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I did, actually, sell Perfect Dr. Viv, now retitled RISK FACTORS to Lyrical Press, Inc.! Piper Denna, Editor in Chief, offered me the contract on Sunday, May 27, 2012. I accpeted and then signed on the nifty line on May 31, 2012, thank you Renee and Frank Rocco! Is is just a coincedence I sold this book and signed the contract in the same month (a year later of course) as my first sale one year ago? Probably. lol But I’m thrilled just the same! I’ll be back later with any news I get.

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For a while I’ve been trying to think of something new to do on the ranch. It seems all the really great ideas have been done, or are someone else’s success story. Take my fabu critique partner, Christine Warner‘s FFF (Friday Fun Facts)- this is a huge hit! I wish I thought of it first! Actually, one of my other cps did think of something similar two years ago. But not me. Sarah Grimm just recently began a Friday post, Friday Quickies- I’ve been in that chair. FUN! And her idea. Now I’m thinking it’s my turn. 🙂  Drum roll please…bahththththththththth bang!

The winning NEW FEATURE idea is (TBA). 🙂

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Risk Factors sold to Lyrical Press!

Submitted to Lyrical Press, Inc.- 2-18-12

Full requested by Piper Denna- 5-13-12

Stage- Contracted! June 1, 2012

Publication details: Tentative release March 2013

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