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April 5…

87d5d-e is for Everything–As in, Murphy’s Law says if it can go wrong it usually does.

For instance hubby and I went to the dump today and on the way there the power steering in his dad’s truck got real stiff. Not a good sign. We got home and he got a call that a special sheetrock tool he’s been needing was available for very cheap, too cheap, but we couldn’t pass on the chance it was really a good deal. Being a rather large tool, we took his dad’s truck again, to haul it. Thirty-two miles one way–to a town that is only about twenty miles from where we live– Why? Because for two months the mile long bridge between our area and the other town has been under construction and impassable, and will be for at least another month.

So off we go to get this great deal, hubby fighting the steering with the knowledge he’ll have to put in a new power steering pump very soon. To make the long trip longer, this is Renaissance Fair weekend in the large town between home and where we’re going. It’s also spring cleaning-free dump weekend in said large town. Results? Lots and lots of extra traffic on the roads, combined with those on this side of the bridge no one can cross but with places to go.

Type of tool hubbs needs

We get where we’re going only to find out the tool we went to buy is not what he needs. Oh, it was a sheetrock tool, just not the one we were hoping it was. It was not like the one to the <– left, that raises whole drywall panels and holds them to hang on ceilings.

Type of tool for sale

It was a pole jack like that one –> that holds the rock in place once you get it up there. No help at all. lol Did I mention it was cheap? That’s why. 😆

We return to the truck only to learn it may not get us back home–32 miles–half of which is freeway. Down the street was three different big name auto parts stores so getting a new pump wasn’t a problem. Hubbs had that much cash on him and the store offered the tool to do the job rent-free. So, we take a chance and head out.

Well, we made it almost home, stopped at a gas station near home to check the truck and put fuel in to replace what we’d used, got back on the smaller highway and were within 5 miles of home, before everything shut down. We’d lost the serpentine belt. Hubbs put it back on and we got all of 100 feet before it came off again so we coasted down the hill to turn onto the road that leads home. Just as you get onto that road there’s a small turnout so we prayed we’d make it that far, and we did. Thank you, God! But…the belt had come off completely on the road somewhere in the last mile.

Hubbs went looking for the belt while I called our insurance tow service. After all, that’s why we pay for it, right? Well, guess what? It doesn’t transfer to another vehicle even if we are driving that vehicle. Not even when Hubbs name is also on his dad’s insurance. Nope, it will cost us $79.95 for a five mile tow–but then we can argue it out with our insurance later. Oh- and they want the credit card number over the phone before the service that’s on OUR side will dispatch the tow  truck.

That’s all fine and dandy…except, on the way to the dump this morning we stopped for coffee. I took my card in, didn’t use it though, stuck it in my jeans pocket and forgot to put it back in my wallet in the truck. Went to the dump and I guess that’s where my card is still. Before we went to look at the tool I had to put a stop block on my missing card that I’ll get the replacement for in ten days. The good news is I can’t spend the money on that card until I get the new one, so I’m not broke. LOL

Forget the tow service. Daughter offered to pay when she met us where we broke down, but hubbs declined and I rode with daughter while he fast-footed the truck home on a wing and lots of prayers. lol It only took him two hours to replace the steering pump and off we went to return the tool. Carl’s Jr. was dinner. LOL Needless to say I didn’t get to post a blog today until late, but I hope you enjoy the story of my Saturday. 😀

Please stop back in on Monday to see what I have for F.


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