Walk the plank with Alyson Reuben


I feel so fortunate to have friend and fellow WRP author, Alyson Reuben, on the ranch today! So many are reaching out to a new mecca, learning how to truly become in charge of their own careers and I’m impressed…intimidated, but still hugely impressed.  So what plank did my guest walk? Self-Publication. I want to self-publish in the next few months, so I asked Alyson if she would share a glimpse of her experience with us. Read on.

Alyson, the round pen is yours. Welcome!

Please tell us some of the things you found different than working with a publishing house, please. Don’t forget to tell us about your book while you’re at it. 😀

ALYSON REUBEN: Have you ever had a friend recommend a new clothing store only to get there and discover it’s so different from what you’re used to that all you can do is stand in one place and look all around in bewilderment?  Sure, they might sell the same style of clothing, but the place has a totally different layout.  Where do you start?  Should you head over to where the walls displays are color-coordinated?  Or should you look over the mannequins decked out in the trendiest clothes?  Then again, maybe it would be better to check out the special sales area first?

That’s how I felt when I first decided to take the Indie route to publishing.  Several author friends recommended it to me after trying it themselves.  I didn’t jump into it, though.  Only after carefully weighing the pros and cons did I decide to Indie publish CASTLES WE BUILD, my latest book.  Wow, was I surprised by the process!  I had no idea there were so many differences between traditional publishing and Indie distribution.  First difference, I worked with my editor independently, rather than through a publisher.  Second, I designed my own cover, which – to be honest – was a lot of fun, even if it did take several tries.  And, rather than rely on my publisher to send my book to professional reviewers, I had to push up my sleeves and send it myself.

So far, the journey might not be exactly rainbows and lollipops, but at least I can be thankful I don’t share the anxieties of Julia, heroine of CASTLES WE BUILD.

Julia is married to her second husband, Ford, after her first husband, Landon, left for WWI and never returned.  Together, they share a majestic beachside home with their children.  Life is calm.  Life is peaceful.  Yet, Julia has no idea what trouble awaits her.  Out of nowhere, Landon returns from his overseas captivity and her peaceful world is suddenly one huge tangled knot.  She’s bombarded with one obstacle after another – her mother’s unexpected and unwanted attention, her sister’s bankruptcy concern, her stepdaughter’s rowdy behavior, an encounter with a bootlegger, and the alarming kidnapping of her son.  Yet, Julia isn’t the type of woman to crumble under the load.  She’s prepared to fight for what she wants.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do – push past all obstacles and explore all the great possibilities of the Indie market.  It might be a bit daunting – but it sure is exciting!

Castles We Build’s blurb:

She has a chance to relive her past. But at what cost?

When Julia married the man of her dreams, Landon Sloane, neither of them could have predicted the destructive impact of The Great War. Finding herself a widow and single mother in a period ripe with women’s suffrage and the prohibition, Julia married wealthy industrialist Ford Hampton.

Now, ten years later, with a son attending an academy for the gifted, a daughter with special needs, and a flapper stepdaughter who tests her daily, Julia is hardly prepared for Landon’s return from his long foreign captivity to announce he has never stopped loving her.

Faced with unrequited love for Landon, her life truly begins to unravel with the intrusion of her mother, who abandoned her as a child, a devastating factory fire, and an alarming encounter with a tawdry bootlegger. Finally, when her son is kidnapped in a diabolical scheme of revenge, Julia knows she has to make a final decision that will forever change everyone and everything in her life.


There he is.  A man whose memory I desperately tried to lay to rest at his memorial site in Westbrook Cemetery. 

            Landon Sloane.

            For a few seconds, I wobble, my peripheral vision closing in.  I’m about to pass out….

            Suddenly, he grins.  And the grin does the same thing to me now that it did nine years ago, saving me from losing consciousness.  Saving me, period.

            He holds out his arms, and I rush into them, moaning as his mouth claims mine in a kiss that’s like a drowning man clutching a lifesaver. Pulling me inside and reaching behind me to slam the door shut, his hands grip at my clothes and my hair, tangling in them as if hoping to extract the essence of everything I am.

            Now he’s kissing my cheeks.  My forehead.  My chin.  The places behind my ears.  The hollow of my neck.  The skin above my lace collar.  My breasts through the voile fabric.  My legs as he pushes up the hem of my frock. 

