What a Texas Girl Needs (for sure!)


Welcome one and all! Grab a beverage of choice, something sweet and sinful. No-no, not the men. What’s the matter with you? You know the hands-on rules… The guest gets first pick! 😉 Take a comfy seat for another, or a first, spin in the Round Pen.

I’m thrilled to welcome my wonderfully talented guest today, Kristina Knight, (she’s also an awesome cp) who is sharing her book, What a Texas Girl Needs, with us!

KristiPlease show Kristina some real Ranch love!

Before I get to the nosy 5-3-4 part of this interview, tell us a bit about you.

waves into cyber-space Hi, everyone! I’m a Virgo non-vegetarian with a penchant for romance, all sorts, and a deep and abiding love of chocolate. Oh! And I have the cutest 4-year-old in the world, who keeps me on my toes, and a husband who cooks, cleans and makes me laugh at least twice a day.


Okay, I’ll begin with five questions, then follow with three more, and end with four final ones.

My writing area at the moment is a corner of the couch in my living room. What does your writing space look like?

Messy! I’m in the middle of edits for two different publishes so space is at a premium. In addition to printed copies of my manuscripts I’ve got highlighters, house style sheets and my computer vying for room. RadioMan (my awesome and amazing husband) just set down a folder of tax stuff and bebe (the 4-year-old) just handed over 10 new Valentine’s Card because you can never have too many, even in March. I’ve got old issues of the RWR piled in one corner and a mass of fabric for a toddler quilt taunting me because I might never finish the project…

I’m familiar with those piles of uncrafted fabric, having a few I’m supposed to be making Christmas gifts from… Obviously they’re late and will likely turn into Mother’s day gifts now. 😆

For a lot of writers it’s a life-altering event coming up with titles and character names. Others it comes as naturally as breathing. Which is it for you?

It kind of depends on the project, but my characters first names usually just come to me…the last names can be a challenge. Titles? Gosh, until I finish a book my titles are usually something really descriptive like ‘Bad Saint’ (which became The Saint’s Devilish Deal) or ‘Mustang Sally’ (which became What a Texas Girl Wants). PS: No, none of my Texas girl heroines are named Sally.

What advice would you offer aspiring and new writers?

Don’t. Ever. Quit. Keep writing, even when a rejection comes. Keep reading, even when you just want to veg in front of the television. I firmly believe that every story we write or read serves a purpose – which is to make us better writers.

Very smart advice. The constant shift of the industry often makes me scratch my head and ask ‘what next?’ So, what do you think it takes to be a successful author at the moment?

Perseverance, just as it always has. Ebooks have made it easier to get published, especially for those who choose to self-publish. But it takes perseverance to wait for readers to find you (in the case of self-published) and it takes perseverance to stand up against the rejections that come when our stories don’t quite gel with editors.

Who would you like to meet in the publishing industry- dead or alive- and why?

I’d love to sit down and chat with Nora Roberts. Her productivity astounds me and I hear she’s a funny lady…I think we could be catty about some things…

LOL Ms. Nora is my choice too.

It’s time for 3 in 1! I’ll ask the questions and you answer them in one word. 😆

Favorite animal? Dog


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? Spring

Favorite food? Scrambled eggs

Well done! 🙂

Okay, Flash four. Ready?

What are you working on now?

I’m finishing edits for two upcoming projects: the 3rd in my Texas Girl trilogy, What a Texas Girl Dreams. That book is scheduled to come out June 3 from Crimson Romance. And a project tentatively titled Mr. Right Now, which will be out from Lyrical Press soon.

Those all sound like great stories! I especially can’t wait for Mr. Right Now, since it’s with my publisher. 😉 What are you sharing today?

A short excerpt from my second Texas Girl romance, What a Texas Girl Needs:

Vanessa squeezed her eyes closed and swallowed. Her fingers closed over another bill. Please let it be a twenty. Or a ten. She opened her eyes.

            Three twenties. Triumph!

            “I’ve got it Mr. Barnes, thank you,” she said, chilling her voice as she handed the cash to Vern. He looked from Mat to Vanessa, obviously confused over what was going on between them. Vanessa held his gaze for a moment. Vern took the cash and hurried inside.

