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Day 2 NaNo! Buddy with Calisa Rhose! #nanowrimo2017 #mfrwauthor #amwriting


A quickie thanks to amazing author Silver James for creating these AWESOME NaNo daily inspiration badges and letting me steal them a day at a time! I added the frame on mine. Feel free to save-to-borrow your own copy, as she said to share them! Click on any of these badges all month to get to her website and check out her books.

It was a busy day today. I had a full day with minimal interruptions planned to write, write, write. Well, this is a perfect example of why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Planning ahead rarely works out for me. J

First thing, I checked a few emails. I do this each morning before starting a day of writing. Get that out of the way so I don’t get tempted to check it all day. Then I got side tracked.

My 12 year old granddaughter (gdd) whom lives with us hurt her knee in a bicycle crash last summer. Just when we thought it was nothing, it began hurting a lot, every day. So I took her to our Dr. who treated it with a cream to cure bursitis. He said he hoped it would help, because if not bursitis, then she likely broke her patella (knee cap) in half. Yikes! That would require surgery to put in pins to heal it. Not what I hoped to hear. Especially when, after two weeks, the cream had not helped at all.

I called to let the Dr. know and he came back with a referral to an orthopedic Dr. We saw that Dr. last week and he took x-rays and reviewed them with us. Thankfully, she did not break her patella. In fact, he said there was a calcium spur on the side of her knee but he had no way of knowing what caused it, or when. But nothing is broken. YAY!

Well, not quite. Since it’s not broken, now we don’t know what is causing her the extreme and constant pain. Next he ordered an MRI for Nov. 1. It didn’t get in the way of my writing, though having gdd calling to be picked up three hours before school was out because she couldn’t take the pain did sort of slow things. Actually, it slowed writing quite a bit, because that’s how I am when it comes to The Girl. Family always must be first for me. So I picked her up and later we went to get the MRI. We have an appointment Monday afternoon to get those results. I’ll keep you posted.

But in all the kid stuff I still got 631 words down. Not bad.

Today, day 2, not so good. The Girl woke up crying and in pain, so she stayed home from school and rested her leg all day with heat on it. I had research to do on the NaNo project, so I didn’t get any actual words written, though I did work on it. That’s ok. I’ll make up what word count I’m short along the way. J

Day 2- research, zero words

And on to another day.

If you think you want to NaNo, I urge you to give it a shot. It’s addictive!

If you already NaNo, look me up and we can be buddies! You can find me here. I think. I hope. If this link isn’t right, just type in Calisa Rhose. LOL

Until tomorrow…


NANOWRIMO is here! Are you in? #nanowrimo2017 #mfrwauthor #amwriting


It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the holidays, though they are also crowding in much too quickly (I’m trying to ignore that right now 😀 ). I’m talking about National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo (NaNo).

A special thanks to friend and amazing author Silver James for creating these AWESOME NaNo daily inspiration badges and letting me steal them a day at a time! I added the frame on mine. Feel free to save-to-borrow your own copy, as she said to share them! Click on any of these badges all month to get to her website and check out her books. 

Since I only decided last night to blog my way through NaNo, I’ll be posting days 1-3 today to get caught up. Each day I will share a little something and along with my daily word count progress.

Day 1- 631

A slow beginning to be sure, but it will pick up. 🙂

What is my NaNo project this year? Well, some of you read my short Halloween blog hop ghost story two years ago right here on my blog. It was a prequel to a two-book series in which you were introduced to Mason Baker, an equipment tech for PRU (Paranormal Research Unit, and Elise Crane, e-zine reporter-turned-paranormal investigator when she was unwillingly made a believer in all things that say “BOO!”

Now, it’s Juliet’s turn. She is twin of Romeo Tucker, both of whom you got a sneak peek of in the 2015 Snarkology Blog Hop I participated in. Read The Non-Believer if you dare. But hurry! I will be reworking this short before publishing it, so on November 10th, next Friday, it will be taken down from my blog. I’m hoping to also have at least two (maybe three) more short stories to go along with the novels as production continues.

I am dragging my muse kicking and squealing back to work. To kick-start my writing again, I’m giving Jules, as she prefers to be called, her story. Hopefully, she’ll have a lot to say about it. 🙂

Coming soon—or at least by next Halloween if all goes well—is book one of this series.

