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Calisa Rhose Presents ~ Sweet Deception by Angel Nicholas


I just have to share this post from Tattered Pages and author friend AJ Nuest. Angel Nicholas is the debut author of Sweet Deception from Harper Impulse and her new book comes with a BANG! Several actually, judging by the blurb. But the book will also offer something for your funny bone if the excerpt shared over at AJs is any indication.

But don’t take my word for it. Go on over and take a peek for yourself.

AJ’s Tattered Pages: Sweet Deception with Angel Nicholas: Her boring existence seems perfect until a charming detective threatens Ally’s heart and lethal contract killers jeopardize her happily ev…

In the meantime, I’ma see if I can convince Angel to come visit the Ranch and share some about the writing of this story. Watch for an interview or post before Christmas (if she isn’t fully booked until then). 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!


Calisa Rhose presents ~ Top Ten Reasons by Mae Clair #MFRWAuthor #guestpost #SolsticeIsland


Hey everyone and welcome. I know it’s been a while…ok, over a month, since I’ve had a true guest on the ranch. Let’s just say it’s been closed for remodel. Will that work? 😆

But to make up for the lack of activity, I give you a great summer read by a wonderful writer and friend. Mae Clair branched into self-publishing this year and I’m so dang excited for her! I’ll turn the round pen over to her now and we’ll have some fun.

Welcome back Mae! It’s all yours.

Thank you for letting me take over your blog today, Calisa. It’s always a pleasure to hang out at the ranch! For my visit, I’ve brought a Top Ten list along with my romantic-adventure novella, SOLSTICE ISLAND. It’s summer, so I thought your readers might enjoy a short summery read with a coastal setting. With that in mind, I give you:

Solstice Island_MCThe Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Solstice Island by Mae Clair:

  1. You’ll meet a hot charter boat captain trying to live down his family legacy.
  2. You’ll encounter a spunky heroine cryptozoologist, determined hot captain should embrace said family legacy and all the baggage that goes with it.
  3. You’ll be able to impress all your friends with your stunning new knowledge of cryptozoology.
  4. You may find yourself struck by the uncontrollable urge to look up blurry images of strange creatures online or go on a cryptid hunt (think Loch Ness, Big Foot, and the Jersey Devil).
  5. You’ll learn why you should never ignore a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  6. The next time your boat is attacked by a rampaging sea monster, you’ll know precisely what to do.
  7. You’ll be swept up in a tale of romance, adventure, and folklore.
  8. You’ll uncover buried treasure, thwart a villain, and discover a new use for a boat oar.
  9. As a 72 page novella, SOLSTICE ISLAND makes a quick summertime read.

And the number one reason you should read SOLSTICE ISLAND:

  1. You can buy it on Amazon for just $.99!


Can an ancient leviathan work magic between a practical man and an idealistic woman?

Rylie Carswell is an amateur cryptozoologist in search of a mythical creature, the Sea Goliath. In order to reach Solstice Island, a location the ancient leviathan is rumored to haunt, she’s forced to hire charter boat captain, Daniel Decatur.

Initially, Daniel wants nothing to do with the trip or the fool woman waving double payment in his face. Convinced she’s yet another loony treasure hunter looking for gold on the remote island, he reluctantly agrees. An embittered neighbor wants to have his charter license yanked, so the extra cash will help him stay afloat.

It doesn’t take long for Daniel to realize Rylie is after the same beast his parents were tracking when they mysteriously vanished ten years earlier. He’s avoided all links to cryptozoology ever since, but the smart and sexy cryptid hunter has him second-guessing his oath and wondering what he’s signed on for.

Warning: A family legacy, glowing plankton and rough waters.

About Mae Clair:

Mae Clair has been chasing myth, monsters and folklore through research and reading since she was a kid. As an adult, she stumbled onto the field of cryptozoology and realized there were others like her who loved speculating about weird and wonderful creatures.

Her blog, From the Pen of Mae Clair, features a weekly post each Monday where she examines a different myth or urban legend. In 2013, she journeyed to West Virginia to learn more about the legendary Mothman, a creature who will factor into an upcoming novel.

