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You’ve met one or two of my Writing Divas, well add one more to that count. We thank Eliza Knight for bringing us all together two years ago in August. None of us were published when we took Eliza’s class, Edit Your Book in a Month, but learned so much during that time. We also became friends and chose to start our own Yahoo loop to stay together instead of anonymously fading back into our separate worlds- Eliza set it up, named us and is still a member of our small group. My life is so much richer with these women in it. Since that class several of us have become published. Some traditionally or through epublishers, some braved the indie route and some did both.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my awesome writer diva sister, Sandy L. Rowland.


I’m Sandy L. Rowland and I write paranormal and fantasy romance. What is the paranormal?

From the Oxford Dictionary of Current English:

Paranormal: beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

According to my husband, that would describe me, and much of my family. I come by my interest in the “weird” honestly.  One grandfather pored over astral charts trying to calculate the end of the world. A grandmother prayed to heaven that her abusive husband would be taken. He dropped dead two days later. Odd?  Absolutely.

The weird runs deep and long through my blood. A Scottish ancestor skilled in herbs and healing was accused of witchery for her talents, and forced to confess with the aid of thumbscrews. She lived.

Many of the women in the family have “the sight”. An aunt bought thousands of pounds of sugar and stored it in the attic because she was told to in a dream. Some thought she’d lost her mind. Six months later, Pearl Harbor was attacked and America entered the war. Aunt Tina made a tidy sum selling sugar during rationing.

Lost children have been found, cheating husbands found-out, and all from miraculous healing, table tipping, card reading, Sunday go to meeting, pious women.  The paranormal has always been part of my life and therefore—normal.

Here’s one short family story:

Some eighty years ago in a lone farmhouse the family met to celebrate the birth of a child. Men played cards, children chased about, and a few sisters huddled around the kitchen table with a Ouija board. It was all in good fun, and none professed to be true believers of the art.

The new babe had been put down for a nap. To test the device, one of the women asked the board if the baby was all right. The implement slid across the surface, pausing at letters and with each stop, one of the sisters copied the message. The answer came. The baby’s all right, watch out for the night.

The sisters laughed and accused each for pushing the director and manipulating the message. As the evening wore on, the women asked the Ouija the same question and received the exact same answer. The baby’s all right, watch out for the night.

The moon had risen high in the inky sky when a banging at the door stopped the fun. One of the women opened to a wild-eyed stranger. He took hold of the young mother, his cold hands pressed to her throat. She screamed, and the men flew to her defense, thrust the intruder to the floor and hog-tied him.
My grandfather was there to take down the man.
The police apprehended the escaped lunatic.

To me, spiritual communication is normal, though the sisters ditched the board after this incident. I’ve been blessed with these talents, but can’t take the credit. I’m no more responsible for them, than a person who is gifted with a beautiful singing voice or someone talented with languages can claim their creation. It belongs to a higher power. Why we make this “other gifting” wrong is beyond me.

Do I have paranormal aspects to my stories? How could I not?

It’s part of who I am to my root and soul.


Claiming a mate on conquered Earth is driving alien vampire, Rafe, insane.

Twenty years in the future, on conquered Earth, the sage-kissed breeze of Red Rock carries with it the taint of blood.  Alien vampire, Rafe Nucretah, has lost comrades to  a vile madness that strips warriors of reason and reduces them to murderous demons. Rafe has sworn against suffering that fate, but the only cure rests is the love of a woman. Time is out for this ruler of the Western Quadrant and claiming any female will do.

Spunky and courageous reporter, Pepper Morgan, has lost both her mother and a fiancé to the devastating plague that ravaged Earth before the vampires subjugated them. Desperate to reunite with her captured father, Pepper must throw herself on Rafe’s mercy.

Now Rafe and Pepper find themselves bound not only by desperation and blood, but also by dangerous secrets that have the power to enslave humanity and threaten vampire survival.

Conquered is the first novel in the Kivronian Vampire Series. The romantic adventure centers on three compelling vampire brothers. These powerful, seductive warriors are thrown into the battle for Earth’s control as they strive to overcome personal demons, cruel betrayal, and ruthless enemies.

The Kivronian Vampire series touches deep inside the hearts of all people, for we all long to be free.


Her heart pounded and her knees felt weak. His smoldering gaze was lethal. She wanted to look away, extricate herself from the desire warming her blood, but couldn’t. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her against him, his other hand cradling her head. Her body reacted in spite of her mental protests, tilting her chin, parting her lips in an invitation she couldn’t control. His warm mouth covered hers. She opened to his tongue’s plea for entrance. This was a bad idea. She knew it. While her defenses buckled under his efforts, her mind fogged and she leaned into him, her arms sliding around his neck. She trembled with want, with passion, and with the fear of her own need. 

Her fingers moved to his thick dark hair, twisting in the silky strands as she moaned into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, taking her firmly, owning her mouth with the distinct demand for more. Fear shriveled under the heat of his hands. Her fortress couldn’t stand against this and she knew it.

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Born and raised in Southern California, Sandy has always loved animals, nature, theatre, and learning. She attended Fullerton College and then married. After multiple moves around the western states while raising three children, they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She’s worked in retail, banking, and graduated from Myotherapy College in massage therapy where she taught, before opening her own practice combined with life coaching.  Sandy’s love of reading and expressing herself through words whispered, actually screamed, until she returned to writing.

Living between the twisted red rock of Southern Utah and the granite mountains of the Wasatch, Sandy explores life with her loving husband and family.  She serves on the board of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, and is an award-winning author of paranormal and fantasy romance.

Sandy’s E-mail:

Her coaching blog can be found on her website:

She encourages all to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams.

                                 “Love and success follow the brave.”


I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’m giving away a print copy of my paranormal romance CONQUERED to two lucky commenters.

Thanks for sharing your story and your book, Sandy. I’m so happy to have you on the ranch today. Congratulations on your release!!!

Having personally witnessed my mother’s guardian angel when I was a child, I am positive I have paranormal in me. How ’bout ya’ll? You heard her- a FREE COPY of Conquered to share your story!