Celestial Visions, Chances Are: Juliet

If getting dumped at a funeral was unspeakably depressing, being forced to go inside haunted Marschalk Manor, with the man who kicked Jules Tucker’s heart across the cemetery, was equivalent to a death knoll. And there was something not quite right with her ex-boyfriend’s sudden determination to contact his cousin’s ghost. The request seems off kilter, but she couldn’t put her finger on why…

Everyone in Marschville knew the rumored secrets of the manor—that the veil between earth and the other realm opened wide and freed the spirits of those who died, to cause all sorts of mayhem within the mansion walls, during the week leading up to a blue moon. Luckily, blue moons weren’t a regular occasion, but Jules was absolutely sure the mayhem would affect her if she had to enter that…place…during that time.

Thankfully, any spirits not safely back on the other side, far away from Jules, will wither and die at the end of the blue moon. Problem solved.

Of course, it’s all rumor… Or is it?

Jules suddenly finds herself running from her ex, and running to him at the same time. How is it possible her boyfriend is stuck on another plane, while his evil cousin lives happily in Raze’s physical body, free to torment her?

The one thing Jules is more afraid of than never finding true love is…ghosts.

Can she take the chance and embrace her “gift” to save Raze? And what will happen when twin brother Rome discovers she can go into the other plane at will?

She has to make a literal life and death choice. To get up close and personal with her fear, or risk losing Raze forever. She will have to become the thing she spent her life running from in order to free Raze’s soul from his demented cousin’s trickery before the next blue moon—in that one cursed week.


Since this is a work in progress (WIP) anything can change between now and publication. This blurb will almost certainly change :D, but it should give you an idea of what to expect in Jules’ story.

I’ve done NaNo several times since 2006 and it’s always fun, if not productive for me. For the first time I’m using the Scrivener program for NaNo, instead of basic MSWord. If you’re NaNoing, and haven’t tried the program, you can get Scrivener at a 20% discount during NaNo, or get one of their other offers for it, also at a discount. Believe me, even at full cost, it’s well worth every penny! If you aren’t sure you want to buy Scrivener yet, there’s a special NaNo trial version available as well.

So, are you NaNoing? Do you want to?

It’s only Day 3 and not too late to join the fun! Just check it out and you might be ready to NaNo next November.

Happy NaNoing!


Calisa Rhose breaks down word count #mfrwauthor #writeabookbyminutes #wordsperhour


Welcome! It’s been a looooong time since I wrote a craft post but this is important in my writing life, so I thought I’d share some simple numbers that will boggle the mind–or maybe that ‘s just me– and make you say, “Pshh-I can do that!” even when you’ve just spent the day staring at the blank page and telling yourself you can’t do it, not again. I’m not going to tell you how to write a best seller, or a seller at any level. I’m not going to reveal some big, hidden secret to writing the book you want to write. I’m not going to offer a brilliant formula to finishing your book.

Heck, I’m not even going to tell you anything about writing, in actuality.

Now you’re asking what I am going to tell you. Well, here it is.

When you sit down at that blank page I know all the fears and doubts that begin to circle over and through you. Believe me, I KNOW. In fact, that’s sort of what made me decide to write this post. I’ve been struggling for five years to finish a new book and I’m still struggling. Why? Excuses. Life. Stress. Doubt. Frustration. Procrastination. Take your pick.

Words just haven’t been coming to me. It’s depressing at times, but it’s also overwhelming; the thought of writing 50-100K word ms and make them make sense. At times I ask why I ever wanted to become a writer. Other times I ask myself what makes me think I am a writer.

Then something like today happens and it all suddenly makes sense again, my world is right side up once more.

Today I was catching up on email (yes, instead of writing) and came across an interesting article from one of the many craft blogs I follow. The post asked, How long should a book be? We’ve all been told what is not enough words or is too many words at some point in our career. Length is loosely explained in this interesting article by  BLAKE ATWOOD.

Ok, yes, we already know how to break words down per day. I have multiple worksheets for plotting word count. But for some reason, probably having something to do with my inability to finish a manuscript, his words struck me as an AhHa moment. So I did some calculating myself and as I write this I’m wondering why I haven’t been able to write several mss in the last five years.

