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Thank you to my new friend, and sister WRP author, Anne Ashby for entertaining us today!

Hi Calisa,

Thanks so much for welcoming me to your blog. I’ll enjoy interacting with any of your readers who take the time to post a comment.AnneAshby07.02.13 I’d also be happy if you would assist me by choosing one of those who comment to be the winner of a PDF copy of “The CEO Gets Her Man”.

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Does Role Reversal Affect Our Heroes?

As a romance writer it probably goes without saying that I love to read romance stories too. I especially like stories that are slightly different. There is so little we as writers can do to change the basic themes available within the romance genre, but personally I enjoy the idea of reversing some of the “expected” roles our characters play. In “The CEO Gets Her Man” it is the heroine who is the rich, powerful, business person in control of everything around her. Or at least she is until she meets her hero. Having the female lead as a powerful individual doesn’t not mean her man has to be less of a hero. In my eyes, heroic characteristics never include wealth, power or position but much more important traits like honour, commitment and sensitivity. If you haven’t already guessed, my heroes don’t usually turn out to be alpha males. They’re still true heroes, just like Jase in “The CEO Gets Her Man”. Is it his strength, his determination, his drive that impresses Debra? Or his understanding and sympathy for the struggle she’s had establishing herself in a man’s world? Or his willingness to help her out of a tight spot? More likely it was a combination of all of these qualities that gradually shows Debra what a true hero Jase is.

What are the heroic characteristics you look for in your heroes?  What do think makes a real hero?


Hi, I’m a contemporary traditional/sweet/clean romance writer from New Zealand, published with The Wild Rose Press.  I grew up in a very small coastal town in Southland, New Zealand’s southern-most province. An eagerness to travel, fostered by my mother, led me to join the Royal NZ Navy where I enjoyed a very satisfying career. I am fortunate to have travelled extensively and lived in Singapore and Maryland USA. I began writing contemporary romance stories when my youngest child started school. I enjoy including family issues, genealogy, rugby and/or snippets from my past military life in my stories. I also write something about my beautiful country, so New Zealand always features in my stories, normally as the setting.  When not reading or writing, I find plenty to occupy my time with my family commitments. I currently live in Auckland with my husband and two of our four children.

I’d like to share with you my latest release which is initially set in the southern region of New Zealand before shifting to our capital city, Wellington.


Ensuring her company’s success is Debra Laurie’s life. But when she goes undercover to investigate a failing hotel in southern New Zealand, she finds her confidence crumbling. Masquerading as a waitress is a disaster—especially when the hotel’s assistant manager is a former rugby star she once had a crush on.

Jase McEwan is struggling to keep the hotel afloat. An unpredictable manager, ridiculous demands from the head office, and employee unrest are problems enough. Now a haughty new waitress is causing mayhem in the restaurant—and in his heart.

Determined to be impartial, Debra sets out to discover if Jase is responsible for the hotel’s drastic situation. But the more she investigates, the more she likes his work—and the more their attraction sizzles. Before long, Jase has turned Debra’s world upside-down. But what happens when he learns the new waitress is really his CEO?



Jase had been surprised at the improvement in the new waitress’s service when he was in the dining room earlier chatting to guests. He dismissed his earlier concern about her employment. However now she caught his eye again. Not because she’s doing anything wrong.

Jase swallowed. His attention had little to do with anything except hormones. She was so very attractive. And the dark uniform, possibly a little on the tight side, accentuated her curves very nicely thank you. He didn’t even try to look away when she glanced in his direction and their gazes locked. Time ceased as his pulse rate quickened.

Her smirk as she hoisted a tray of wine flutes up to her shoulder irritated him. Clearly she found his regard amusing. His lips tightened.

He kept his narrowed gaze on her as, after what seemed like an intense but short conversation with George’s head waitress, she headed across the floor toward Karin Laurie’s table.

Within a couple of paces Jase detected movement on Debra’s tray. A faint wobble that experience had taught him would soon increase and cause a debacle. The breath caught in Jase’s throat. Disaster loomed.

Well before his sprinting legs could take him anywhere near close enough to prevent the shambles, as if in slow motion, the tray tipped first one way and then the other. The flutes took on lives of their own and acting like lemmings they fell to their death on and around the table of the hotel’s owner.

Karin Laurie’s guests both leapt to avoid the cascade of red wine and orange juice but she stayed remarkably still after an initial shocked jolt. Sliding to a stop beside her, Jase was horrified to see her clutching her leg, red of an alarmingly different hue from the wine slowly oozed between her fingers.



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Thank you again for joining us today, Anne! What a lovely cover and great excerpt!

Ok folks, line up and comment for a chance to read your very own copy of The CEO Gets Her Man!

