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Welcome one and all to Tuesday Round Up! Grab a beverage of choice, something sweet and sinful. No-no, not the men. What’s the matter with you? You know the hands-on rules… The guest gets first pick! 😉 Take a comfy seat for another, or a first, spin in the Round Pen.

I’m thrilled to welcome my wonderfully talented guest today, Diane Burton, who is sharing her book, Switched Resolution with us!

Please show Diane some real Ranch love!

Diane BurtonWow, what an introduction, Calisa. Since I can’t have that gorgeous ranch hand over there (I’m sure my Hubs won’t mind LOL), I’ll settle for a Margarita.

Before I get to the nosy 5-3-4 part of this interview, tell us a bit about you.

Since I mentioned Hubs, you already know I’m married. We celebrated forty years together last Thanksgiving and we are still discovering things we didn’t know about each other. Plus we can spend four days in a car driving to Arizona to visit our son and we’re still talking to each other at the end of the trip. Besides our son, we have a daughter who is the mother of our two grandchildren. I’ve been writing for over twenty years, which means I have a LOT of inventory. Some of those manuscripts will never see the light of day. Others have a good chance now that I know what I’m doing. 🙂

Okay, I’ll begin with five questions, then follow with three more, and end with four final ones.

My writing area at the moment is a corner of the couch in my living room. What does your writing space look like?

I have a beautiful, huge corner desk that Hubs built for me. Do I use it? Not really. My favorite writing place is in a comfy chair, feet up, computer on lap.

For a lot of writers it’s a life-altering event coming up with titles and character names. Others it comes as naturally as breathing. Which is it for you?

Wow. Good question and one I’ve never been asked. Mostly, my characters and titles come easily. Except for Switched Resolution. That was the hardest title. Since it’s the last book in the Switched series, it had to have the word Switched in it (my book, my rule). My very talented cover artist not only came up with my very favorite cover, but also the title.

What advice would you offer aspiring and new writers?

Don’t give up. Listen to what others tell you, but always remember it’s your book.

The constant shift of the industry makes me often scratch my head and ask ‘what next?’ So, what do you think it takes to be a successful author at the moment?

Success depends on how each of us describes it for ourselves. I’ve been published by a small niche publisher, self-published, and recently sold a book to a medium size publisher. Each has its pros and cons. To be successful, a writer has to be flexible. But then doesn’t that describe anyone in any business these days?

Who would you like to meet in the publishing industry- dead or alive- and why?

LaVyrle Spencer. Her novels and subject matter were eye-openers for me. Her heroes and heroines seemed like such ordinary people—very different from those at the time—and their problems were identifiable. I loved reading her books and would like to tell her so.

It’s time for 3 in 1! I’ll ask the questions and you answer them in one word. 😆

Favorite animal? dog

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? (unfair, I like 2) Fall

Favorite food? Deep-dish pizza

Well done! 🙂 I’m betting your second favorite season is spring?

Okay, Flash four. Ready?

What are you working on now?

Second book in my Outer Rim series about strong women on the frontier of space.

What are you sharing today?

Switched Resolution, last book in the Switched series.


Actions have consequences as Space Fleet Captain Marcus Viator and NASA reject Scott Cherella discover when they switched places. Does the reserved Marcus have what it takes to imitate his smart-aleck twin? Despite help from his love, Veronese, Scott’s already been outed by two of Marcus’ best friends.

When rebels steal the ship with part of the crew aboard, Scott has to rescue them and retrieve the Freedom. The stakes increase when he discovers the rebels are heading for Earth. They know he’s a fraud and they want Marcus. The safety of the Alliance of Planets depends on Scott and his allies.


Switched Resolution, which wraps up the Switched series, takes the reader from Earth—where Marcus adjusts to a pregnant Jessie—to the starship Freedom commandeered by rebels, to the chase ship with Scott and Veronese aboard.

Where can we find you and your books?





Goodreads: Diane Burton Author


Switched Resolution is available at:



Where will you be next?

On Sunday, May 16th, I’ll be at Melissa Keir’s blog.

If I could live at any time in history, I’d choose the time when space travel is as common place as air travel is today. So my question to our readers is: when would you like to live?

I’m offering a Smashwords coupon to a lucky commenter for a free copy of one of my books.

Thank you so much for playing along, Diane! Wishing you much luck with your book and writing. I hope you’ll come visit again one day.

Thank you, Calisa. I enjoyed being here on the ranch.


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  1. Calisa, no one left their email address. I hope someone will stop back and leave it.


  2. It’s been a long, fun day Diane! Let us know who the winner is tomorrow, please. You can post it here and we’ll check back.

    Don’t forget to leave your email, and thanks to everyone who stopped by. 🙂


  3. Gemma Brocato

    What a fun interview.
    My husband never built me a desk, but he did allow me to take over a room for my office. I don’t tell him that I like to mix things up a bit and occasionally sit in HIS easy chair to write. I find it helps clear out writer’s block when I move to a new location in the house.
    As far as when I’d like to live? I’m mostly happy with this day and age. But if I could time travel it would be to Tudor England and the Elizabethan age. Fascinating group of people, that lot! I’d just be careful to keep my political and religious beliefs a secret.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Gemma. I think you’re right about changing things up helping clear out writer’s block. A change of scenery always helps.


  4. That’s a great cover, Diane! I love sci-fi! Best of luck with it!


  5. Wow, that’s an awesome cover, Diane! Congrats on the release.

    As for the time frame I would most like to live in, I would go backward to the height of the Victorian era. There’s something about cobblestones, carriages, gas lanterns and the courtly customs that attract me! 🙂


  6. Hi Calisa!

    Hi Diane 🙂 I love that your hubs built a beautiful desk for you, but you sit in a comfy chair with your feet up…that’s how I write too 🙂

    Love your cover and blurb..Congrats.

    As for when I’d choose to live. I’d go back in time. I love the 20’s or the 40’s…I think either would work for me 🙂



  7. Thank you for visiting, Diane! What a great cover this book was blessed with. 🙂


  8. Calisa, thanks for having me here today.


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