As a writer, she pens tales of romantic mystery flavored with a twist of myth or folklore. Married to her high school sweetheart, Mae lives in Pennsylvania. Her passions include cats, history and exploring old graveyards. Look for Mae on her website at

You can find Mae Clair at the following haunts:

Website and Blog

Twitter (@MaeClair1)


Facebook Author Page

Amazon Author Page


Purchase SOLSTICE ISLAND from:


Add SOLSTICE ISLAND to your Goodreads TBR

Well, that makes me want to explore cryptids! Thanks for sharing your book, Mae. I wish you tons of luck on this one.

Don’t forget to like this post and say hi to Mae!


Friday FanFare welcomes ~ Chrys Fey with Hurricane Crimes

Hurricane Crimes


Hi Chrys. Welcome to the Ranch!

How did the writer’s journey begin for you?

My journey began at a very young age. I wrote my first story when I was six, which I still have. I became a serious writer at twelve after a strange find sparked the idea for a series of books. I later rewrote these books, and I was searching for an agent to represent them when I sent Hurricane Crimes to The Wild Rose Press. I count myself very lucky, but I still hope to publish my supernatural-thriller series one day.

Tell us three things about you-the writer-readers wouldn’t typically know.

1. I had spine surgery when I was fifteen, so I can seriously say I am a woman of steel. 😉

2. Last year, I donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love.

3. I rescued four stray kittens.

Those are very interesting facts!

It all began when…

Hurricane Frances visited Florida back in 2004 and Tropical Storm Fay came and didn’t want to leave in 2008. I was inspired greatly by Tropical Storm Fay and even wrote a song while she was causing floods, but Hurricane Frances by far impacted me the most. I always knew something would come out of her reign of stormy chaos. It was only a matter of time.

Where did you get the premise for this book?

I started writing Hurricane Crimes on Christmas morning 2011. I had just finished reading a book set during a blizzard and pondered the fact that I had never been in a snow storm because I live in Florida, so the idea to write a story that really focuses on a hurricane immediately became my goal. Although I wanted Hurricane Crimes to be a romance, I didn’t want it to be a typical romance. Thus, I created Donovan, a sexy and passionate man who may be a murderer.

What stands out about this story that made writing it different for you?

I really wanted the hurricane in Hurricane Crimes to be one of the essential characters, but I had never created a character before that wasn’t alive in the way that human beings and animals are, so it was a challenge to make a force such as a storm into a character that readers could identify with on a human level. I think I did a good job though.

Were there any difficult challenges or special subject matter you came across while writing this book?

In the beginning I did have a problem with the POV because there were moments when I wanted readers to know Donovan’s suspicious thoughts, but since the story is in Beth Donovan’s perspective I had to omit it. I think it came out better though because it made Donovan even more mysterious.

What about this book would make us want to read it more than others of similar taste?

There are many romantic-suspense stories out there, but not a lot are set in Florida during a hurricane. And if they are, they probably don’t have a murder mixed with the romance and extreme weather.

What do you want readers to take away from this book?

Strength comes when you least expect it, and so does love.

Tell us about the finished book. Is there anything special we might not know after reading it?

I am a huge advocate of domestic violence awareness, and with Hurricane Crimes I had the opportunity to give one of my passions to Beth Kennedy, a tough woman who is a self-defense instructor.


After her car breaks down, Beth Kennedy is forced to stay in Florida, the target of Hurricane Sabrina. She stocks up supplies, boards up windows, and hunkers down to wait out the storm, but her plan unravels when she witnesses a car accident. Risking her life, she braves the winds to save the driver. Just when she believes they are safe, she finds out the man she saved could possibly be more dangerous than the severe weather.

Donovan Goldwyn only wanted to hide from the police, but the hurricane shoved his car into a tree. Now he’s trapped with a beautiful woman while the evidence that can prove his innocence to a brutal crime is out there for anyone to find.

As Hurricane Sabrina wreaks havoc, Beth has no other choice but to trust Donovan to stay alive. But will she survive, or will she become another hurricane crime?


On the television set, which was fighting to stay alive, was breaking news. She caught bits and pieces of it as she emptied the bowl of blood-tainted water and threw out the cloth. It was about a high-speed chase that had occurred about a half-hour ago. Beth shook her head. Apparently, Donovan wasn’t the only idiot driving around during a hurricane.

She went back into the living room and began replacing all the medical supplies into the first-aid kit. Behind her, a reporter was explaining that the driver of the car was believed to be a murder suspect.

