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Wow- I have an incredible guest with me today! My sister Lyrical author, Mae Clair has come to share a bit about old houses and her new book Weathering Rock. If you like paranormal and you like romance…you are absolutely in the right place! What perfect timing, too! Since the remodel I’ve been putting things back in their proper places. With the holidays approaching too fast, I’m going to enlist my free labor Ranch guests….yeah, that’s right–guests…to hang the decorations and weed the garden one last time this year! But first, grab your treat of choice and a comfy seat in the round pen and let’s get started.

Take it away, Mae! 😀

The Mystique of Old Homes by Mae Clair

I’m delighted to be a ranch guest today, and hope you’ll indulge me while I take a few moments to share my passion for old homes. I love properties that resonate with the ghosts of yesteryear, awakening memories with every squeaking floorboard and groaning door. That might be because I’ve worked in the real estate industry for the last 20+ years, but I like to think my fascination goes deeper than that.

During my time in real estate, I’ve been through numerous properties, several B&B’s, some commercial buildings, farms reminiscent of a Currier and Ives print, multiple historic homes, and even a fully-equipped equine surgery center.  It’s my job to dream up marketing for each of them, taking into account the characteristics of the property.  Although I have an appreciation for contemporary style and design, there’s something about a house that has weathered the turn of centuries that speaks to me.

Perhaps that’s why I chose to title my debut novel, WEATHERING ROCK, after the historic home in the book where much of the action takes place. My lead character, Caleb DeCardian, has traveled through time from 1863 to the present where he meets my heroine, Arianna Hart. Caleb fought during the Civil War as a Colonel in the Union Army. Arianna teaches American history. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? 

Oh, but the path of true love is never smooth and these two have multiple complications stacked against them, including a rival who has cursed Caleb with lycanthropy. The only item he finds familiar in this new and confusing century is Weathering Rock, the home his father built in 1832. One hundred, eighty years later, it’s still standing, now owned by Caleb’s descendant, Wyn DeCardian.

Caleb and Arianna eventually come to understand how and why Weathering Rock was named, discovering that the home may be key in keeping them together (doesn’t every old home have a bit of legend attached?).  

I’ve personally had the pleasure of touring a number of historical properties over the years. It’s amazing the feelings you can conjure from homes like that. Impressions of past lives linger in the air like fingerprints.

No, I don’t mean ghosts. I’m talking about an awareness of lives and decades, almost as if the house has become a keeper for those memories.  Maybe that’s why I started to think of the house in WEATHERING ROCK as a character.

My grandfather’s house was a three-story with covered front and rear porches, an upper level balcony, huge attic and a beautiful turned staircase with a landing.  As kids, we used to crawl from the attic onto the roof and watch the fireworks launched over a river several miles away.  I have such wonderful memories of that home, many of them inspired by the house itself.

EVERY house has a heart, and for every home, it’s different. The heart of my grandfather’s home was the stairwell. The heart of Weathering Rock . . .

Well, that would be giving away the legend I created to bring Caleb and Arianna together. If you’re curious, you can find the answer in my book. 😀

For now, I’d like to know if old homes inspire you. I’d love to hear any memories you have to share!


Drawn together across centuries, will their love be strong enough to defeat an ancient curse?

Colonel Caleb DeCardian was fighting America’s Civil War on the side of the Union when a freak shower of ball lightning transported him to the present, along with rival and former friend, Seth Reilly. Adapting to the 21st century is hard enough for the colonel, but he also has to find Seth, who cursed him to life as a werewolf. The last thing on Caleb’s mind is romance. Then fetching Arianna Hart nearly runs him down with her car. He can’t deny his attraction to the outspoken schoolteacher, but knows he should forget her.

Arianna finds Caleb bewildering, yet intriguing: courtly manners, smoldering sensuality and eyes that glow silver at night? When she sees Civil War photographs featuring a Union officer who looks exactly like Caleb, she begins to understand the man she is falling in love with harbors multiple secrets–some of which threaten the possibility of their happiness.

Finding a decent guy who’ll commit is hard enough. How can she expect Caleb to forsake his own century to be with her?

Weathering Rock Trailer:


By Mae Clair

That strange luminescent glow glinted on the surface of his eyes, flaring

pure silver when he looked at her. “I was studying the moon.”

She wasn’t certain she wanted to venture in that direction. Moonlight and a

handsome man were a notoriously fatal combination. “I’ve always thought full moons

were magical.”