First off, for you math whiz kids, I know this may not be by exact numbers, but for my purpose it’s close enough to make my point, and I’m nopt a math whiz. I’m not even a math crawl. I avoid numbers whenever possible. 🙂

Anyhoo– Without knowing exact numbers Blake uses, my total word count is divided by 255 days per year– subtracting 52 weekends from 365 days– and gives a reachable word count per 8 hour work day. NaNoWriMo uses a similar break down, that I have used in the past and it worked for me. I know this, yet some days even that small per day number seems daunting to me. But really…

That breaks down even further to a much less formidable number, regardless of your ending word count goal. I know you’re aware of that, but sometimes it helps to see, rather than hear something. I am sure the visualization will help anyone manage to finish a ms, no matter how long it is.

Let’s have some fun, since you’re here with me procrastinating, instead of hammering out that incredibly mind boggling daily wc. 😆 Yeah, I know why you’re really here so, while you are let’s begin.

50K in 255- 8 hour days (some are rounded to the nearest approx. whole number, so you might get a slightly different number than I do). That’s just 196 words per day, only 24.5  words per hour, 12.25 per 30 minutes, or a measly 6.125 words per quarter hour.

Now, I don’t type as fast as others, and some type four or more times that number per MINUTE (yep, that thought just made my head spin). Some of us can manage 500 words per hour, some struggle to get that number, but even I can manage 24 words in 60 minutes! That a mere .4 words per minute!

60K= 235 pd, 29 phr, 14.5 p 1/2 hr, 7 words pqtr hr

70K= 274.5 pd, 34 phr, 17 p1/2 hr, 8.5 pqtr hr

80K= 324 pd, 39.25 phr, 20 p1/2 hr, 10 pqtr hr

90K= 535 pd, 44 phr, 22 p1/2 hr, 11 pqtr hr

100K= 392 pd, 49 phr, 24.5 p1/2 hr, 12.25 pqtr hr

So who’s with me? Can we write 7, 8, 10, 11 or 12 words–in the next fifteen minutes? What? Seriously? All we have to do is BICHOK: Butt In ChairHands On Keyboard, and count that word count down.

Well, there you have it. Ramblings on ways to trick my muse into cooperating long enough to finish a ms. Thanks for tagging along and I sincerely hope this will help someone even a tidbit. If not, I hope you get a giggle at least. 😉


Why Torture Myself? ~ Calisa Rhose #Goals #amwriting #amediting #MFRWAuthor


Though it’s not Thursday, I thought now would be a good time to post my writing goals for the year. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating doing this. I’m a very good procrastinator. 😆 But, January is quickly slipping away and I need to do this before the New Year isn’t new so, here I am.

2014goalsSome of you may have read my goals last year, that HUGE 2-year plan I set out with last January 7th. What a disastrous mess that turned out to be! If you missed it, you can find that memorable post of My Writing Plan For 2024-2015 here. I warn you, take a deep breath before reading it! LOL

I’m doing it again. Yes, again! Why? Why torture myself? You might be thinking I’m a glutton for punishment, that I like to set myself up for sure failure. You’d be wrong. I did it for the same reasons, I guess, that I started edits on a five year old manuscript this weekend. Partly because I’d never set a long term plan and wanted to see if I could. Well, I can set goals. I did. And, as you can probably tell…I failed. Miserably.

I also did it, and am doing it again this year, to push myself, challenge myself. I didn’t set those goals last year for anyone but me. That’s why I do it. But, as with all new things, goals are meant to learn from, I think. And learn, I did!

What did I learn? For one, not to bite off more than I can chew. In other words, I need to set realistic goals, not what I want to do in one or in two years, but what I can do in that time. Can I realistically write four novellas and a full length manuscripts in 12 short months, plus revise another novella to re-publish? Obviously not when it takes me three months or more to write just one.

Risk Factors400x600

Click on Image to purchase Risk Factors

Did I accomplish any of my goals for 2014? Yes. I was successful in promoting Risk Factors after it’s new release with my new publisher, Kensington-Lyrical Press, in March. (Do you like how I did that? 🙂 )

I didn’t succeed in getting any other goals completed. Not even blogging once a week. In fact, I didn’t get one novella finished last year. Why? Because I overwhelmed myself. Good lord!! On top of the goals I set, I took on a new project, that isn’t finished yet, either.

Part of my failure is due to a burn out that began in May and didn’t fully end until October. I couldn’t write, didn’t even look at a ms much less work on any. I had to give myself permission to take a break and reevaluate my writing and regroup.

This year I’m taking a new direction with my writing. So, take a look at my new goals for 2015. Yeah…no more two year plans for this writer. But I will be diving into the Self Publishing pool this year, finally.



