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Welcome to the round pen where I’ll blog every day in April– except Sundays– through every letter in the alphabet. I’ll be talking about a variety of things all month long. Each day the post will be about something beginning with the corresponding alphabet letter.Β  It might be writing related, or you might learn something new about me. Don’t forget to click on the awesome banner the A to Z team gave us to find all the other bloggers who are filling your April with interesting and fun posts!

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Today is April 1 …

e2588-a April fools!

No, it really is the first day of April and the first of Blogging from A to Z.

When I was a child my mother would sleep in on Sundays. It was my “job” to take her morning coffee to her. I loved that job, relished it, in fact, for several reasons. One, I got quiet time with her. Just Mom and me laying in her big warm bed talking about whatever came up. I was third of four kids. My older brother was my mom’s pride and joy as her first born, by a different father than the rest of us kids. My sister came next, with a lot of health issues, and was favored by my dad as his first born. Then came me, the healthy, youngest daughter. I was the baby for six years before my baby brother came along to usurp my position. As the family baby he was favored too. That left me as the dreaded middle child of both parents. So it was a special time for me every Sunday. Those times were precious.

Another reason I liked Sunday so much was it was the only day I was allowed to have a halfΒ  a cup of coffee with Mom. Of course, I thought I was sneaky in that each time I refilled her cup, I would refill my half cup. πŸ™‚ Years later, when I was allowed to drink coffee if I wanted it, I decided to reveal my childhood sneakiness. Mom laughed and said, “I knew that.”

Well, of course she did! She was Mom, the supernatural being with eyes everywhere and knowledge no one should have about everything her children did. πŸ˜†

I was never good at the pranks and jokes. To this day I’m not. April first was no different. My mother knew, if the first fell on a Sunday, I would come bearing her morning coffee, and that it would inevitably be laced with salt, or way too much sugar. It was always one or the other, so she’d brace her taste buds for a shock and take a conciliatory sip. She’d make a face and pretend to be “got”. Even at eleven I loved that she would play along. But I finally really got her one year much later, when I added a healthy drop or two of liquid dish soap. I truly got her that one time. πŸ˜€ Yeah, didn’t do that again, either! LOL

Come on back tomorrow for the letter “B”. And to all my friends and followers– here’s soap in your coffee.

April Fools! Got ya!

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  1. I’m an A to Z blogger too. This will be my third year so stop by to seem me. Loved your memory. I never laced Mom’s coffee but I did cut her long red hair one day when she napped. πŸ™‚ Yeah… never did that again either!


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