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I’m irresistible and sweet!


Okay, so maybe it’s my blog that’s these things. At least according to my TWRP sister, Linda Banche. She’s the author of  An Inheritance For the Birds, part of the Love Letters series and releases Feb. 1, 2012. Linda has a lovely blog, too. I’m sure she’d love if you visited her and discover her witty Regency historicals

But before I go further, my heroine in my new release, HOME, is being interviewed at Alana Loren’s blog today. She’d be thrilled if you have a minute to pop in and find out what she thinks about her hero, Sam Callahan.

Now, isn’t this lovely?

Linda says I have to nominate 10 other blogs for this award and then spill the goods seven times on myself. These are supposed to be things people may not know about me so if you do know any…skip to the next. 😛

Here’s the me-7:

1. I have four darling granddaughters between 1 and 7 years of age.

2. I love horses and riding is my get away when my writing muse leaves me high and dry in the warmer months.

3. My first ever debut book HOME from the Wild Rose Press released on my birthday, Dec 28th.

4. HOME is a historical, but I don’t write historicals.

5. I write warm/sensual contemporary romances.

6. I am writing my first Paranormal and it will be a series about a band of Cherokee Indians who are cursed to live as wolf shape-shifters.

7. I live in the Rose Rock capital of the world.

The 10 blogs I am nominating are:











Now I’m off to email these lovelies to have them come here and pick up their award. Then it’s their turn to share seven things, post the badge on their site and choose ten blogs to award. I’ll be sure to have them double check their selections so they don’t end up choosing the same ones I have.

Thank you so much, Linda! I love my new badge!