1. Learn to mute phone when working!!! (can’t turn it off with fil here)

2. Blog at least once a week, aside from guests and regular UnCover Monday features

3. Edit completed full length ms, HW, in progress

4. Post some free reads on website

5. Write two novellas, both already started, but not the DDD novellas from last year

6. Self publish HW, already have a cover in the works and tentative date, May

7. Submit, or self publish at least one of two novellas, not sure which pub route I’ll take yet

8. Write a second full length ms*, my first paranormal, in progress (Juliet’s story in my 2015 goals)

9. Figure out a better marketing solution, for me, or at least a more productive way to use what I already have

* By ‘write a second ms’ I mean complete the first draft in 2015.

So, there you have it. Eight (not counting #1 🙂 ) simple, less stress-inducing goals. Still challenging, but hopefully, doable.

What about you? Will you be making goals (again) this year? How tough are you on yourself? Do you torture, or love yourself with your goals?


Why I’ll be self-publishing in 2014 ~ by Calisa Rhose


I decided to write today and see how it goes. I fell on December 11th and broke another rib, or two? so any time on the pc is painful

This is not my x-ray.

This is not my x-ray.

still. Sitting up, walking, breathing…you get the picture. But while I can’t be on the laptop daily as often, I’ve been thinking about why it’s driving me nuts not to be working on the novella I’ll be publishing early in 2014.

I set a deadline for myself to have it completed and the cover made by the end of December, just four days from now. It’s not gonna happen, unfortunately, since I haven’t been able to work on edits since the tenth. My whole month is wasted because of the pain. I hate that! I’d planned to publish the book by mid-January and that’s not gonna happen now either.

Wordle for this story. Make your own story Wordle:

Wordle for this story.
Make your own story Wordle:

Have no fear! I’ll get it done very soon and am revamping my schedule to get the book finished and published by the end of January. That’s right. I’ll just have to add a month to my original plan. 😀 I’m okay with that since this will be my first self-published work and I’m a little (okay, a LOT) terrified of the thought. 😆

So why do it if it’s so daunting? Because I want to. Because I’m confident enough in my writing to know readers will love it. Because it’s the new frontier of publishing and I don’t want to be left behind. And…because I can! I have a wonderful artist working on a cover for me that I know will bring out the essence of the story I’ve fallen in love with and I can’t wait to see the final product. I’m anxious to get back to work on the book edits, expansion really. It was written as a short story for an anthology it didn’t get finished in time to get put into, so I’m making it longer and self-publishing it because I want to share it with the world. As with my writing, it is a sweet, sensual story of love between a man and woman. I’m thinking it might also turn out to be a preclude to a new series later in 2014. Maybe. Possibly. I’ll keep you posted on that thought. 🙂 It depends on how my other series pans out this next year.

In the meantime, I’m sharing an excerpt for Risk Factors and why this time of year is so special to me, aside from Christmas. (Psst- it has to do with tomorrow and aging. 🙂 ) I’d love company at the wonderful Michelle Ziegler’s blog if you have time to stop by today!

Tune in next week when I’ll post my new two year writing plan- and why only two years.

Until then I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!



Nov 1 ~It’s NANO! ~ Calisa Rhose


Welcome back to the Ranch! I am super excited this November!

But before we begin I need to announce the two winners of my Haunted Garden blog hop. I am excited to announce Sandy Rowland and Kristina Knight win the two gift certificates from me! I’ll be contacting you for your information!

Ok! Why am I excited? Ask me why. Go on, ask me! Ask…

Okay, I’ll tell you.


I’m thrilled to actually get to participate again. This will be my third attempt at this fun contest where you write 50 thousand words (or more), a full manuscript to THE END, in one month–thirty days. My first two tries didn’t get me the golden crown because I never finished the word count. The first one in 2005 I got to 30K and it’s still growing today, but I spent so much time editing the previous days’ words that, though I always got my word count in, I would basically end up deleting half of those the next day.  BAD!

My next venture a couple of years later just didn’t go well. I don’t even remember the story or how much I got, but it was less than 30K. LOL

For those of you who are going out for NANO this year–whether you’re new or experienced nanoers–heed my words…DO NOT EDIT! Turn off that internal editor, disengage the auto grammer and editor on the computer. DO NOT read back over anything written on previous days! The purpose of NANO is to JUST WRITE. To get words on paper, monitor, or whatever method you use to write. If you have a writing pad that won’t let you go back and edit readily, I even suggest you use that to get your daily word count in, upload that to your computer, but don’t go back into the word doc until December 1.