He gave a skeptical snort. “It’s not full, it only looks that way. It’s already started

to wane. You just can’t tell by the naked eye.” He tugged at his collar. Sweat clung to his

cheeks, prompting him to thumb open another button on his shirt.

The inky material gaped on his chest. A traitorous part of her mind wondered

what it would be like to free the remaining buttons. She could almost feel the heated

touch of his flesh beneath her fingertips as she slowly worked her way to his waist.

Disturbed, she jerked her hand from his. A hot flush crept up her neck.

“You can tell the difference?” She shot a doubtful glance at the moon. It made her

think of long-ago legends: fairy glades, nameless winged creatures and werewolves.

“The moon and I are well acquainted.”

He leaned into the banister, his leg casually brushing hers. She tensed at the

informal contact, surprised when it streaked through her like a bolt of lightning. Weak-kneed

and stunned, she tried to retreat.

“Annie, don’t go–” Caleb caught her hand.

“Don’t call me that.”

“It suits you.” Towering over her, he stepped closer, his eyes mirroring the smoky

blue of the night-dusted sky. “I think we were supposed to meet.” His voice grew low and

husky, sending a shivery chill up her spine.

She wet her lips, trying to retain her composure. It was impossible to think

straight when he stood so near, his presence engulfing her in a sizzling wall of heat.


He bent closer and threaded his hand into her hair, his fingertips lightly pressing

her scalp. A dizzying shiver of sensation cascaded through her. She barely had time to

register the feeling before his mouth closed over hers, possessive and eager, leaving her


* * * * *



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Mae Clair Bio

Mae Clair knew from the time she entered grade school that she wanted to be a writer. She credits her parents with instilling in her an insatiable love of reading through weekly trips to the library when she was a child. Her father, an artist who tinkered with writing, encouraged her to create characters and make-believe worlds by spinning tales of far-off places on summer nights beneath the stars.

Inspired by folktales, legends and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, she loves to blend the fantastical with the ordinary.

Throughout the years she has been actively involved in various writing and critique groups and is a past President of the Central Pennsylvania Writers’ Organization.  She lives in Pennsylvania and is married to her high school sweetheart (a.k.a. the Love of Her Life). In her downtime she enjoys reading, digital scrapbooking and unwinding with her husband by the pool when the fickle PA weather permits.   A self-admitted idealist, Mae is passionate about writing, old photographs, a good Maine lobster tail and cats.

You can find Mae Clair at the following haunts:



Twitter (@MaeClair1)

Facebook Author Page
Lyrical Press Author Page

Amazon Author Page

Awesome post, Mae. I’m thrilled you came and brought such a great house! I want it!! 😆


About Calisa Rhose

I'm a mother of three daughters and wife to a wonderful man of 35+ years. I'm also an avid seamstress, polymer clay artisan and die-hard crafter, always coming up with things to make with, and for, my six granddaughters and two grandsons. Check out my craft site when you have a moment. I'm also a small online business owner of Okie fLips on Etsy and Poshmark (eBay/Merkari coming soon), and I'm a published author of sensual romance. I write about stubborn men and women who don't take no for an answer, and there's always that golden HEA. Cowboys and first responders are my favorite contemporary heroes to write about. My light paranormal heroes are strong men ready to protect their women--not that they need protecting, since they are capable of caring for themselves.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me kick off my re grand opening of The Ranch, Mae! I wish you tons of sales and luck with your writing career! 😀

    Thanks so all our guests for showing Mae the love this Ranch is known for! 😀


    • I wonderful time, Calisa. Many thanks to you and your friends/readers/followers for making me feel welcome. It was a delight! 🙂


  2. Good mornin’, Calisa and Mae:)
    Old houses, what a fabulous subject…I love them. While in Oz I lived in one approximately 100 years old, and enjoyed it immensely, even though it was very drafty and cold inside. I loved decorating to suit the style:)
    I think, as long as I could re-vamp an older home to make it modern where needed, I would like nothing better than living in one. I’ve had the exquisite pleasure of touring many of the plantation homes in Louisiana and absolutely fall in love each time. I’m the tourist you can always find lingering on the verandah, wishing I didn’t have to leave, trying to soak in every touch of ambiance.
    I enjoyed the excerpt, and being a paranormal writer myself, am delighted your story not only offers the delight of an older home, but also the thrill of something that gives you the hoo-ha’s:) Very interesting storyline!
    Thanks for opening the ranch today, Calisa:) We’ve been away too long!…Now, about that back bedroom…whatta you think about doing it in soft champagne, touched by light rose, with a sprinkle of mint green?;) I left my purse in there on the bed…not that I’m “claiming” the room, mind you…..;)


    • Hi, Loretta. Lovely to meet you! The plantation homes of the south sound divine. I’d probably be right there with you, unwilling to leave, wanting to linger and soak in the ambiance. Very cool you lived in Oz, especially in a house that old!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my excerpt and the promise of hoo-ha’s, LOL. I’ts always a delight to meet another paranormal author!


