unleashed. Narrowed down to Risk Factors and Kismet Unleashed I still like the ‘flight’ spin. Maybe Unleashed Fate in Flight? Kismet in Flight? Argh I need to decide so I can return my contract! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hello there, you multi-tasking gal! Congratulations on now becoming multi-published!:) Wishing you “everything” Calisa:):) Of course, I expect to be invited to any shindigs being held!:)
    I looked through your title list, and had two which leapt out at me:) Paws, Claws and Lacey Bras, and Hearts in Flight. The first one would by for a little tongue in cheek, which sometimes works, and the second one is on the more serious side:)
    Good luck with your new work, Calisa:)


  5. So excited and thrilled for you, Calisa! Looking forward to its release, Mz MP ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. I’m no good at this…Bandaids and Rotor Blades comes to mind. Ah, you might want to stick to the lacy bras thing. After all, lots of us have a secret love of lacy undergarments, especially if our jobs are less than feminine.


  7. You know which one I vote for, Calisa ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on your contract, I’m thrilled for you!


  8. Thanks, Joanne! lol I like it too, just worry it might be misleading. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Oh, congrats on the contract, Calisa! How exciting! Sounds like quite a book! You know, I kind of like Paws, Claws and Lacey Bras? It gets my attention. I look forward to seeing what they chose and what kind of cover you get!


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