“The name of the—”

The lights flashed, prompting Beth to snatch up her flashlight.

“Donovan Goldwyn.”

Her fingers went cold around the plastic tube as ice frosted her veins. She straightened her spine and turned stiffly to the television, her heart wasn’t beating in her chest. On the screen was the picture of the man who was right now changing in her bedroom. Above it was a caption in bold letters that read—SUSPECT.

She gripped the flashlight in her frozen fingers. Her heart thudded fearfully. She stared into the immobilized violet eyes through the glass.

“Oh my god,” she gasped.

She had brought a murderer into her home!


Where can readers find you and your books?






Google +: 

Is there anything else you want to share or add?

I would like to thank you, Calisa, for having me on your wonderful blog.

It was my pleasure. Thank you for coming over, Chrys. Good luck with your books!

Calisa Rhose presents ~ The Seer’s Lover by Kat deFalla

Calisa Rhose is Cooking Up Love with Gemma Brocato


Welcome my first guest of the new year! Gemma Brocato is a sister Lyrical-turned-Kensington author here to share her debut book. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

Take it away, Gemma!

Hi Calisa!

Gemma BrocatoThanks for having me over today and introducing me to your readers.

Here’s a little fact about myself… I love to travel. I live to discover new and exciting places. Frequently, my discovery of new places occurs because I want to explorie old places. Like the castles and keeps I dragged my husband to in England. I was on a quest to spend weekends visiting all the Tudor castles while we lived there. Mr. Gemma finally had to put his foot down and insist he wasn’t going to another heap of smelly stones. One year, I dragged my husband and children to Vermont, in search of Larry, Darrell and Darrell. We never found them, but I developed a love of the Northeast and the Eastern Seaboard while I was there.

The setting for Cooking Up Love came from a trip I took to Boston with my high school choir. That city was fascinating to my impressionable young self. The historical sites and beautiful architecture, the exceptional restaurants, the old churches, even the feel of community I sensed there.

When I started to write my story, I wanted a place that reflected Boston’s history, but still embodied the small town camaraderie I’d known growing up in the Midwest. So I created Granite Pointe, a tourist hamlet my heroine, Jemima George, decides to move to after inheriting a café located there. Building the world of the town, and its citizens included drawing a mental map of the harbor, the main street, and throwing in a high school. I further developed the town while writing Hearts In Harmony, book 2 in the series, to include a farmer’s market and a Christmas Tree Farm. Book 3, which I’m working on now, has a lovely new park and a seaside museum.

I think the best part of Granite Pointe is its residents. The people Jem George meets while settling into her new surrounding made the town a home she comes to love. I tell my children home is wherever your family is and I made the citizens of Granite Pointe Jem’s family. My imagination continues to build a solid, warm community that welcomes guests and new residents. I think I could easily move to Granite Pointe.

Book Title: Cooking Up Love

Author: Gemma Brocato

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press

ISBN-10: 1616504277

ISBN-13: 978-16165-4272


Mix a chef and her contractor, stir in a mystery, and cook up a romance.

Jemima George leads a charmed life as a personal chef and assistant to reality television’s latest darling. But that changes in a New York minute when her Aunt Caro dies under odd circumstances, bequeathing her a small restaurant. Jem plans to sell the café and continue her life in NYC, until a dramatic phone call from her cheating boyfriend convinces her to experiment with the ingredients for happiness and accept her Aunt’s legacy. Throwing herself into remodeling the restaurant with the help of the town’s delicious contractor, Jem revamps the menu and renews her faith in herself.

Jack Kerrigan considered Caro a surrogate mother and hates the idea that the café could be sold. He doesn’t need the remodeling project, but if it means Caro’s beautiful, fascinating niece will stay to run the restaurant, he’s all in. He wouldn’t mind being savory to Jem’s sweet.

Jack’s brassy ex-wife is cooking up a scheme of her own, where Jack tosses Jem like a salad and comes back to her. Fold in a creepy attorney hiding secrets of environmental mayhem, add Jem’s claustrophobia, half-pint niece and nephew twins, one mysterious lockbox, and bring to a boil–a recipe for romance.


His sexy baritone voice breezed up her spine and her breath stuttered as his warm hand wrapped around hers.

