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When my epublisher The Wild Rose Press asked if authors would like to fill days on our blogs with book spotlights to share with readers, I jumped at the opportunity. If I don’t like anything else, I like to showcase books for my publishing sibs, and there are some really talented and wonderful writers at The Wild Rose Press. So, each week I will showcase 3-5 books from authors you might not otherwise find. This is pure book promotion with buy links provided for your browsing pleasure. Who knows–maybe you’ll find some new-to-you favorite writers! 🙂 Also, this feature has a rafflecopter each week for chances to win prizes from The Wild Rose Press.

There are other WRP authors doing this as well so check the end of this post for a list of some of them to visit. I chose to do sweet romance this time. Here is this week’s spotlights. Click on the covers to purchase.



Prince Raffaele Salvatore wants to grant his father’s dying wish. The problem is the princess he is supposed to marry has been missing for years. The sudden appearance of an American woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to his vanished betrothed fills him with suspicion.

Anna Bennett escapes her controlling uncle to visit Monferinna and discover if the garden of her dreams is real. Instead, she discovers a handsome prince, a crazy betrothal tale, and a world beyond her wildest imagination.

If she is the missing princess, will their marriage be one of duty or of love?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 137
Word Count: 33716


Anna Bennett stood outside the open wrought iron gates of the Alexandria Palace of Monferrina and pressed nerveless fingers to her lips. Her insides roiled with a heady mixture of anticipation and dread. She’d waited so long. Would she finally find answers about her parents and her past?

Far below, the Mediterranean Sea glistened, an intense blue temptation. The warm, moist wind whipped her hair across her face. For years, she’d dreamt of standing beside the open water, of immersing herself in the world outside her gilded cage. She longed to venture down from the bluff to the island’s pristine white beach and sink her toes into the warm sand. To relish the gentle kiss of the sea air on her face. But she had no time for self-indulgence.

Every muscle in her back and shoulders screamed from the endless tension of the past twenty-four hours since her escape from her uncle’s home. In a futile attempt to loosen the stiffness in her neck, she leaned her head from side to side. Summoning all her courage, she drew a breath. At last, she would know the truth.

Turning her back on the sparkling blue water, she forced her wobbling legs into motion.

Uniformed sentinels guarded the gates. One of them inspected her identification then nodded his approval for her to pass.

The polished stone path stretched like a pale ribbon before her. As she made her way to the gardens, she fought the urge to look over her shoulder. Her uncle couldn’t know she was here. She’d been cautious, her plan flawless. Still, fear plagued her.

About Kalliope Bell

Kalliope Bell read her first romance novel at age thirteen and has been a devoted fan of the genre ever since. When her lovely editor welcomed her to The Wild Rose Press family, Kalliope found herself at a loss for words for the better part of an hour. Fortunately, the condition did not linger, and she’s now busy tapping away at her keyboard, creating sparkling, emotional stories about falling in love and living happily ever after. She loves to hear from her readers, so pop by her website for a visit. She lives in Mississippi with her two children and their two cats.



Single mother and school nurse Diane Avery is on overload, too busy caring for her children and everyone else’s to consider any TLC for herself. Her back seizes in front of hunky nursery owner Marc Stafford, and he rushes to her aid. Self-sufficient Diane laughs off the attention.

After a divorce, with his son now heading to college, Marc Stafford is faced with an empty home and heart. Intrigued by the school nurse, Marc plans a May Day surprise to bring them together.

Can Diane let Marc into her world? Can Marc find the courage to step out of his role of single father and bachelor? Will a simple tradition dedicated to flowers and affection bring the two together and set them on a path to love?

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 54
Word Count: 11347


“Hey, Diane.”

She stilled for a moment, the husky male voice obliterating every other awareness. Wet tissue in hand, she turned.

Her dark-haired daydream stood leaning against the doorjamb of her office. A frisson of response at seeing him live in the flesh leaped through her. “Hey, Marc,” she said in a stage whisper. Raising a hand, she stepped toward her desk. “Come on in.”

Walking toward her, Marc beamed a smile that spread over her like the new floodlights on the football field. Her pulse kicked up.

His gaze centered on the sleeping boy, and he stopped.

“It’s okay.” She gestured him in and, incapable of concealing her pleasure, shot him a wide smile.

He stepped closer.

She caught his irresistible scent—fresh, outdoorsy, a hint of lime. If only she had a student file or something to occupy her hands. Was something developing between them? She wished she knew if she had a valid reason to become all thumbs and blushes.

She leaned against her desk, crossing one pink-polished foot over the other in a pose she hoped looked nonchalant. “How did your program go?” At least, her voice didn’t betray her, sounding level and nurse-competent. After years of doing the presentation, no doubt Marc had it down. His support of the community was a trait she loved about him.

Loved about him? She swallowed a gulp. OMG! Once again, impersonating a girl in middle school! She blinked, steeling herself not to react to the fracas in her brain.

