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Six Sentence Sunday


[Just a quick edit here] I wish all mothers out there a blessed and happy day full of love, flowers and children of any and all ages!

Once again it’s Six Sentence Sunday! Click the logo to find a complete list of participating authors.

I’ve had requests for more of Dray and Chelcie so read on and enjoy.


“I wanted to meet you to find out who you are, and why you searched me out, if you are involved with Dantrais.” He wasn’t gullible enough to let his guard down completely, but he found himself hoping she wasn’t connected to the evil Talent.

If she was—Dray would kill her in a heartbeat in order to save them all.

If she was. He’d deal with that when the time came.

For now, he wanted to know more about this lovely half-woman, half-waif who played with unsuspecting minds to strengthen her own skills.


There you go. Life isn’t all love and games for these two. I’m anxious to hear what you think in a comment.


Six Sentence Sunday


I’ve had a rough last two weeks so I am ready for some real fun here on the ranch! I’m excited to be a part of Six Sentence Sunday and hope you enjoy these shared bits & pieces of my much loved writing. Click on the Logo above to find many more authors to stalk. If this is your first time on the ranch or your fiftieth, I welcome you and thank you for visiting. We are casual here on the ranch so take a tour, kick your chair back, grab a drink and Li’l Smokie and have fun!

In 2005 I first heard of NaNoWriMo (google it). I decided that since I had some free time and took the Nano challenge. I was writing one of my fave hero types, cowboy, but that story wasn’t the one I wrote. It was started and for Official NaNo you can’t use anything already beyond the planning/plotting stage. I thought long and hard about what to write in the weeks before Nov 1 kick-off and thought I had it ready. Nov 1 rolled in full of writerly excitement that’s hard to ignore and I sat BICHOK (but in chair, hands on keyboard) and my fingers began to fly as words began to flow. I was thrilled but had no clue where in hell the story forming came from. I was confused to say the least because 1) I have never written a real paranormal and 2) it had a veterinarian in it– not my presupposed cowboy! But I gave the two characters their lead and now have 50,000+ words of a paranormal about mind manipulation.

I posted a blip last week introducing Dray Corbeau and Chelcie Miles. Today I’m offering another peak into these two awesome people, picking up immediately following last weeks lines so you might get a glimpse of my charming Frenchman. Last week Dray was laughing at Chelcie, imagining her like a kitten and it ended with her demanding to know what he was laughing at. This is his response to that.

“Rien, Chéri,” he struggled to bring his humor into control. The seductive name made her glance away briefly. He smiled. She understood French, as she’d proven in their previous ‘conversations’ when he’d used his home language. “Nothing at all,” he repeated.

He fought another smile and said, “I have never been so pleasantly attacked in my life. 

I hope you like these lines and I think I might continue from here next week. I apologize for any typos, structure or punctuation errors you might spot. This work is completely unedited as the first draft is only half written. As I said last week- one day I’ll get it finished. 🙂

Have a fun, productive and fantastic week! Thanks for reading.

Dodadagohvi~ *until we meet again*

Six Sentence Sunday


I love this day! Yep, Six Sentence Sunday! I’m very excited to share a little tidbit from a wip I’ve been working on since NaNo 2005 this week. In the Mists of the Mind is currently at @50K and I don’t know yet how many words it will be when finished. Yeah- I know you want to see more of Nick and Kaylie, but sci-fi, paranormal and ‘out there’ books were my mother’s favorite genres and today in the anniversary of her death (1984) so I want to dedicate this week’s pick to Mom.

Here’s to you Mom. 🙂 I miss you and wish you were here to read my stories. I know you’d love them because you loved me.

So, this week I’d like to introduce you to Chelcie Miles and Dray Corbeau. Mind readers of a higher calibre, mind manipulators is actually a more accurate term for these two and those around them. Chelcie is destined to become a special MM, while Dray has his own impressive brain strengths. But he created a serum that in the wrong hands will be the end of all their kind. Together they must overcome the destruction she is capable of dropping into their lives, in order to beat their true enemy. Dantrais. A male MM with capabilities as strong as Chelcie’s, as long as Dray is by her side. Without him? Death is almost a certainty- but she is the only one who can conquer both their past’s death call before it reaches them. I hope you enjoy this view into my baby. 🙂

Her cat-like eyes glittered and suddenly he found himself amused by her fearlessness, since she barely reached his chest in height. He was reminded of the tiny tiger of a kitten his mother used to have that would bare claws and needle sharp teeth when he teased it mercilessly.

Laughter boiled and erupted from his gut involuntarily, as he stood staring down at the she-devil he’d previously held prisoner in his hands. He wondered what it would be like to have her temper turned around to passion in his arms. She was certainly a passionate woman who could do sinful things to a man given the chance, he was sure.

“What’s so funny?” she demanded.

Well, that’s all for now. I might just let these two back out to play next week. Thanks for coming by and don’t forget to visit some of the other participating authors by clicking on the logo or SSS link above.


Six Sentence Sunday


Welcome! Once again it’s that time. I’m talking about Six Sentence Sunday! Whether it’s your first time on the ranch or you’re a repeat offender, I love that you’re here. Follow the link in the title or click on the logo to read many more bits and pieces from other talented writers. Wait…not before you see what Kyley and Nick are up to this week!

This six is still from Back To The Way We Were (BTTWWW) and Nick has caught his breath after last week’s snippet. They’ve talked, he left, but was called out again. What can she say? The woman fishes for relaxation. 🙂 If you noticed that this feisty heroine has a new name this week, you’d be right. Logistics deemed it necessary. You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya, but one day I might explain why Haley is now Kyley…besides because I like this name better for this particular heroine. Now grab a cuppa and a pastry and join these two as they get comfortable, or maybe I should say uncomfortable, with each other.