            “I think we’re past the ‘Mr. Barnes’ stage, don’t you?” Mat watched her from beneath the tipped-low brim on his cowboy hat, his coal-black eyes boring straight to her soul. Yes, they were past the Mr. or Miss stage, technically, but not calling him Mat helped her keep her distance.

            The way her heart raced at the mere sight of him she desperately needed that space.

            She looked away, crossing her arms over her chest. Her gaze caught on the frayed edge of his jeans—which were worn in all the right places, she noted—and today’s tee, tight across his shoulders, read, ‘Chicks Dig Scars’ over his well-muscled chest.

            Who was she kidding? Calling him Mr. Barnes didn’t keep her from noticing just how delectable Mat was. Nothing could do that. Not in broad daylight. Certainly not the twinkling fairy lights during Kathleen’s wedding reception.

            “I don’t think a night spent in my grandfather’s hayloft makes us best buddies,” she said, hoping against hope he would just leave her alone.

            “Ahh, but what we did in that hayloft is another matter.”


Where can we find you and your books?


Website: http://www.kristinaknightauthor.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kristinaknightromanceauthor

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/authorkristina

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kristinaknight

My books:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/What-Texas-Girl-Needs-ebook/dp/B00AB3TF8Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355097492&sr=8-1&keywords=what+a+texas+girl+needs

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/what-a-texas-girl-needs/id580981410?mt=11

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/what-a-texas-girl-needs-kristina-knight/1114001402?ean=9781440555718

Where will you be next?

I blog every Tuesday and Thursday at my personal blog, http://www.kristiknight.blogspot.com. Come on over!

Thanks for inviting me over to play, Calisa! I’d like to ask your readers: What is their favorite romance trope (secret baby, reunion romance, woman in danger)? One lucky commenter will win a copy of my book, The Saint’s Devilish Deal.

Thank you so much for playing along Kristina! Wishing you much luck with your book and writing. I hope you’ll come visit again one day.


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  1. Great interview, Ladies!!! Congrats, Kristi!


  2. Hi, Kristina:) It’s great to meet another Texas girl on here:) And I believe, like you, when it comes to writing, just don’t quit. Sometimes you wonder if you’ve lost your mind and wouldn’t do better in another area, but telling the tale is something that just doesn’t go away, does it?:)
    As for my preferences in genre, I usually like a suspense. But, I have been known to fall in love with works like The Notebook, The Best of Me, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower etc. I drift a little with my reading material:)
    It was nice meeting you…and as always, I love sashayin’ by Calisa’s place:)
    Waving at y’all:)


    • I don’t think Kristi’s ever been to Texas in person, Lo. She is really missing out if not! I lived there at different times throughout my life and always loved it. Thanks for commenting, girl. Your room on the Ranch is safe as always.


  3. Thanks for the advice on no matter what, keep writing. We all need to hear it.
    Congratulations on persevering! The Texas Trilogy sounds like a good time.


  4. Great post, Kristina. I love woman-in-jeopardy stories but since I tend to read a lot of historicals too, I love marriage-of-convenience and arranged-marriage stories.


  5. A fun interview and I could sooo picture your writing space, LOL. It reflects how productive you are. Yummy excerpt and what a way to end it! 🙂


  6. I LOVE Shelby’s attitude for valentines! You are raising that girl right. 🙂 Loved the interview, too.


  7. I love what your writing space looks like. Ah, the realities of life.


  8. Perseverance for sure! Fun interview, ladies! And I can’t wait to read this book! I read the first one and loved it! Congrats, Kristi and so nice to get to know you better 🙂


  9. Fun interview ladies! Nice way to start out my morning 🙂


  10. D'Ann Lindun

    HI, Kristi!
    Great book!


  11. Hi Kristina and Calisa!

    Feels an age since we last spoke Kristina – SO glad things are going so well for you! I love the sound of your Texas series and have heard non-stop good things about Crimson Romance. I’ve no personal experience with them but I keep mentioning them as a publisher to a lot of writer friends. Their covers are gorgeous!

    Rachel x
    Twitter: @rachelbrimble


  12. Hi, Calisa! Thank you so much for having me over today! I love this cover…it has the feel of the book down. 🙂


  13. *waves* Hi Krist! So lovely to have you on my Ranch today! What a fun cover this book has. 🙂


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