My apologies

I missed posting UnCover Monday Banners this month. There’s a lot going on at home right now, aside from my book tour, that I just don’t have time to format them. I sincerely apologize for making you miss these wonderful features at all. Keep sending your covers, banners, videos and info and I’ll keep posting them for you!

In the meantime I’ll still be touring (thank God for prescheduling!) and you can find me at Becca Dale’s today. I’m talking about the art of self-promotion and just how much is too much.  I hope you can stop by and who knows–it might help you too. There will be tips about what you can do to promote your books.

Again, I’m sorry for missing banner promo and will make it up!

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  1. You’re wonderful to host our banners. Get to it when you can. No worries.


  2. Very sweet of you to offer to make it up to us. It’s your blog, gosh, don’t apologize 🙂 you do so much for us as it is!


    • How sweet, Leslie. I’ll blog the whole story when I can. Have to wait on a few details to settle first. Thank you so much for the support! 🙂


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