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Coming to Reason

How did the writer’s journey begin for you?

I’ve been writing stories all my life, but about ten years ago I was a successful strategist/analyst who decided to become a business consultant. I did really well except for one problem:  work consumed my life, and all I wanted to do was write stories. It turned out I’d rather be a poor author, than a well-off problem solver. So I ended my consulting business and began to write full time.  Those were great years. I’d hike with my dog in the morning, then write until early afternoon, then hike with Jess again, then return to writing. I would normally finish a rough draft within a month. Then I would put up chapters on Rom-critters and and improve them further.

I never tried to publish anything until about 3 years ago when a new critter read the blurb to one of my books and declared it unpublishable. Now I was determined to publish it. The 3rd publisher I sent it to offered me a contract. Thus Saving Casey became my first book published. And just this week a reader left me a comment: “totally blown away by Saving Casey. Five stars.”

And it’s those unexpected comments from readers that keep me going, because publishing is the hardest job I’ve ever had. No contest. Being a Published Author is non-stop work. Absolutely nothing like Castle.

Tell us three things about you-the writer-readers wouldn’t typically know.

1. I dream about characters in odd situations during my sleep. If I can still remember them in the morning, then I drop everything and get the gist of the story down. If I can’t remember it, then I don’t worry about it. It clearly wasn’t that interesting.

2. I keep the temp in my house down to 50 in the winter. (Starving author). Turns out my fingers don’t type well when cold. They leave out a great deal of words and letters.

3. Because of all those missing or mangled words, I use a software program to read my work-in-progress back to me so I can catch all those missing words. My brain is all too apt to fill in the missing words, no doubt thinking it is being helpful.

It all began when…

Trent turned nice and Carrie fell in love with him in book 1: Worst Week Ever. While I thought the book hilarious, I admitted the romance a complete disaster. But then in book two, Carrie tried her hardest to make Trent a better man. I and a great many readers fell in love with him. But deep inside, I knew he was too selfish to ever be good enough for Carrie. It’s no doubt why I’d been throwing guys her way all through book one and two. So in book 3: Coming to Reason, the relationship explodes for good. Finally, she notices a guy who has been there since book one. A guy perfect for her, except for one thing which they need to work out.

Where did you get the premise for this book?

I dreamed it. But as I’ve been sharing facts about myself during the blog tours for book 1-3, I realized there’s quite a bit of my life experiences in the story.

What stands out about this story that made writing it different for you?

Coming to Reason is told in Carrie’s perspective. Thus, we’ve no clue as to why he did all the horrible things that happen in this book. He tries to explain to her what’s happened when they are in the car, but he botches the job. It’s not until we read Trent’s perspective in book four: Climbing out of Hell that we understand why he did all these outrageous acts. In fact, I’ve put the rough draft of Chapter 1 of book four at the end of Coming to Reason, so you can get a better idea what he’d been going through for the last three months.

Were there any difficult challenges or special subject matter you came across while writing this book?

When I cry, my tears burn my eyes, which makes them water more, which makes them burn more. This is why I prefer HUMOR. Sadly I cry a lot in this book, which was a painful challenge.

What about this book would make us want to read it more than others of similar taste?

I keep asking my fellow authors who I write like, and they keep insisting I’m unique. I haven’t read any author I thought was close to me. So the best I can advise is to read a bit of me and see if you like it. Reviewers who like me say I’m an easy read, fast paced, and have unique and lovely voice. The minority reviewers who don’t like me said …I don’t remember what they said, but it hurt my feelings.

What do you want readers to take away from this book?

Oh, I know the answer to this!

Breakups are hard and painful, but sometimes they are the only way for people to reach their full potential.

It’s true for Trent and Carrie, and it was true for me in real life.

Tell us about the next book in your corral.

Well, that would be a book that arrived, then disappeared and has returned again.

(Due to publishing houses merging & my decision to take my book back instead of going with them I need to resurrect a ghost.)

Ghost Lover

By Liza O’Connor

Ghostlover2IS BACK

Contemporary Romance with a touch of paranormal


Two sexy English brothers. One irresistible ghost. Who would you choose as your lover?