Oh, no. She was in trouble. Standing this close to him, he even smelled like a hot guy, fresh, outdoorsy, a hint of distinctive male. He had great hands. Narrow wrists, long, elegant fingers, calloused enough, making her imagine how they’d rasp as they trailed along her flesh. She had always been a sucker for a long-fingered man.

Time to put the brakes on those ideas. His gaze roved over her body, not hiding the fact that he was checking her out. Heat bloomed in her cheeks and she mentally shook her head to clear the fireworks going off in her imagination when she caught sight of deep dimples bracketing either side of his full, smiling lips and even white teeth. Oh good

Lord, why’d he have to have dimples?

When his gaze made the journey back to hers, she looked pointedly at her hand, still clasped in his. His look was almost apologetic as he released his grip.


Author Bio

About Gemma Brocato

Gemma’s favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a ’round tuit,’ and a fortune from a fortune cookie that said she was a lover of words; some day she’d write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss even the rejections, addressed to ‘Dear Author’, were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.

Her gamble paid off when she was a 2012 Finalist in the prestigious Golden Pen contest for Romantic Suspense and she received contracts for her first and second book.

Gemma loves to connect with readers. This is where you can find her:


Twitter, @gemmabrocato or on the web at

Buy Links

Due to the recent acquisition of Lyrical Press by Kensington books, my debut novel, Cooking Up Love is temporarily off the market. But not to worry – it will be back soon. In the meantime, I have some print copies of the book I’d love to give away (A US winner only, please). Leave a comment below to enter a drawing for a signed copy.



Barnes and Noble


Before she goes, Gemma has a question.

If you could call any place in the world home, where would it be?

It’s been wonderful having you and your awesome book on the Ranch, Gemma. Thank you for visiting!


Calisa Rhose presents ~ Anne Ashby

Calisa Rhose asks ~ What’s so Wonderful about Undead? R.E. Mullins explains

Friday Fanfare Welcomes:

R. E. Mullins with It’s a Wonderful Undead Life

How did the writer’s journey begin for you?  

“First, Calisa, let me thank you for having me today.”

You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure, R.E.!

FFFRobinMullins04.26.13“I always thought about writing and as a kid I wrote scripts for my favorite TV shows but Hollywood never came knocking. My mother also would always bring up a story I wrote in grade school about UFO’s. Later I suppose a lack of time and confidence kept me from fulfilling the dream. Life happened, I forgot about it and then as the children grew up and I went through a tough divorce – I discovered solace in writing. You can really escape from the world inside your characters. My first draft was filled with a lot of anger and some vindictiveness against the ex. It got it worked out of my system (thank god) so I edited most of that stuff out.”

*R. E. pauses wondering if she answered the question or just went off on a rant.* “Ah, for a more formal bio, I was born and raised in Joplin, MO. Nothing exciting there – oh wait – one claim to fame (besides tornadoes) there was a big shoot out with Bonnie and Clyde. I’ve also lived in Tulsa, OK, Mt. Clemens, MI, and Springfield, MO. Right now I’m living in Colorado Springs, CO and experiencing mountains. I must admit it’s been a real change for me. I’m not use to having this much snow in April and miss daffodils. Heck it’s so dry out here – I almost miss Missouri’s humidity. But then I go out to walk the dog, see the mountains, and every time I catch my breath in awe. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Ozarks, though, and that’s why I set my fictional town of Amber Heights there.”

My oldest daughter moved to Denver last summer and so far she loves it in CO, as well. But she’s tired of the snow, too.

Tell us three things about you-the writer-readers wouldn’t typically know.

*R.E. grins a little sheepishly.*

1. I actually wrote the book off and on between 2004 and 2006. I didn’t get up the confidence to submit until 2008. It was accepted by the Wild Rose Press with the proviso I rewrite it from 1st POV into 3rd POV. I was overwhelmed by the challenge, lacked the confidence and sat on the manuscript for years. I more or less forgot about it and then I found it again, recontacting the editor in 2012. Unbelievably, she remembered me and my book but insisted on the same rewrite. So I slapped myself silly, cracked my knuckles, and got busy. My lovely editor, Amanda Barnett of Wild Rose Press, held my hand, calmed my fears, and kicked me in the pants until it came out 12/12/12. Pretty auspicious release date don’t you think?