About Beverly Breton

By second grade, Beverly was already chronicling life in a teal faux-leather diary. She progressed to a hand-written neighborhood newsletter, a self-published picture book, and then her first article sale to a local newspaper. (Variety was already the spice of her life.) A career non-fiction writer, she’s nonetheless an eternal fan of the happy ending. She loves writing romantic short stories that brighten readers’ days, and never tires of readers’ posted reviews that say one of her stories did just that. Beverly adores nature and art, and will attempt about any kind of design–graphic, jewelry, interior, and floral design are among her favorites. The daughter and granddaughter of consummate seamstresses, she also dabbles in clothing and quilt design, and dreams of designing hats. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their son, and the family’s Katrina-rescued dog Abby. She blogs about writing, and life, at



On St. Patrick’s Day, the last thing paralegal Lisa Brennan needs is another lawyer in her life, but when handsome attorney Daniel Wilson shows he’s a sweetheart in an industry of sharks, she’s intrigued. Daniel is impressed by the pretty paralegal and her desire to succeed despite a bad job, but with the pressure of running his own firm, does he have time for a relationship? Thrown together in the jury pool, Lisa must overcome her prejudices about attorneys to trust Daniel and get lucky in love.

Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 34
Word Count: 8027



“I’m hoping St. Patrick smiles on me today and I get picked for a trial.” Lisa laughed, finding the stranger’s upbeat mood infectious. “I’d kiss a lot of blarney stone to get out of work for a few days.”

He leaned forward, dropping his voice. “Then we must be the only two people here eager to do our patriotic duty.”

Glancing around the room at the bored women watching the morning show on the large overhead TVs and the college students absorbed in their i‑whatevers, she had the distinct feeling they were in the minority. “You want to serve?”

“I’m a lawyer, I know how important jurors are to the system.”

Her body tensed and the muscles in the back of her neck tightened.

Not all lawyers are like Lou, she reminded herself, taking a deep breath and forcing herself to relax.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice her unconscious reaction as he held out his hand, and smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. “Daniel Wilson.” She grasped his hand, her skin tingling as his long fingers curled around hers.

About Georgie Lee

Georgie Lee was born and raised in San Diego where she also attended college, majoring in television and film production. She began her professional writing career at a local cable TV station writing marketing videos, promotional spots and public service announcements, some of which still haunt the airwaves. Blinded by the dazzling lights of Hollywood, she headed north to Los Angeles where she earned her MA in Screenwriting, met her husband, adopted a semi-bald Cairn Terrier, and settled into a career in the interesting but strange world of the entertainment industry. A dedicated Anglophile, history and film buff, she loves combining her passion for history and storytelling through romantic fiction. A published poet, her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals. When not writing, Georgie can be found reading non-fiction history books and enjoying any movie with a costume and an accent.



Faith Featherstone made two mistakes as a teen. First, she fell in love with Justin Worthington and ended up pregnant. Then, she ran with the wrong crowd and was arrested for shoplifting. Worried about ruining Justin’s life, she gives the baby to her older sister. Faith knows her son will have two loving parents, she will be a part of his life, and he will know his biological father because her sister is married to Justin’s brother. Her only request? Be named Matthew’s legal guardian in their will.

Five years later, her sister and brother-in-law disappear at sea. Now Faith has a second chance at being a mother, but fears her shameful past will cost her Matthew. If Justin is willing to go to court for custody of the boy he believes to be his nephew, what will he do when he discovers Matthew is his son?

Rating: Sweet
Page count: 254



The lights dimmed until only a spotlight lit the small center stage. A trumpet started to play, caressing the opening notes of a familiar song. Justin had never heard “Love Potion #9” played as a dance to strip by, but he had to admit, the way that trumpet wailed, it got the adrenaline going.

“Quite a trumpet player,” Dubrowski said. “Pulls this off, that’s for sure.” Justin swallowed, then nodded, his heart snagged on the thump of the drum.

“Ahhh, here she comes now,” Dubrowski whispered.

A foot encased in a three-inch strappy heel, its wiggling synchronized to the trumpet, shimmied into sight. Justin’s stomach clenched in a tight knot. Coming here had been a bad idea. He didn’t want the foot to belong to Faith.

A slender ankle appeared, seeming to beckon for a kiss.

Justin licked dry lips that tasted of Coors.

The spotlight found a shapely calf encased in a black stocking, catching on some little sparkly things scattered through the fabric. A knee followed the calf, until a hot pink garter edged with rows of shiny spangles appeared.

Justin could hear his heart pounding, having left the steady drumbeat way behind. Every cell in his body focused on the leg sliding into full view. It’d been a long time since he’d seen that leg, but he’d recognize it anywhere.

Conversations ceased as gazes swung to the stage, mesmerized by the edge of a large fan drifting into view. And then, there she was. Faith Featherstone, covered and uncovered by two feathery fans, undulating in time with the trumpet’s wailing song.

About Ginger Hanson

The author of two Civil War historical romances published in 2004 and a Regency due out in 2009, Ginger Hanson is very excited about the publication of her first contemporary romance. She hopes readers will enjoy visiting her imaginary town of Tassanoxie, Alabama. The setting was an easy choice because Ginger lives in Alabama with her husband (a retired Army pilot), their rescued Great Dane (Sir Sterling Silver) and Scooter the cat. Continuing the family’s military tradition, their only child is an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. When not writing, Ginger is a Tai Chi set leader and volunteers with the Friends of the Library, often staggering home beneath a pile of books bought at the book sale.


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