            And I’m falling backward on a bed that seems to have appeared like magic.  Calling his name.  Over and over.  He answers me with a voice tinted by a slight brogue, as familiar as the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.  Yes.  Yes, he’s really Landon Sloane.  Alive.  Very alive.  And my name is also on his lips, coming out in hoarse whispers, pressed against my skin, branding me with what’s always been there, never disappearing completely, but only lying dormant — my love for him.

            Rising above me, his body comes down over mine in the ancient way that has coupled countless lovers.  In the same way that summoned us in the past with pleasure and intoxication.  I grip him, pulling him closer, needing him to complete what’s lacking.  To satiate me with his heat and energy….

            A little girl’s cry floats through the room. 

            Gracie!  Just that suddenly, I push Landon back, forcing his flushed face away from mine.  No, I’m not thinking clearly.  That wasn’t a girl’s voice.  Just a bird outside the open window.  One that has a trill similar to a child’s outburst.

            For several seconds Landon and I stare at each other, saying nothing.  He looks the same.  Yet, different in several ways.  Slimmer…a little too slim.  A leathery tan that makes his eyes brighter, as potent as midnight’s navy sky in a flash of lightning.

            I’m lying here half naked.  With a husband I thought would never return from the war he left to fight nine years ago.  And the question hits me like a rock to the stomach.  “Why, Landon?  Why didn’t you come home?  Where have you been?”

            He visibly swallows, his face glistening with perspiration and what might very well be tears.  “My ship sank off the coast of South Africa.  Most of the men didn’t….  Anyway, me and my lieutenant were rescued by natives.  They had bartering friends who traded with them.  Local radicals who supported the enemy forces.  I think a few of them even had direct ties with Germany.”

            His voice has deepened, grown huskier with age.  I try to concentrate on his words, needing desperately to understand.  To make sense of this unexpected phenomenon: the miracle of his rise from the dead. 

            “So me and the lieutenant were arrested and held in an encampment.  Seventeen straw huts surrounded by a high fence.  Guards with guns and long pikes.  Shared it with criminals and other detainees.  We didn’t even know when the war was over.  Guess they liked having free laborers too much to set us free.  Or maybe they just liked trapping us like mice in a maze.”  His voice is hard now.  Gritty.  Full of hatred and anger.  In a tone I don’t recognize. 

            “They finally released us last month.  Because of some new political uprising, I think.  I don’t know exactly who or what…. I only care that I’m free.  Back where I can see you.  Hold you.  And…oh, God, if I can just get all this filth out of my head.”  He sits up beside me, gripping the sides of his head.

            The hair at his temples is peppered with silver.

            It used to be completely dark, the color of coffee with no creamer. 

            Like Brent’s.

            I reach for him, pulling him to me.  Prison.  For almost a decade.  What a nightmare that must’ve been.  The hurt is palpable, transferring between us.  “It’s over, darling,” I whisper near his ear.  “And I’m so glad you’re back, safe and sound.  Alive.”

            He folds his arms around me so that we’re huddled in a ball.  And we stay that way.  Unmoving.  Quiet.  For a very long time.

            His heavy breathing steadies to a hoarse snore; the sound of a man who hasn’t had good, clean rest for a long time.  He shifts, spreading out his arms in unconscious freedom.  And I release him, sitting up gently in order not to wake him. 

            The bedroom is mostly bare.  A utilitarian iron bed.  A dresser.  A shabby club chair.  But nothing else.  I stare at the open window where the cage hangs, dangling slightly in the breeze.  There are no finches in it.  Or any other birds.  The door is hanging open, facing the outside.

            He won’t cage anything again.

            I push my tousled hair from my face, combing both hands through the chin-length strands.

            None of this is the way it should be. 

            It’s all messed up somehow.

            Ford’s face enters my mind.  Just the way he looked last night, smiling at me from the dinner table.

            Oh, God.

            I’m married to someone else.

            And I have a family.

            Two men. 

            Two husbands.


Alyson’s Bio:

Back in elementary and high school, Alyson was always in trouble for jotting stories in her notebooks when she should’ve been studying for math tests. Detentions and trips to the principal’s office aside, she was determined to become an author someday, no matter the price.