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  1. Calisa, I want to apologise for the gap in my responses. I was put on “babysitting standby” early this morning for two sick grandchildren, and never got the computer turned on until after lunch. It’s been great hanging out with you, thanks for the invite


    • That’s ok, Anne! As you can see, I’ve been absent as well. LOL I have three mss (not my own) to edit and not a lot of time for any of them. 🙂 Thanks for coming to hang and I hope the babies are better now.


  2. I agree that not all heroes have to be alpha males! Love the title and cover.


    • I’ve been told the title makes the story too predictable, I’ve had to laugh a little at that. Romances are generally predictable, I’d have thought, even without a title that ‘gives the game away’ – thanks for stopping by to say hello


  3. Great interview. I tweeted.


  4. I also have this book. I just have to find time to read it! I love the role reversal idea. Very cool.


  5. Anne, good to see you here. I enjoyed reading your book. Like you, I enjoy putting the hero/heroine in uncomfortable settings to highlight their areas of growth…and create lots of conflict! Aren’t we mean? He-he-he. Rolynn


    • Mean? How could we ever be considered mean? lol, we gotta give them something to show them up, don’t we? Thanks so much for reading the story


  6. I like the undercover boss premise! Can’t wait to read it. Nice cover 🙂


    • Thank you Rogenna, I admit I got the initial idea off the TV programme, watched it a few times to get ideas, but didnt pick up too much other than the premise. Glad you could stop by


  7. I love it when the roles are reversed, too. Makes it fun! Btw, I love your book cover!


    • Hi Darcy, thanks so much, I’m definitely sticking to these types of covers now. There’s not too much role reversals I can do in a contemporary, but it was fun. I think I might try it again some time


  8. Oh, Anne – I LOVE your writing and can’t wait to get time to read this story too! Especially after reading the excerpt, its burning a hole in my kindle!! As soon as this was available at Amazon I snapped it up, so don’t worry about putting me in the draw either 🙂
    Jase sounds delicious! So cool to have an ex rugby star as the hero too! I’m going to picture him as my favourite All Black 🙂


    • Hi LaVerne, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I’m not sure who Jase is, a cross between Conrad and Richie maybe, with a little of Tana thrown in lol. A rugby player just has to be a heroic type in my eyes, then I admit to being a little biased toward the sport.


  9. Hi, Anne. Great perspective on what defines a hero! I love all those qualities you described, too. I still do enjoy the alpha male though. 🙂 And no need to put my name in the hat either. I’ve already read (and thoroughly enjoyed!) CEO. Terrific story!


    • That’s okay, to like the alpha guy, I mean. I figure I’m still in the minority among romance writers but I’m working at showing the world another type of hero, or at least I’m having fun trying. So glad you enjoyed CEO, thanks for expressing your enjoyment.


  10. Great post, Anne. Love page, Calissa! Best wishes to both of you.
    -R.T. Wolfe


  11. Looks like you have a wonderful hero here. I love the reversed roles myself. Thanks for a wonderful excerpt.

    And I love New Zealand. Hope to get there someday.


  12. Can’t help but agree with your definition of hero, Anne. Not all of mine are alpha males, either, and the role-reversal angle is a draw for me.


    • The days of big, strong, rich, alpha males being the only ones capable of turning a girl’s head are gone, I reckon. I wonder if its because as women have ‘strengthened’ their place in society, their need for the alpha type man to ‘protect’ them has waned. I’m not sure but it sounds like a fairly apt reason to me. Thanks for your comment Mairi, lovely to meet you


  13. Margaret Taylor

    Hi Ms. Anne. I love your type of hero! Thanks for sharing him with us today.


    • Its been my very great pleasure. I know there’s a lot of us out there who feel heroes don’t have to be alpha males. Alphas are too abrasive for me. Thanks for stopping by


  14. Nice cover. I like to reverse roles too in some of my stories.


    • Ahh, I must be right to think I’ve got a great cover this time. Thank you. I know its a long time since we had the strong hero and weak, dependent heroine in our romances, but I think its time to take another step and have our heroines not only kick-ass strong but business savvy as well. Thanks for taking time to comment


  15. Love your type of hero! Mine too. Don’t toss my name in the bucket for a PDF because I already have CEO on my Kindle. Now if I can find the time to read it! Sounds great and i Love the cover! Wishing you the best!


    • Why thank you so much for being interested in CEO, I hope you enjoy it when you get time to sit down and relax. I think I’m going to stick to this type of cover, I’m getting lots of great comments about it. Its so completely different from my others. Great you could stop by, thanks


  16. Thanks so much for the invite. I’m looking forward to meeting your readers


  17. Welcome, Anne! It’s a wonderful day to visit with you and look at your beautiful cover.


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