And The Winning Title Is…


Thank you, my wonderful friends, for your support in finding a new title for the book I’ve always only known as Perfect Dr. Viv! From here on out the official published title is…


I love the sound of that, don’t you?

Both hero and heroine have to take risks, not just in love, but in their daily jobs. Plus there just seem to be so many factors when love is searching its way to a heart. 🙂 So I’ll be sharing more as publication tiptoes through the process; release date, cover art (I canna wait to see what Renee or Valerie come up with!) and then there’s the edits with my super editor, Piper Denna who knows talent when she sees it!

For anyone who doesn’t know this success story I will share it soon in a post that will hopefully have a cover and release date to go with it. All I’ll say for now is I’m a huge fan of blog pitches now! 🙂

For more info about this story you can go to my bookshelf page right here on my website.



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I'm a mother of three daughters, five granddaughters (with a new girl on the way), and wife to a wonderfully supportive man. I began writing warm-you-to-the-bones romance as a teen, and the addiction has now morphed into a life of its own. I became a published author in May 2011! I create art and jewelry with polymer clay and beads to relax, and have a passion for sewing for fun. See my art, craft and sewing projects at and on Calisa Rhose's Pinterest:

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  1. Thank you Vonnie and Joelene!


  2. Sounds perfect! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


  3. Oh, I like the title, too. I think it’s attention grabbing.


  4. Thanks Amie! 🙂


  5. Great title, Calisa! Can’t wait to read this one too! 🙂


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