Completely broke and with a criminal record to boot, Senna Smith is one day from eviction from her apartment when Brendon, her promiscuous roommate from London, suggests she go to England, marry him, and manage his fortune. With few other options, she agrees to an open marriage. But she’ll never, ever, have sex with him, knowing if she falls in love with him, he’ll break her heart.

As trustee of Brendon’s family fortune, there is no way Brendon’s older brother, Garrison Durran, is going to let him marry a self-professed American gold-digger. As Senna tries to embrace castle life and English society for Brendon’s sake, Gar discovers Senna is the perfect woman for him–beautiful and intelligent, kind and caring. Now, if she wasn’t already engaged to his brother…

The ancestral ghost of Durran Castle has to intervene if the Durran brothers have any chance of an heir. He can’t leave them to fix matters on their own. They are useless buggers when it comes to love. As counselor to Gar, matchmaker for Brendon, and lover to Senna, a ghost’s work is never done.

CONTENT WARNING: Allergy warning: Ghost cat in book.  



Ghost Lover will be

50% off

March 21-23


 “So my brother steals all your money and to compensate you, he suggests you come to England, marry him, and he’ll give you his trust fund.” Only his brother could contrive such an absurd plan.

“Yes.” By her brief answer, he gathered she thought it a perfectly reasonable solution.

His brother might be an idiot, but this gold digger would soon discover Gar a force to reckon with. “Did he steal a half million from your bank account?”

Brendon laughed. “Do you have any idea how long that would take? Cash machines only allow you two visits a day at two hundred dollars a pop.”

“How much did he take?” Gar restated his question.

“Four hundred,” Senna replied.

Gar stared up at the ceiling praying for patience, then glared at Ditz. “So why didn’t you pay her back the four hundred?”

Ditz stubbornly refused to answer, and instead glanced at the girl.

She sighed and faced Gar. “Precisely what I asked. He said he didn’t have the four hundred, but if I married him, he would come into a half million. Since the landlord planned to evict me, I really had no choice but to accept the offer.”


Where can readers find you and your books?

Amazon is an excellent place to find me and my books.

Is there anything else you want to share or add?

Two important things.

First, there is a rafflecopter for Coming to Reason you are eligible to join. It ends tomorrow, so throw your hat in now. Tour prize is a $50 Gift Card.


And secondly, If you love a bargain, you should know Ghost Lover will be 50% off  Mar 21-23.

Can’t wait? Not a problem. It’s at its most fair and reasonable price of $3.99 at Amazon now.

Thanks for having me by. I had fun.

Thank you for once again gracing the Ranch with your lovely humor and books, Liza!

About Calisa Rhose

I'm a mother of three daughters and wife to a wonderful man of 35+ years. I'm also an avid seamstress, polymer clay artisan and die-hard crafter, always coming up with things to make with, and for, my six granddaughters and two grandsons. Check out my craft site when you have a moment. I'm also a small online business owner of Okie fLips on Etsy and Poshmark (eBay/Merkari coming soon), and I'm a published author of sensual romance. I write about stubborn men and women who don't take no for an answer, and there's always that golden HEA. Cowboys and first responders are my favorite contemporary heroes to write about. My light paranormal heroes are strong men ready to protect their women--not that they need protecting, since they are capable of caring for themselves.

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  1. melissakeir

    Maybe the fingers are reacting to the cold temps…remember they only type about half the words. I need to know about that program that reads the book back to you. I could use it! I’m sorry to see the funny blogs ending but will look forward instead to Trent’s improvement.


    • It’s called Natural Reader and they have a free version that is very good. Just increase David’s voice speed and he’ll sound like a person rather than a robot.


  2. Great interview! I’ve dreamed characters/stories before, but now I’d just be happy to sleep at all since my 15 month old thinks she only needs 2 1/2 sleep every day. Google+’d


  3. This has been a blast of a tour. Liza. Sorry to see it end, but I know how exhausting it is maintaining such a demanding tour. Mine ends today as well and I know I need a rest! 🙂 Can’t wait for the Fourth crazy tour!


  4. I always enjoy the humor that you bring to this writing business. Makes me smile!


  5. Thanks for being the last stop on Coming To Reason 3rd Craziest Blog Tour. Don’t for to enter to win the $50 gift Card prize!


    • That should have read ‘forget’ Don’t forget to enter to win the gift Card prize. For some reason, my fingers are on a slow down strike and only do half their job.


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