“Did you hear me?”

“The whole lake heard you.” Nick’s strutted to the porch of the cabin she rented across the dirt road from the water.

Reaching the road side, she glared at his back. His broad, incredibly attractive back…and his rear, encased in tight blue denim, the muscles flexing with each step of his worn boots. Had Nick always been so tall and broad? She didn’t think so. 

Thanks for coming by and I’ll ‘see’ you next week! Who knows what tidbit I’ll find to amuse myself, and hopefully you, with then. 🙂 Before you go, I hope you’ll take a moment to let me know what you thought of this six. I’m off to read some of the other great sixes around cyber-world. Maybe I’ll see you out visiting too.


I’ve gone gold because some friends were going blind trying to read on my spring green. I didn’t want that, so I thought this is just as ‘Springy’ and might be easier to read against. If not, please send me an email in my ‘Say Hey’ page, or just say it in the comments here.

Six Sentence Sunday


It’s Six Sentence Sunday where I join tons of other writers, whose links you will find by clicking on the logo above or on the site name, to thrill, tantalize and tickle your fancy with a tiny sample of something we’re working on, or that’s already published. I decided to go with a few lines from Back to the Way We Were, my short cowboy story.

I hope you enjoy a blip from this reunion story. This is when the main characters first meet again. At this point Haley has said exactly one word to Nick, before he’s even seen her face, hidden under a floppy hat. This is his reaction to that word, a voice he’s never forgotten–good or bad–over the years apart.

Husky and soft, her voice dug into his head and dragged across his memories like sand paper over raw skin. Suddenly he knew the color of her hair, the shape of her body. He knew the exact shade of green of her eyes. If he didn’t say her name, refused to acknowledge who she was, would he be able to wake from the dream in which he suddenly found himself? Hell no. That would be too simple, and nothing about Kyley Carter was ever easy.

I look forward to sharing more of this story next week!


Six Sentence Sunday


I’m back for more Six Sentence Sunday! Go the the main site linked in the logo title for more great sixes.

I skipped more of the flowery perfume lines from last week but this takes up right where we left off with Poppy and Sam. You can catch that post here before we move on. G’head. I’ll wait.

Back so soon? Great. Here’s the new six from HOME from The Wild Rose Press. I hope you like it. Personally, I love her attitude. 🙂

Now she stood, hands propped on skinny hips, tapping one black-and-white saddle shoe-clad foot impatiently. “Well?”

Before Sam could think what to say, she shook her head full of springy black curls and knelt to gather vegetables, toothpaste, and toothbrush, along with several other items, in her small hands. “Get me a fresh bag, would ya, honey?”

Finally coming to the realization Poppy wasn’t going away, Sam accepted the new brown paper bag the cashier mutely offered. His eyes avoided the people watching him—the man from the local newspaper office, and Mrs. Deever with her two youngsters. 

There you have it. It just gets better from here but I’ll have to let you read the story since it’s a novella and too much… You get the idea. 😉 Thanks for coming by the ranch today!


Six Sentence Sunday


I made it back for a second consecutive week so if you didn’t join Six Sentence Sunday or visit my post last week- maybe you should. That way you’ll at least know what’s going on with my Six this week when I’m sharing some more from my fireman wip.

So without further ado, here’s the setup and this week’s six from Hearts Afire.

Haley is still in the cabinet shop after last weeks’ post and has gotten to the reason for her visit only to have Sean knock the wind from her…hornet’s wings… When she realizes her pre-teen daughter has been lying to her about hanging out at the wood shop with a stranger. Not only that, but Sean finds out the child has been lying to him, too. In this clip you see how they discovered the deceit. 

“My note?”

Ah hell. Sean dragged a hand down his tired face before he met the angry gray eyes of the mother hornet. He let a curse slip. “You didn’t write any note, did you?”

“I did not.”

Have a great day and don’t forget to check out some of the other posts all listed on the SSS website.


Six Sentence Sunday first timer


I blame Christine Warner- No, make that thank her- I joined Six Sentence Sunday last week. Well I forgot to post last week, so technically, I guess I joined this week. It’s my first time so be gentle and don’t get in a hurry with me. 😛 I’m still trying to get the hang of this anomaly that has thousands rushing on Sunday to view dozens upon dozens of writer blogs. You can follow the link I connected to the name and check out the rules. Maybe you’ll want to join in next week! Maybe you’ll want to just hop around to those who have participated. Either way, the link is the way to go. It’s just what it says. Post (6) six sentences of a wip. That’s it. 🙂 I think I succeeded.

So I’ve been talking a little around cyber space this last week about my latest WIP- work in progress- about a fireman. Yesss I know I write cowboys, but my second love is firemen. I mean, seriously, they risk their lives literally every hour of each day! They work in fire…can you think of a ‘hotter’ hero material example? What’s not to love, I ask?

So I decided to share a little of MY fireman with you today. Now, don’t get used to him, and don’t be jealous. I’m very possessive during the creation stages. His story is, as yet, unfinished. Buuut I can give you a yummy peek. 

Sean had a rough year and if you joined me at my cp, Ceri Hebert’s blog last Tuesday you’ll know what I’m talking about. Here he makes reference to that past after a talk with the heroine, Haley Shade, about her daughter, Petra.

I hope you enjoy Fireman, Sean Colby from [working title] Hearts Afire.

“I have to get back to work. Tell Petra hello for me.” He left before he said anything else to upset Haley, but he suspected, by the glint of daggers she aimed at him with his request, it was too late for a save.

Not that it mattered. His saving days were behind him.

For good.