Crazy date. LOL But good on you doing the work!

2. I freaking love basketball. I fell in love watching the sport last year and still none of my family or friends can believe it.

3. I honestly believe I’m a fairly quirkless person. Oops, the voices in my head don’t seem to agree and are now laughing.

 It all began when…  

“It all began when I needed to start over. After the divorce I received a catalog from the local community college. I was in the position of needing to return to the workforce after 20 years as a homemaker. So I paged through the catalog and the phlebotomy course started first. I applied with the idea if I wasn’t accepted; I would apply for the pharmacy tech. class. Fate stepped in and I was accepted into the phlebotomy course. For ten years I drew blood samples in different medical labs. Let me tell you it was an eye opener for my little sheltered self. I loved 99% of my co-workers and patients. Such characters! Crude jokes and vampire humor were rampant and patients seemed to think they were hysterical. Since most were so good hearted, I didn’t really mind laughing at the same tired joke every single visit.

Okay, here I have to admit to memorializing some of my patients in my book. I blended some of the more memorable together into a couple of minor characters. In fact many of my friends and family might find bits and pieces of themselves scattered inside the pages. If the character was too recognizable my, er, victims was apprised.”

Where did you get the premise for this book?

“That was easy. Since I was working with blood it seemed only natural to write a book about vampires. The title popped into my head during a shift. (Won’t the supervisors be glad to learn that!) There are references to the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, but the plot line diverges significantly. After all it’s about two rival vampire factions and how my heroine gets caught up in the strife.

What stands out about this story that made writing it different for you?

*Tries to keep the whine out of her voice, she doesn’t totally succeed.*

“It was really hard to learn how to write from the third person. Plus I didn’t want to go into the hero’s head. What do I know about how the male species thinks? But I gave it a shot.  I’d be zipping along pretty good and then my brain would flip back to ‘I did’ and ‘I said’ and suddenly I’d realize I’d have to redo chapters at a time. It was very laborious at times.”

Were there any difficult challenges or special subject matter you came across while writing this book?”

“I did a surprising (well, I was surprised but I really liked it) amount of research for this book and the one I’m working on. I kept the medical terminology correct which one reviewer specifically mentioned liking and another absolutely hated. I happen to like it. I researched languages, old maps, blood volume, hypothermia, blood diseases, and many vampire myths. I studied the difference between sanguine (blood drinkers) and psychic vampires. I went back to genetics because I wanted humans and vampires to spring from one gene pool and share a collective memory. For their origin myth, I thought about the great flood. As you know similar flood stories appear in every culture. That was the feel I wanted so I combined religion with mythology. I explained how vampires started as human until mixing it up with a vengeful god. The hard part was not putting in everything I found interesting.”

What about this book would make us want to read it more than others of similar taste?

“That’s a hard one, Calisa.  Why can’t everyone just read all of them?  Well they say to write what you like so I don’t write dark, evil, tortured, vampires that wander around wanting to die – at least my main characters won’t be. Think not vampire regular but more vampire lite.

I want them to have the same strengths and weaknesses as humans but with a few physical bonuses they’ve picked up through evolution. Just because they are vampire and have or will live longer, they aren’t exempt from the same failings and attitudes that plague us all. My reasoning? Not all 90 year old people become wise, mature, or polished through the years. Some are just old. Why should vampires be any different? Do you know what I mean?

 So in the book when the vampire sister, who is a doctor, is ready to let the heroine die – it’s because she isn’t perfect. It doesn’t matter how old she is. At the moment, she’s thinking like a sister and what would benefit her and her family. She isn’t thinking like a healer. My characters won’t always think and do the right thing. When they willfully misunderstand they can act like jerks. They argue, have the same family dynamics as the rest of us…you get the picture. Since they live a couple of millennium, they tend to mature even more slowly and, just like us, some never mature at all. (No comments needed from the peanut gallery)”

What do you want readers to take away from this book?

“That’s easy. I want them to have a couple of laughs and escape for awhile. That’s what I look for in a read. To escape into another world through reading is my form of Calgon. With vampires there are no hard and fast rules. Unlike reality their world is whatever we want to make it. I like my vampires to have a sense of humor and to be very much like us. I consider them the modern vampires.”

Tell us about the finished book. Is there anything special we might not know after reading it?