    • Hoo-has, Lo? LMAO I’m so happy to see you made it back to The Ranch and I LOVE the decor of the back room. What if I turn you loose on it? Your purse will remain safe there. 😀


  3. Lovely post and excerpt. I’m glad I stopped by to meet you. Good luck with sales and may all your reviews be positive ones.


  4. Mae, you know that I also love old properties that have a certain–shall we say, aura, to them?

    My memory is of the house of my best friend growing up. She lived on a farm and their house was my favorite place to be, outside of the graveyard in the back woods of my house. I don’t know when the house was built because I was only a child at the time, but I have wanted to live in “that” house ever since.

    I remember cold New Hampshire winter days, coming in from the old red barn and stomping the snow off of our boots while we hung our jackets by the wood stove in the mudroom. Her mother would have hot cocoa waiting for us in the warm kitchen, where we’d sit, legs crossed to warm our feet, at the bench-style table as that first rush of heat from coming in leveled out to normal temperatures and the flush left our cheeks and noses.

    The small sitting room beyond the kitchen had a fireplace and looked out on the side yard, where the horses would frolic in the pasture, kicking up snow and snorting out clouds of smoke. Up the creaky stairs and across the squeaky wooden floor was her bedroom, one wall almost entirely taken up by a fireplace, as well. We would snuggle under the covers, fighting from being pushed off the bed by her snuggly Golden Retrievers.

    **sigh** I miss those days and that house.


    • What beautiful memories, Lynne! The house sounds exquisite. I could feel the cold you described, but especially the warmth – – not just from the change of temperature inside, but from your obvious fondness for those memories. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


  5. Glad to meet Mae. I am a fan of old homes. My husband grew up in an 1890’s gem and is looking to restore the old place. ‘m not sure how I feel about it. Tons of work. Yeah, that would be me knowing I’ll pitch in. But old homes are a wonderful addition to a story.
    I’m glad that your artistic dad propelled you to write.


    • Hi, Sandy ~ wonderful to meet you too! Restoration of an old home is a lot of work, but I can understand your husband’s desire in wanting to do it. 1890s – – wow! What character that home must have 🙂 My father’s sister had a beautiful home in NJ that was built in 1801. I used to love visting there as a child.

      And yeah, my father was a huge influence on me in encouraging me to write. Actually, both of my parents did but he was the one who dabbled in writing. I such great memories of our conversations!


  6. Mae, I adore the character of an older house! I LOVE the picture here I would live there in a heartbeat :O) I blame my addiction to old houses on public television and to many episodes of This Old House when I was a kid ;O) Thanks Carin


    • I remember This Old House! And I’m with you on the house in the post, Carin. I loved the sprawling wrap porch, balcony and the gothic looking turret. What I wouldn’t give to have a writing or reading room there!

      Thanks for commenting!


  7. Welcome Mae! I am excited you’re my first guest on the ‘new’ Ranch too! 😀 My you are up early! LOL

    I just LOVE that I didn’t read this excerpt until it went live, like everyone else! LOVE IT! I gotta get this book…hmm maybe I can buy it today… 😆 I want the house in your post!


    • Oooh, love that you enjoyed the excerpt, Calisa and that it’s on your buy list! 🙂 And I agree about that house in the post. I would move there in a hearbeat!


  8. Hi, Calisa! Just wanted to say thanks for having me at the ranch today. I love being the first guest in your brand new beautiful abode. What fun! 🙂


  9. Hi Mae…Hi Calisa!

    Mae i enjoyed your post. I’m a huge fan of older homes too. The first house my hubs and I bought was close to 75 years old and had tons of character and beautiful woodwork and an amazing fireplace that took up almost an entire wall. Ahhh…still miss that house.

    Your book sounds wonderful…great blurb and excerpt.


    • Hi, Christine. Oooh, that home sounds beautiful. Isn’t it amazing the craftsmanship that went into homes in the past? I especially love the detail to woodwork so many of them were given, with massive moldings,baseboards and trm.

      Glad you enjoyed my excerpt! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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