Calisa Rhose presents ~ Ilona Fridl and Prime Catch

I’m pleased to have Ilona Fridl with me to share her latest release, Prime Catch. Welcome, Ilona! Please tell us about your book.
My new release from The Wild Rose Press is a spin-off of the novel Golden North. It’s set in Juneau, Alaska Territory in 1923. The characters of Sheriff Amos Darcy and his Tlingit woman deputy, Sarah Lakat were so popular, I gave them their own story.
I will send an ebook to one lucky commenter. And thank you, Calisa, for letting me guest on your blog!
PrimeCatch_w7774_300Someone is killing executives in a string of Alaskan canneries. Is it natives because their food supply is being cut short? Or is there another reason, another culprit? With racial tension running high, Juneau ‘s Sheriff Amos Darcy, a man of few words, is going to find out who it is, come hell or high water. Deputy Sarah Lakat, a Tlingit woman, knows her job, but she wants to prove her people aren’t responsible for these vicious crimes. Her family and childhood friends give her access to clues the white sheriff would never have discovered, though, and she has to realize justice must be served no matter who the murderers are.Amos is married to his work and Sarah was badly hurt by a man in her past, yet as they work together in the investigation they grow close, facing danger and discrimination together. Can they solve the case even as they fight their attraction to each other?


Amos parked the patrol car near the airfield’s office and carried his bag and Sarah’s to the young man. “Lakat, this is our pilot, Bill Wright. Bill, this is my deputy, Sarah Lakat.”

Sarah held out her hand to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed pilot. “Nice to meet you.”

Bill acknowledged her and took their bags to store in a compartment of the plane. He waved them to the back. “There’s seats back there for passengers. You can strap yourselves in, and we’ll be off in five minutes.”

The seats proved to be little more than a cushioned metal frame bolted to the floor. Sarah and Amos found the ends of the safety belts that would hold them in the contraption. Finally, the craft started bumping along the grassy field. Sarah swallowed hard and closed her eyes. This was the first time she had flown, but she knew this was the fastest way to get to Sitka, so she didn’t tell Amos.

About ten minutes into the flight, Sarah heard, “Lakat, are you all right?”

She hesitated a moment. “Yes. Why do you ask?” She opened her eyes and peered at Amos.

Amos tugged at his mustache with an amused glint. “You’re as pale as death. Is this the first time you’ve flown?”

“Yes. But I can take it.”

Amos broke out into a grin. “Swell. I hope I don’t have nursemaid duty when we get to Sitka.”

She gave him an evil-eyed glare. “You won’t. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll handle this myself.” She closed her eyes again and rested her head against the metal bulkhead just as the little plane gave a jerk. Amos snorted as she rubbed the bump on the back of her head. “Not a word, Sheriff.” She glared at him.


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Ilona Fridl is a transplanted Californian to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where she lives with her husband, Mark. She took Journalism and Creative Writing in high school and college, but didn’t use it much because of a deep hatred of typewriters. In the ’90s, a purchase was made of a computer and she happily banged out short stories and articles for magazines. After a room full of rejects, she finally sold her first novel in 2005. She credits her success to classes at AllWriters in Waukesha, run by author, Kathie Giorgio, and her membership in Romance Writers of America, local chapter, WisRWA. And, of course, the loyal support of her family and friends. She has pages on Facebook and Goodreads.

Thank you for sharing Prime Catch, Ilona. It sounds like a wonderful read! 🙂

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  1. I’m a sucker for anything set in Alaska – I’m a huge fan of the Great White North eh! 🙂


    • Kat, I’ve always been interested in Alaska. I think you’d enjoy Prime Catch, because I go out into the forests and glaciers aqround Juneau.


  2. I’ve noticed more novels set in the early part of the twentieth century lately – a fascinating time, and an intriguing setting. I wish you all the best with Prime Catch!


  3. Welcome Ilona! It’s nice to have you here today. 🙂


  4. I loved that book! Unusual setting and characters well-drawn made me want more stories featuring the town and the people.


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