Ring in the NEW Year with a doable resolution! ~ Calisa Rhose


What a grand year this has been in 2012. I entered my first blog pitch and sold my second book and became an editor for a wonderful company. I also broke out as an indie editor and saw my friend’s book sell with my name in it. That’s not the best part of that whole experience though. No, reading the trials of a strong woman’s journey through breast cancer was the most amazing part of that whole book! I admire Mackenzie Crowne.

I was in Walmart today and met a woman who surprised me. She’d just lost her dog recently and I asked if she was looking for another yet. She is…despite the fact that she has breast cancer and will be going into surgery on January 8, 2013. It’s a rough way to begin a new year, hard to have hope you’d think. But Melvene is making her future plans the same as you or I would. With a matter of fact outlook and that was what surprised me. When she told me she would love to take in our dog she told me frankly, “I want her. I have cancer and am having breast surgery on the eighth, so I’ll call you in mid January.” I admire her strength to look ahead with hope.

I offer a prayer for Melvene, and any woman out there with something so scary ahead of you, that God will bless you with a richer life in 2013.

I’m not one to make resolutions because I never, ever, keep them, but I am feeling nervy this year. I think meeting Melvene today gave me courage to make a plan so…for my new years’ resolution I am setting a goal to self-publish my first book. Well, I will write a book to self-publish, and then publish it…yeah. That’s my goal.

I will even make a second resolution. I will write and submit once more to a certain traditional publisher. I have high hopes–more like dreams– where that publisher is concerned and can’t seem to let it go, so…I will try, yet again, to publish with the Big 6 publisher–even if it’s my one and only sell to them. 

That’s it. My writing-related resolutions for 2013.

What’s yours? Do you make them? No? Why not?

Happy New Year!!!!!! 🙂


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  1. What a great post, Calisa. I echo your sentiments to those facing health issues. You’ve reminded us that it’s important to make goals whether they’re big or small. Best in the New Year to you and your readers. :):)


  2. What a beautiful post, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing! And good luck with your resolutions. You can reach the Big 6!!!


  3. I’m on the same page as Mae Clair…exercise and another title. Although I’m still waiting for the first title (Silver Blade) to finish edits and actually BE published, I know it will be released in 2013. I’m working on the 2nd book since another wonderful author told me the best thing you can do for your first book is to write a second.
    As a breast cancer survivor, I can confirm that a positive attitude is the first step in a cure. (Best of luck to Melvene!) I think I learned much from that situation (I had a 3 year old and was going thru a divorce when diagnosed) that I now carry with me in my life. I can certainly say it is one factor that contributed to me pursuing my first book.
    I wish you good luck with your resolutions Calisa! Happy, healthy and successful 2013!


    • Congrats on swimming successfully through such a challenge, Charlotte! Thank you for the lovely wishes and may I offer the same twice over back to you! 🙂


  4. I’m horrible at keeping resolutions too, but I am making two – – back on the exercise bandwagon and publish another title in 2013. I may be eying up that self-pub route with you, Calisa, as I fear my current WIP may not fit a specific genre ( a lot of crossover between mystery and romance).

    Thanks for sharing the story about Melvene. It sounds like she’s moving ahead with a positive attitude and that is part of the battle.

    Happy New Year!


    • I’ll cheer ya on, Mae, while you drag me along with you. LOL

      Melvene was an incredible woman and I knew that from talking to her for less than five minutes. 🙂


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