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A Heart-Warming Read, 5-Stars-Ms. Rhose’s attention to detail of that era is spot on–attitudes, clothing styles, sayings, cars, shoes, social morals… This is so seamlessly well-done, you aren’t aware of the changes within your own spirit as you read “HOME,” yet the smile on your face as you read the last page is testament to Ms. Rhose’s artistry with words… Home is a story of acceptance, self-forgiveness and finding that person our soul seeks. Ms. Rhose delivers a memorable read. A keeper, in my opinion, especially for those whose lives have been touched by war–no matter the era. I look forward to her next project. ~Vonnie Davis, Romance author

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  Home, 4 Stars- Calisa Rhose is proving to be an up and coming author that readers will look for on their shelves. Her new novella HOME, written as part of a series titled “Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll,” is worthy of being the first of the series to be published… Ms. Rhose’s words paint pictures that will remain in reader’s hearts for a long time. HOME reminds us of the importance of home by any definition. ~Winona Cross, Romance author

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Heartwarming and well written, 4 Stars- Calisa did an excellent job in taking us back in time to the late sixties, during the Vietnam era when the world was in such turmoil and chaos. Her contrast of small town living and the horrors of war was conveyed in a vivid way. Also, the contrast of her hero, Sam–a man suffering from post-traumatic stress–and the sweet innocence of her heroine, Poppy, made for an exceptional love story. ~Alicia Dean, Author of Death Notice and Death Offering

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Exploring an era too many have forgotten, 5 Stars- In short, Ms. Rhose lets us all walk a mile in the shoes of a soldier and shows us that war isn’t all guns and glory. Home may have been set in the 1970’s but it’s message is timeless and especially relevant to us today. As a friend of many returning soldiers, as one who has witnessed the struggles our men and women face upon their return to ‘normal’ life, and as one who has watched families disintegrate because of the stress inflicted on a spouse, I thank Calisa for penning such an honest portrayal of those whom we as a nation ask to wage war. ~Suspense author, Rachel Lynne

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Brought the era back Home for me, 5 Stars- I just finished reading Home by Calisa Rhose, a wonderful story of forgiveness, acceptance and love. The story takes place in a time often ignored by writers – the Vietnam era. It’s a time frame I’m familiar with and Calisa brought it all back Home. She’s a talented writer who knows how to set a scene that puts a reader in the middle of the action. But more than that, she excels at getting inside the character’s heads… Highly recommended. ~Erotic M/M author, Gale Stanley

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A captivating, healing tale, 5 Stars- This is a captivating and healing story which I read in one sitting. I don’t read a lot of romance, but Sam and Poppy are deep and relatable characters who immediately drew me into their opposing worlds… The author did an amazing job of interlacing the story with realistic tidbits from the era and of weaving the tale around a strange Scrimshaw doll, which added a nice touch of mystery. I was impressed by the inclusion of some Vietnamese language, as well as the very realistic descriptions of the incidents that created Sam’s post traumatic stress. ~Thriller author, Brenda B. Wallace

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Emotional heart-warming story, 5 Stars- From page one, Calisa Rhose captivated my attention on the story of Sam and Poppy. Ms. Rhose depicted Sam’s PTSD and the prejudices against Poppy for her parentage very realistically. This story made me feel like I was taken back to the 1960’s in an era where things were very different than they are now.
The characters were interesting and likable, the plot propelled the story, and the Scrimshaw doll made an interesting backdrop and mystery. Highly recommend. ~Joya Fields, Suspense author

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Sam + Poppy = sweet surrender, 4 Stars-The author has a lovely way of telling a story, and many endearing descriptions such as this one: Her legs feeling soft and gushy like chewed gum in sunshine – made reading this novella easy on the eyes yet big on emotion. ~Lynne Marshall, Romance author

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Rose in Bloom- I wasn’t expecting memorable characters, when I picked up this book. I was expecting a slice of life type romance and would take me from A to B in a few short pages, and I would sit back and say, “That was an afternoon well spent.” What I got instead was an in depth look at two very different characters who need each other more than they even know… Calisa Rhose weaves a fantastic tale of two unlikely people bound by their social exile and the love they can only find with each other. The characters are memorable, believable, and easy to fall in love with… the characterization is so good with writing able to transport a skeptic to another time and place. Thanks, Calisa, for an afternoon more than well spent. ~ Romancing the Book

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4 Stars- I really like how Ms. Rhose wrote the story and the characters. Both Sam and Poppy were…approachable…as characters and I liked how their backgrounds – and their doubts about their circumstances (past and present) – were handled. I look forward to reading more stories from Ms. Rhose. ~Night Owl Reviews

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 4 Stars- HOME is a poignant, tender romance set in the American south of the 1960’s. The descriptive writing is top notch and the sweet romance is original.

Gypsy Poppy was a high school loner who always longed to be with the football star Sam but he never noticed her. Now, Sam has returned to their small town as a Vietnam veteran only to face hatred from the townspeople and a struggle with his own war demons. Only Poppy quiets Sam’s demons and allows him to consider rebuilding his life. But can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks really fit Sam, who will be the town’s doctor?

This is such a poignant short novella. I loved the setting of the 1960’s and the south. The author is a very good writer and brings the sights and sounds into the story so I could really imagine this small town. I loved the addition that Poppy always hums pop songs, especially The Chiffons; it’s all just so charming!

Sam and Poppy are both lovely characters. Sam is struggling with survivor guilt and can’t imagine how he’s going to put his life back together. This vulnerability in such a strong man is utterly captivating and very believable. Poppy is warmth, love and compassion in one fiery package and it’s impossible not to adore this spitfire. I enjoyed watching the author draw these two different people together. I also liked how the author didn’t gloss over their class differences but gave both Sam and Poppy time to integrate this into their relationship. Their sexual intimacy is very PG but that seemed appropriate for their ages and the setting.

HOME is a heartfelt, tender romance with a great setting and strong atmosphere. ~ The Romance Reviews-

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 My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Home is a heart-warming love story set in a small town in Oklahoma during the Vietnam War. The story strikes many chords on the right note, particularly a mood that evokes the feel of the era and the character—good and bad—of small town life. Calisa Rhose employs apt word choices to create an atmosphere that feels realistic and absorbing, from the phrasing of insults hurled at veterans returning stateside to colloquial sayings. The author pays a great deal of attention to details of the era—vehicles, clothing styles, politics, and culture.

Sam Callahan is a doctor returning to his hometown following a traumatic tour of duty in Vietnam. Once a popular teenager, he feels alienated from the people he used to identify with most closely. The descriptions of his PTSD are powerful and disturbing, and contain what feels like the author’s comprehensive understanding of the condition. Sam is also a strong man and a highly empathic character that the reader can identify with and cheer on.

Poppy Tippen is Sam’s opposite. She grew up as the bastard daughter of a gypsy in a small town that has ostracized her all of her life. Unfair and cruel things are said about her, making her an outsider, and yet she manages to maintain a positive outlook on life. Her zest and strength are admirable traits, and she offers Sam what no one else can—acceptance without judgment. The interaction between the hero and heroine is touching and moving, a sweet romance that brings a smile to the lips.

The plotline surrounding the cursed doll adds an interesting element to the story without ever detracting from the romance, which is front and center. Although short, no words are wasted. Home is a wonderful story about the redemptive power of love. It is a five star read all the way. ~ Miss Melissa Snark

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