You need to write 1667 words each day to make the thirty days quota (that number gives you ten spare words btw).


Here’s the link to how it works-

My story, whatever it will be– because I have NO clue, even as I write this the night before it posts–will be at least 60K, so I’m making my daily word count goal 2000. I’d like to finish this story and type The End on Nov. 30th. 😀 I have a lot of other things to finish up this first week so I may not meet that goal but I’ll go make it up later and throw in a couple of 3K days. I tend to do that before the holiday too since I know I won’t keep up during that week, especially with my brothers visiting for three days at Thanksgiving.

When the day is done, if anyone wants to gab about how you did that day, I’d love to hear in the comments of this post throughout the month. Just pop in here and tell other Nanoers what your daily word count is and what we can do to help you if you fall short. I plan to keep this post active the whole time, so come dish share special lines about your story as it unravels.

Even if you aren’t participating–come cheer us crazy people on! 😆

There is a check list I complete daily and I’d love if you want to post your daily list here too. I’m posting it for everyone so come on back, grab a wine, beer, coffee and some L’il Smokeys and lets have a great NANO! There’s cake and chocolate for those who need it too.


(Un)Official NANO Daily Check List:

Nano Day- 1


First Word-

Last Word-

Favorite Line-

Total Daily Words-

Total NaNo Words-

Treat when goal is met: When I reach today’s goal I’m gonna dip into some Halloween candy. 🙂

Finally! I can see! ~ Calisa Rhose


A lot of you know how long I’ve been waiting, working and waiting, for my second book to publish. Some of you probably know of the tedium I went through with Perfect Dr. Viv before Piper Denna and Lyrical Press, Inc. contracted it this past May, and the new title change. Many of you even know I’ve been biting my nails waiting through round after round of edits for a cover reveal.

Well, I won’t make you wait any longer. Please help me celebrate the awesome job artist Valerie Tibbs did for me.

I present the cover for– 

Risk FactorsDue March 2013


Love, like life, is not without risk.

BLURB- Veterinarian Vivian Dane has purchased her uncle’s practice in the tiny town of Wales,

Missouri, where most residents still doubt her ability to treat their pets. But Viv is used to being

considered less-worthy than her predecessors. After all, her parents are world-renowned wildlife

vets, and most everyone is unimpressed she’s chosen to not follow directly in their footsteps.

Now Connor, a patient’s owner, is hot for Viv, but clearly doesn’t think she’s dating material

because he has a daughter…who he believes no woman is good enough for.

Being a perfect dad is EMT paramedic Connor’s life focus. He can’t seem to stay away

from sexy Doctor Viv, but attraction is as far as he’ll ever let it go. His mother abandoned him,

leaving him to be raised in the foster system, and then his wife abandoned both him and their

daughter. He absolutely will not risk bringing another woman into his little girl’s life and having

her feel the hurt of being left…again.

Forfeiting is easier than attempting and failing. So why does Viv feel compelled to prove

she’s a sure bet for Connor and his daughter? Can Connor trust Viv–and himself–enough to play

the possibilities?

I really would love to know what you think so comment away. Share your thoughts- honesty welcome.

Thank you all.


Are you out there? I don’t mean aliens or insanity!


I said I’d blog about platforms so here we are. Welcome! Thank you all for the great response to the earlier post about Social Media. I hope you get something from this post, as well.

What is an author platform and do I need one?

I hadn’t even heard of this terminology until last year. What is an author platform? It’s basically who you are as a writer and how you plan to put yourself out there for sale.

So let’s break it down. I’ve called on some experts for this.