Fast forward a few years — okay, actually several years — she began writing historical romance and women’s fiction, leading to the debut of A BEAUTIFUL CAGE, published by the Wild Rose Press in 2011.

Now she gets in trouble for writing stories when she should be cooking dinner for her family.

Castles We Build can be found at Amazon (ebook Kindle version will be available later this week): http://www.amazon.com/Castles-We-Build-Alyson-Reuben/dp/1479296104/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348024240&sr=8-1&keywords=castles+we+build

Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Alyson-Reuben/e/B008MOD09E

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5171065.Alyson_Reuben

Website: www.alysonreuben.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AlysonReubenAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alysonreuben

Thank you so much for sharing your journey and book with us Alyson. It sounds amazing and you did a wonderful job on that cover! Congratulations.

What about ya’ll? Are you still resisting the pull of change and growth in publishing, or have you walked that plank and lept right into the muck of self-publishing? Maybe you’re like me, teetering on the edge, still undecided, or sure, but not quite ready to jump?

We’d love to hear from you.


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  1. It was my pleasure, Alyson! I hope you’ll come back with your next book! I’ll be seeing you at your cyber space soon too. 😀


  2. Thank you for having me as your guest, Calisa! I really enjoyed it. 🙂


  3. Hi, Jannine! Thank you for the compliment on my cover! I love art, so I enjoyed that part a lot. About the formatting – yes, I was able to do it all on Createspace. That part was actually pretty easy, because I’m already used to formatting manuscripts for the editor/publisher. Not that I’ve published a lot of stories, mind you – but I’ve sure submitted a lot of them! lol


  4. Thank you, Vonnie! But I can’t seriously believe you, of all people, need help or improvement! You’re one of the most savvy authors I know! Trust me, you have absolutely no reason to be insecure about your writing! Give Calvin my congratulations on his leap of faith! And let me know what he thinks about the process when he’s done.


    • I absolutely agree with Alyson, Vonnie. You should be bursting with confidence (and I know Calvin has been telling you this same thing for years now). It’s time to have faith, my friend.


  5. Alison, one reason I went Indie for Castles We Build is because it’s women’s fiction, written in first-person. I figured that if I was going to test the waters of self-publishing, this would be a good opportunity, since it doesn’t fit easily into a traditional niche. I wish you success if you decide to go that route! If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


  6. Calisa, I’ll try to keep you posted on how it’s working out for me. 🙂


  7. What a wonderful cover you created! What about the formatting – were you able to do that yourself, too? There is so much to consider. Good for you for taking the leap. AND, your book sounds terrific!


  8. Great post, Alyson. I envy your courage and I wish you lots of success. My Calvin is getting ready to self-publish a book. Will I ever do it? I’m not sure. I’m still insecure enough about my writing to need that validation from a publisher. I need direction. I need improvement. I need help!!! LOL You go, girl.


  9. Alison Henderson

    Hi, Alyson! Interesting post. I’m pondering indie publishing for my next book because it’s a different sub-genre, but there are so many things to consider! I wish you great success with Castles We Build.


  10. Thank you, Christine! I totally agree that there are a lot of good reasons to try both traditional and self-pubbing. Each publishing method has its own success rate. Where one author might do better with traditional, another will do better with Indie. I’ll even take it a step further an add that each BOOK is different, too. Will I Indie pub my next story? Right now, I have plans for a traditional publisher again. Will I ever Indie publish again? I imagine so. I like having the choice. Good luck to you, Christine, if you take the jump. It’s a huge step… but it’s worth taking!

    Glad you stopped by! 🙂


  11. Hi Calisa and Alyson!

    Congrats on taking the leap into self publishing. I’ve been researching it for awhile as well but still am not quite there, but eventually I might try it on for size. I think it’s a good idea to try several avenues in your writing career and there is no reason you can’t be traditionally pubbed and self pubbed.

    You did a great job with your cover and I enjoyed the blurb! Good luck with your book Alyson 🙂


    • I agree completely, Christine. I want to and with the apparent success so many we know are having it inspires me.

      Alyson, you’ll have to keep up posted on how sales go, how they differ, if at all, from your publisher-released books.


  12. Good morning, Calisa! I’m thrilled to be here today! Looking forward to chatting with people who stop by.

    Thanks again, for hosting me today. 🙂


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