Idea and a Poll


Yes, yes. I know. It’s Tuesday and yet, instead of a special guest, here I am talking to you about Monday’s programs. LOL It’s ok, though. I had a thought about my Monday features today while preparing the video post for next week. By the way– I need more videos to share! I know there are more than five authors out there with awesome videos to share! C’mon, send them to me. Go to the UnCover Monday page here on my site and see what it takes to have your book trailer (or banner or book cover) spotlighted. Here’s the link for ease:

Okay, back to my thought this morning (and remember, it’s way too early for me to be thinking so this could be dangerous! 😆 You’ve been warned). I love helping authors get their books and themselves out where everyone can see them. Some of the art on the covers, banners and videos is inspiring and jealousy-inducung. Most I see are.

Hence my thought. I’m giving polling a newbie’s shot for this and we’ll see how this works. I may just have to do it by comment. LOL

I think the creators, the awesome artists, of these beautiful works of art need to be recognized and acknowledged and not just the authors behind the books. I want to include the artists and creators on UnCover Monday, including a link to their websites.

The thing is, I started this feature for authors first so…it doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, artist (both?) or a wonderful reader or just curious; What do you think of this idea?

There’s the idea.

Here’s the poll: 


Feel free to comment below as well if you have an idea to share.

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  1. An enthusiastic Yes! I did click vote too.
    Most of us want to know who is the talent behind the cover.


  2. Great idea, Calisa! I voted! 🙂


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