Jane Friedman, the web editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review says what a platform IS:

  • Visibility. Who knows you? Who is aware of your work? Where does your work regularly appear? How many people see it? How does it spread? Where does it spread? What communities are you a part of? Who do you influence? Where do you make waves?
  • Authority. What’s your credibility? What are your credentials? (This is particularly important for nonfiction writers; it is less important for fiction writers, though it can play a role. Just take a look at any graduate of the Iowa MFA program.)
  • Proven reach. It’s not enough to SAY you have visibility. You have to show where you make an impact and give proof of engagement. This could be quantitative evidence (e.g., size of your e-mail newsletter list, website traffic, blog comments) or qualitative evidence (high-profile reviews, testimonials from A-listers in your genre).
  • Target audience. You should be visible to the most receptive or appropriate audience for the work you’re trying to sell. For instance: If you have visibility, authority, and proven reach to orthodontists, that probably won’t be helpful if you’re marketing vampire fiction (unless perhaps you’re writing about a vampire orthodontist who repairs crooked vampire fangs?).

and what platform is NOT:

  • It is not about self-promotion.
  • It is not about hard selling.
  • It is not about annoying people.
  • It is not about being an extrovert.

(For more of this NOT list and the full article, follow the link in Jane’s name above)

Not sure yet? Already have a fail-safe platform? Is your platform current?

I discovered, like the publishing industry, your platform changes, needs to be updated as times change what we think we know.

Alan Rinzler is a consulting editor who says how to build platforms:

So whoever you are and however great you think your platform is, if it’s not new, it may be only as good as yesterday’s publishing standards. 🙂

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ll be doing a major overhaul on my blog and website. This is why. I don’t write erotic or m/m so why do I showcase those wonderful writers who do? Why do I host books on subject matter I don’t write about? Well, my reason is easy. Friendship. I want to support and help my friends promote their talent. But does helping those authors of genres/topics I don’t write help me? Or could it be hurting my own platform? Am I doing more damage than good by putting content on my blog that I don’t write, no matter how much I enjoy it?

Let’s face it– I’m only here because I’m a writer trying to sell my own wares. So are you. Right? Writing, publishing, is business and I’m a business woman. I mean, stores don’t post competitors sales just because they like them or want to see them succeed. By the same token one publisher won’t publicize another. It would put that store/publisher out of business after a while of sending all their customers across the street where prices are better. No, instead, they use those competitors prices to showcase their own better bargains!

So…how can we, as authors and business people, use that platform to help ourselves and each other? Because we all know authors are the greatest supporters of our own competitors IN THE WORLD!!!!! 😀 Can I get an AMEN?

I think we writers can better strengthen our own platforms by showcasing others’ books in the same genre and subgenre, and even content matter (to some extent), and publishing houses by hosting those talented people in our cyber homes. I also think we can do ourselves justice by sharing genres we don’t write, and by publishers we don’t write for. So what to do?

Well, the same store who uses prices to beat out the competition? He advertises clearly what he sells, but his employees (this would be authors) allow the competitor’s customers to post sale items for sale in the windows.  No, that store doesn’t sell puppies, tractors, or horses, but their act of goodwill helps the community who does– and brings in more customers for their wares at the same time– with the secure knowledge those flyers will come down after a short time (usually).  As a writer that’s what I’m doing, allowing others to post their flyers (books) in my window (blog) for a short time, regardless of what my store (website) boasts I sell (write).

But, there is a reason my readers/followers are on my blog (I’m not talking about supportive friends of any and all genres here, because I know without a doubt why those lovelies are here). So, if I’m not giving my readers what they expect from my platform, can I expect them to come back? A better question might be, are “my” followers really mine? If not, then who am I really helping, and again, is that answer good or bad for my own author platform?

Or am I really fooling myself, and therefore, losing my own “target audience” who doesn’t read those other genres? Should I just put an age appropriate warning on my website to suit everyone? I don’t think that’s the answer. But I love helping friends promote their historical books, their ‘sexy’ books, and I don’t want to stop that support. So what will I do?

I’ll keep doing what I love to do…just in a different way.

I want to leave you with this article (note especially the part I underlined in the last line) by Strategic Marketer, Matthew Turner (aka Turndog Millionaire), and encourage you to read the full article if you are still unsure whether you do or don’t need a platform:

“Be the master of your own world and embrace your author platform like you would your story. Everything you create and do is part of it, and if you don’t like something, you have the power to change, or as I like to see it, evolve yourself.

You make the rules and should be damn proud of the ones you create.

So today’s burning question to share in comments is:

Do you have an author platform and is it current? If you don’t, why not? If you do, how does it help you as a writer?


Social media: When IS enough…enough?


I’ve been thinking about this post topic for several weeks; writing and what I write. It seems when I’m given free rein my writer’s brain turns off. Much the way my creative bone unhinges. Why? Heckifiknow!

