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Calisa Rhose and FFF presents ~ Cerian Hebert

It’s time for… Friday Fanfare

Going Going Gone

How did the writer’s journey begin for you?

At the age of twelve I was going to be a great mystery/adventure writer. I had it all planned out. My friends and I were going to be the main characters and our adventures in our rural neighborhood the basis for the stories. I even planned on using my father’s publishing company. It felt good to have connections.

That didn’t pan out too well. Adventures in the neighborhood gave way to an enduring interest in horses and boys. So, instead of writing about twelve year olds solving mysteries regarding old, empty houses and strange gusts of icy wind that appeared to follow us around, I started writing about romance. And horses. I’ve managed to move on a bit from the horses too, but I still love to include them in some of my work when I can.

I’m from Minnesota originally, but I’ve lived in New Hampshire since I was about 11. I’ve also lived in Maine, New York, Florida and briefly in Iowa, but New Hampshire is my home, no matter how much I long to escape for a different way of life sometimes.

In my life I’ve dreamt of being an Olympic horseback rider, the curator of the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington DC, a paleontologist, and a famous actress in Hollywood.

None of those panned out either. But that’s okay. No matter what I was doing, no matter how exciting or mundane, I always had a collection of notebooks full of ideas.

Currently I live in southwestern New Hampshire with my husband and our four children. Oh, and one dog, one cat, and one fish. My mundane job keeps me busy working for a children’s magazine publisher until I make enough at my writing to retire from the glamorous life of data entry.

Writing with horses is a passion I share.

Tell us three things about you-the writer-readers wouldn’t typically know.

1. In high school I wanted to be the curator of the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History

2. My cousins once owned Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was discovered on their ranch in South Dakota. Sue was in a three way custody battle between my cousin, the paleontologist who dug her up and the US government. Ultimately my cousin won and sold Sue to a museum in Chicago.

3. When I moved from Minnesota to New Hampshire I rode in the back of a Rolls Royce.

It all began when…

I saw a story on our local news station website about a charity auction in which firefighters were being auctioned off. I thought it would be a great premise for a story.

And you were right! I love this story.

What stands out about this story that made writing it different for you?

I wanted to make this one a lot hotter than my usual stories. I’m not a prude, and I have plenty of steam in my other stories, but I had wanted to take it one step further, toward erotica, but not quite.

Were there any difficult challenges or special subject matter you came across while writing this book?

Not particularly. I could, in a way, empathize with the heroine, kind of growing up on the edges looking in. I did take it a step further with Nell.  I really wanted people to sympathize with her childhood and understand why she wanted to take her little revenge out on Eli.

What about this book would make us want to read it more than others of similar taste?

I think it has a great combination of sexy and drama. People who were in Nell’s shoes growing up can understand her. I love the emotions in the story.

What do you want readers to take away from this book?

That people can change. Don’t assume that just because a person was one way growing up that they’ll still be that way when they reach adulthood. Everyone can be redeemed in different ways and it might pleasantly surprise us to discover that.

Tell us about the finished book. Is there anything special we might not know after reading it?

I wrote Going Going Gone, which is published by Soul Mate Publishing, for pure fun. I wasn’t expecting to get anything but a sexy story, but it turned into something much more dramatic, which pleased me very much.


When Nell Moreno returns to her small hometown after a lengthy absence, she’s not too surprised no one recognizes her, she’s certainly not the overweight teenager she used to be. While hiding her true identity, Nell “wins” hunky fireman, Elijah Knight, at a charity auction and she’s determined to give the one-time bully a little payback for the misery he caused her when they were teens. However, over the next few weeks she discovers he’s changed a lot too and as they fall in love, Nell is left with the dilemma of how to admit she’s lied to him about who she really is.


“That was a pretty generous bid you made,” Eli said.

His gaze stayed locked with hers, a trait she approved of. Most of the men in her acquaintance tended to have wandering eyes. It was difficult to have an intelligent conversation with a man who was more interested in her cup size.

“It’s for a good cause. Besides, I have plans for you. I’ll get my money’s worth.”

Eli chuckled and shifted his feet. “What kind of plans? One thousand dollars is a lot of dinners.”

With a shake of her head, Nell smirked. “Actually, that’s not what I had in mind. You look like a strong guy and a good worker.” She reached out and touched the tip of her finger to his bicep. Just as she thought, hard muscles rippled beneath the dark blue fabric of his dress shirt. Flirting with him was good. She’d probably get more out of him if she came on to him.

Nell brushed away the wicked little thought and contained the smile pulling at her lips. “The truth of the matter is, Gwen needs help with her mom’s house before it can go on the market. You look like you’re good with a hammer and paintbrush.”

“That’s it?” Eli looked down at her fingers, which traced a fold in the fabric of his shirt. “You don’t want a home cooked meal?” He sounded rather relieved. “You know what kind of auction this is, don’t you?”

“Honey, I’m not looking for a date.” Nell dragged her gaze up and down his body.
“Though if I were, I’d definitely consider you. But I don’t plan on being in town too long.”

“My loss.”

The way his dark eyes seemed to meld with hers heated her whole body up. He was good-looking, but she wasn’t prepared for the extent of the attraction she felt. Everyone else in the crowded gym faded away into an inconsequential, gray fog.

Get back in the driver’s seat.


Where can readers find you and your books?

They can find me and my books at  I love having people find me on Facebook too!

And of course I tweet!

Is there anything else you want to share or add?

I write all kinds of stories, from contemporary western romance, to paranormals, to stories with interfering goddesses. I love the variety. Something for most people.

Thank you for sharing Going, Going, Gone with us today, Cerian.

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