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Six Sentence Sunday


Welcome back! Or welcome to the Ranch if you are a first time visitor! 🙂 If you don’t know, there are many authors who participate in 6 Sentence Sunday every week. If you click on the logo above you can find and visit all or as many as you wish!

This week I’m sharing a little something from another cowboy story I submitted to Harlequin Special Edition two years ago, and only recently got a rejection on it….

To set it up a little, this is from Healing Whispers Tanner Royal, horse whisperer, has arrived on Tobi Star’s breeding and training ranch to treat a horse for her. This is his first impression of her. 😀

Golden eyes of a lioness, sharp with a dark rim of long thick lashes grazed over him slowly, sending a shock of heat through him. He shifted his feet as his temperature hiked. He wished she would look somewhere else.

Hell’s bells.

He’d stared down Brahman bulls with less fire in their eyes. This slip of a woman was as exotic looking as any creature he’d ever seen on National Geographic, and just as intense. 

I adore these two characters and absolutely LOVED writing their story. They will get a revision workout and be submitted out again this year. Or that’s my intentions for them anyway. lol I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.