But I have discovered new levels on Facebook that I didn’t pay attention to before. I’d love if you click my FB link on the right or just go here: Facebook While you’re at it and in the mood, why not follow me on Twitter too?

Yes. This is a problem for my writing. I caved and got a Triberr account. Not a huge thing, not a big time suck as I’d thought. You really don’t do much there in my opinion. Click a few (or twenty or fifty) buttons to approve blogs to fly into your cyber world to help others promote as they do the same for you.

When I joined my first Triberr group in early July it was a brand new group with maybe five members and reached 4K+ readers. That’s a lot of people gaining access to your blog who didn’t before, which means 4K people possibly checking out who you are on any given day. Cool!

I looked at my numbers today and had to smile. With six Tribes (that’s what Triberr calls each group you join), 70 combined members (not all are in every group so I reach various areas of newness with each Tribe), I couldn’t believe my little old blog now has the potential to be seen by 99,871 people! In ONE month! That number increases with each new member to any one of my tribes. Just WOW.

It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? But- does it really help, or am I just sucking those 5 minutes a day or week by participating on Triberr? Does it really help my blog, or anyone’s of whom I ‘Approve?’ There is no way that I can see to track stats for Triberr success other than to watch my blog stats and see if they improve over time, and which I’m horrible at because I just thought of this! 😆 (going to look now!)

72 Blog followers. Not bad, but I haven’t checked to see how my number compares to say…Nora Roberts, or Laura Kaye, Callie Hutton—or anyone else really. I don’t like to compare because it only serves to depress me. Lol  But how many of those followers are due to Triberr? I can’t say, any more than I can say for certain that X number of followers were gained from Twitter posts, Facebook or even word of mouth and how many are just the result of my awesomeness of blogging talent and uber-cool posts.

The raw fact is—I don’t know. I don’t really care either.

Is that bad?

Do I care that it’s bad? Not really. Why? Because, though blogging is important—in my writerly opinion, or I wouldn’t do it at all—it does not MAKE the writer. I actually researched this. Yes, really! As popular as Nora Roberts is—she does NOT blog! Oh, she has a website, but no blog. So how does she get her name out there you ask? How did she first start and become who she is today? My guess is that she concentrated all her efforts on writing kickass books and , I’m sure, for a big six publisher in a time when they did most of the publicity for her. Now, in a new age when authors are responsible for their own publicity, she doesn’t need to worry as much because she’s already got a huge following.

In my opinion, that is the key to real success.

Write, write and write some more. The more backlist, the more your name is out there, the more readers and fan following you’ll grow. That’s not to say you don’t need to promote—this is the age of self-promotion, there’s no way around that. But if you don’t have books to sell, what do you need followers, readers for? What is there to waste time promoting? That one short story you sold five years ago? Not likely. Again, depends on you.

The question I think we need to ask is how much is too much? Is there such a thing? I think there probably is and that doesn’t matter who you are or how you promote. If you spend all your time promoting that one book—when will you write the next book, or the one after that? And if you do manage to hiccup out another two books, will you spend all your new time promoting them for another three years before you realize it just might be time to write something new again?

I have come to the realization that you should only promote in increments each day or week, or even each month. I have also come to realize my own platform is what will probably help me most. I hope you’ll join me Friday with a part two of this vein of thought.

In the meantime, what about you? How much do you promote and do you see positive results? Enough to keep going even if it prevents productive writing? Are you promoting more than you write?

How do you balance social media and promotion with production?



Six Sentence Sunday


I wasn’t going to do this this week- lazitis acting up- but decided to beat it down. 🙂 So I’m offering up another taste of Healing Whispers and then I think I’ll go work on edits for this one so I can get it published soon! LOL

In this scene Tobi has left Mags, and her scrumptious fudge, behind to call her uncle about his attempts to take her horse. Maybe you can tell why Maggie refers to Uncle Mark as a ‘snake.’ 😆

Tidbit: In the planned book two it is Mark’s son, Garrett who takes center stage as the faulty hero. 😉

“Mark, we need to discuss this horse you’re trying to take. He’s not for sale.” She dove right in hoping to make him see sense, or at least to catch him off guard. His law suit was ridiculous, to say the least, and he had to drop it. She owned Starfire’s Comet, period.

“I didn’t plan on buyin’ him, darlin’. 

Whew! Just reading that makes my blood boil! LOL

I hope you enjoyed this week’s peek. Click the logo at the top to visit other SSS snippets this week.