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It’s Verterans Day and I offer a prayer to all those who do and have served in the military in any capacity. The Ranch has our flag flying proud regardless of the storms Mother Nature has battered parts of the country with.

Speaking of Mother Nature, I want to share a little of my weekend. I’ve said I’m gonna be a grandmother again. This one will be our fifth granddaughter. Where’s the beef, hell! I wanna know WHERE THE BOYS ARE?!!? This baby will be my oldest granddaughter, Andee’s (who lives with hubby and me) half sister, by our middle girl.  

We had the baby shower this weekend- and as is becoming my new ‘bad’ habit since my camera broke in June, I forgot to borrow a one. Thank goodness for camera phones.

IMG_20121110_160710.jpgThe pink and purple butter cream-frosted cake and scrumptious!

Last week we went to see our first realistic picture of little Mackenzie Jean by way of technology and 4D ultrasounds. Andee deemed her an alien. What say you?

Mackenzie Jean Joyce-29 weeks (face)
Due Jan 29, 2013
*My eyes can now blink in response to light and dark,
and my bone marrow is making red blood cells.”

‘Kenzie- meet the World.

World- meet my little ‘Kenzie!


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  1. Congrats! I’ve always loved that name.


  2. Congratulations! Not an alien, a blessing.
    I have only one grand child, lucky girl to score five.
    Thanks for the fun post.


  3. Normal ultrasounds I can’t tell what is what (I thought my niece’s reading was a mermaid…apparently he’s just a BOY…nope–not tail fins! ;)). But this one you can clearly make out the right eye and nose on the left side of this image. She has a hand over the left side of her face.


  4. Great post. As soon as I read it was her face, it popped into view. Couldn’t you just kiss that darling little nose??? Congrats on the new little one. Love the name.


  5. I had a hard time reading my ultrasounds too…and I’ve discovered I’m still no good at it. LOL I’m with Andee…I’ll wait for the “real world” pic! lol


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