Calisa Rhose needs to take a Dysfunctional Test!!!

Well, maybe not, I already know I’m dysfunctional! LOL But you won’t get this until you check out Kelly Moran’s new release. I just finished reading this book and I’m here to tell ya’ll…it is a MUST READ! I love this story and it’s going on my keeper shelf. I laughed, cried and got so angry at times, some at once!

But I’ll let Kelly speak for The Dysfunctional Test.

kelmoranThanks so much for having me! I will give away an eBook copy of The Dysfunctional Test to one commenter.


You are cordially challenged to a test of true love…

Thanks to her large, crazy Serbian family, Camryn Covic is an expert at shutting down her emotions in order to maintain her sanity. But when she loses her apartment, her job and her boyfriend all in one day, she hits her breaking point. Worse, if her family finds out she’s single again, her sister’s upcoming wedding will be a disaster. The bride-to-be has a plan, though. A plan that involves an old friend, a pretend relationship…and the probability of ending up in a padded cell.

Troy Lanske agrees to the crazy plan only because Camryn was once his lifeline as a foster child. But she isn’t the idealistic girl he remembers. She’s become so jaded that she doesn’t even believe in love anymore. He sets out to restore her faith in happily-ever-afters, but his plan backfires when the fake relationship begins to feel all too real. Falling for the one woman he can’t have could mean losing more than just his honorary family. He could lose everything.


            “What’s wrong?” she asked, worried the heat or altitude was getting to him. When they first exited the car she noticed how much thinner the air was. Perhaps he hadn’t adjusted yet.

            “I have an idea, and you won’t like it.”

            “Then my answer is no.”

            “You haven’t heard the idea yet.”

            “I don’t need to. If you think it’s a bad idea…”

            “I didn’t say it was a bad idea. I said you wouldn’t like it.”

            She crossed her arms. “Same difference.”

            He looked un-amused. “Everyone is sitting across the yard over there. We can see them, which means they can see us. We need a public display.”

            She didn’t like the sound of that. But before she could process fully, he slid an arm around her waist and drew her to him. Hard chest. Wall of hard chest. Now there was no air.

            “Act like we’ve done this before,” he whispered.

            “Done what?”

            “Kiss, Cam. Act like you’ve kissed me before.”

            “How am I supposed to do…?”

            The words died in her throat as his mouth closed over hers.



Here’s the trailer!

Comment for a chance to win or get your copy here Amazon.

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I loved that scene! Thank you for sharing Cam and Troy with us, Kelly! That’s a great trailer. 🙂

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  1. This looks to good to pass up.


  2. It looks great!


  3. I’m so sorry, Laura! But it is def worth the wait! 🙂


  4. Ugh! I didn’t realize it hasn’t been released yet! Now I have to wait 19 more days to read it!


    • authorkellymoran

      Don’t worry, it’ll be autodelivered and there in no time. Thanks so much for the interest. Hope you like it! xo


  5. Awe bummer, I missed the chance to get picked. That’s Okay, going to Amazon now to get a copy. It sounds like a must read for me, looking forward to it.


  6. YAY! Fun day with you, Kelly! I’ll have Kathy email you. 😀


  7. authorkellymoran

    AND THE WINNER IS: Kathy L Wheeler


  8. I love all of Kelly’s books .I know I will enjoy this new book also, sounds really
    good. Can’t wait to read it.


  9. Great book idea, Kelly. Love the title!


  10. Sounds great. I’ve added it to my TBR list.


  11. Oh, now that’s the way to end an excerpt, with a kiss…as long as the book doesn’t end that way!


  12. This sounds like a fun book, Kelly. Love the trailer!


  13. The book sounds terrific. I would looooovvvvveeee to win a copy.


  14. Kelly has written some awesome books and this is no exception


  15. What a cute cover! Your book sounds wonderful. Good luck with your promotion!

    Tweeted and FB’d!


  16. I love the cover. I’ll definitely be adding The Dysfunctional Test to my TBR pile and moving it to the top. Good luck with your tour. Best wishes for great sales.


  17. authorkellymoran

    Thanks so much for having me, Calisa. I’ll be at work, but will check in when I can and pick a winner tonight! XO


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