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Calisa Rhose presents Daisy Banks with A Gentleman’s Folly


I’m pleased to introduce sister Lyrical Press author, Daisy Banks. She’s taking over the ranch to tell us about her writing and share her book A Gentelman’s Folly, published by Liquid Silver Books.

I leave the round pen to you, my dear. 🙂

Thanks for having me at the Ranch. It makes a break from where I usually work.

My writing environment is basically the place where I think I will be warmest in winter and coolest in summer. The kitchen seems to work best in all seasons.

This is where I work to try to create my stories, to check over them and polish them prior to submission, and if they are accepted where I do edits and make decisions about art work. This is also where I devise blog posts like this one and those that go on my own blog.

My kitchen is small by USA standards but does have the added interest of stained glass windows. I can’t see out and don’t get distracted by what is going on outside.

That’s an unusual way to keep focused, Daisy. I stay distracted by windows all around my house. 🙂

I often listen to music as I am working, most often classical and sometimes that helps with creating the atmosphere to write a scene in a story. The dance scene in my story A Gentleman’s Folly, published by Liquid Silver Books, tripped along to the sounds of lovely Mozart. The fragrance the heroine wears is one based on some historical research and a one essence I have for my little oil burner. Somehow these things all come together to help me write the images in my mind. I have to say I must thank Pinterest for helping me with images that my though process sometimes left blurry. Mid 18th century fashions are something to behold and I was glad to look at other peoples boards as I worked on my story and made a board to go with it.  The images helped me with my thirty day blog too. There was so much to share with everyone about this story and though I wasn’t sure when I began the blog spots if I could complete thirty days I didn’t run out of material.

It’s been grand to visit and share a little more with everyone about how I work and about my latest story.  A Gentleman’s Folly.

Thanks for sharing a part of your creative process! Did you bring a sample of the book for us?


Tag line: A marriage of convenience brings unexpected consequences: love, betrayal, and a hope for happiness.


Katherine waved farewell to Chloe, Mr. Knox, who gawped open-mouthed at his busy churchyard and didn’t respond to her, and a stern-faced Sir Francis, who glowered toward her husband. The coachman stowed her valise with a thump, and Charles half stumbled up into the coach. He gave a small laugh as he fumbled before he managed to yank the door closed and then sat with a grin.

Despite the reek from his wine-soaked coat, she stood and tugged the window up to shut out the yowls from the swarm crowding about.

The coach lurched forward, and her stomach churned. Leverret lounged opposite her. Eyes closed, he nodded with his hat and white wig askew. Before they’d gone a half-mile and lost the most persistent yells of those following, his head lolled, and jaw slack, he slept.

She took the slender wedding band from her finger and bit it. The sharp metallic taste proved it brass, not gold. Vaguely disappointed, she shook her head. She could have been touched he’d bothered with such a trifle had it been genuine, but the ring was a mere part of the sham and meant nothing to either of them. She searched in her petticoats for one of her pockets and dropped the offending item inside, took out her small vinaigrette, and sniffed. The soothing vapor brought back memories of more pleasant moments.

Leverret gave a loud, expansive snore.

This would be the last disgraceful day of his conniving she’d endure.

Folding her hands on her ribbon-trimmed stomacher, she rested her head against the thinly padded seat back and closed her eyes as the coach lurched and bounced along. Her bridal morn had not been the sort most women would dream possible. But, no matter how ridiculous, the morning’s indignity brought her a step closer to a fortune, enough to make her quite independent for life.

“Brass ring indeed, Charles Henry Leverret. I’ll turn you into a man of some merit before I’m done with you.”


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Author Bio:

Daisy Banks is from the Black Country, the heartlands of the Midlands in the UK. She is proud to count as her ancestors the people who lived in the narrow, blue-brick paved streets, who delved for coal or worked metal. Daisy is married and now her boys are adults she spends time writing romance. Daisy loves traditional romantic songs and ballads, is interested in art and architecture, enjoys travel, and occasionally cooks a meal that doesn’t stick to the pan.

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What a great excerpt, Daisy and a truly beautiful cover! I’m glad you came by to visit and hope you will again. 😀