“This is the first book in a series. Currently, I’m almost finished with the second book. In Vampire in the Scrying Glass it takes the family further. It deals with the heroine’s friend and the hero’s younger brother. She is a witch who must regain her magic. Only then can she protect herself and attempt to defeat a demon threatening both humans and vampires. Things come out, characters are delved into more deeply, more flaws appear and love is found. I think it’s more exciting.”

It’s a Wonderful Undead Life blurb:

It’s been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Now she’s not only facing her first Christmas season alone she’s also received some bad financial news. In desperation, she prays for an angel to come fix her problems. Instead, a sadistic, sociopathic vampire named Vincent who is working for the evil Toltecs confronts her. Trying to start a war between the two rivaling factions of vampires, he bites Cailey then forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel Blautsauger. 

Now dying she must protect Gabe and his family by allowing him to finish her transformation. Just when she is adjusting to life as a vampire, the Toltecs return and again she becomes the bait to destroy the Blautsauger family.  

Trying to protect those she loves, Cailey is faces with lies, abduction and betrayal yet somewhere along the lines she manages to fall in love. 


Cailey’s scrub top was gone, exposing her lacy bra, WonderfulUnDead_REMullins
and she was in the process of stepping out of the
drawstring pants. She glanced up, her gaze a bit wild.
“Hurry. Hurry. I think I might explode from all this
energy inside me. I feel like a popcorn maker and all
the kernels are popping at once. So much pressure in
here.” She dropped a hand to the juncture of her thighs
and pressed it against her.
“Cailey?” Gabe’s tone was an octave higher than
normal. When she straightened up, clad only in her
underwear, he gulped for air. “What are you doing?”
“Getting ready, of course.” Holding her wadded up
pants in front of her, she frowned at him. “I thought you
said you knew what you were doing.”
“I thought I did…” His voice trailed off, his gaze
locked on Cailey’s tight body. How had he missed just
how beautiful she was? Hidden beneath the baggy
scrubs was a living miracle. He took in the slight swell
of flesh above the lucky bra cupping her breasts, and
his fingers itched to run down the indentation of her
She dropped the pants to the floor. “Come on.
Come on, Gabe the Babe. I know all about when you
were at university and all the female vamps used to
chase you around and gloat if they made time with
“Ahem.” Gabe realized he had his sister to thank
for this new conundrum. More than a bit leery, he
asked, “What else did Metta tell you?”
“That we’re both kind of like virgins.”
“I beg your pardon?”


Where can readers find you and your books?

 Is there anything else you want to share or add?

“Well, CaIisa, when asked to describe my book I called it a sitcom. It is meant to entertain, with a few laughs, maybe a groan, a little gross out, and to end with a kiss. They are not in the vein (yes that was deliberate) of the traditional dark, tortured vampire – again think more of a diet vampire. And that’s the way I like it uh-huh, uh-huh.

Thanks again, Calisa. I had a great time chatting with you today.”

I have to say this sounds like a fun book, R.E.! Congrats and happy sales! I’m sure it will be a benefit to every paranormal reader out there that you got off your duff and cracked down on yourself. 🙂

Harlequin’s new prize! ~ Calisa Rhose

How far have you traveled? ~ Calisa Rhose

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes… for Cait O’Sullivan


I’m turning the round pen over to my critique partner and a wonderful writer, Cait O’Sullivan to talk about her debut book, Romancing The Seas. Take it, Cait!

CaitCh Ch Ch Ch Changes…

I got to thinking the other day when my sister said in an offhand comment ‘everyone hates change’.

I don’t.

 Quite the opposite in fact. I love change.

My favourite season is when they change: winter to spring is inspirational, spring to summer joyful, summer to autumn brings appreciation for the beauty of the changing world and on to winter, when the bright, brisk days exhilarate me.

My favourite weather is when it changes, sun being eclipsed by billowing, purple clouds, the first fat raindrop falling. Vice versa, sunshine through the rain and rainbows arcing through the sky.

Dawn when the moon gives way to the sun, dusk when the sun starts to leave. All wonderful times to be alive with the very air seeming to dissolve in the changing light.

Then there’s the life changing thing. Not quite so easy, or so enjoyable, but heck, when you’ve survived it, nothing beats that feeling. Change scoops you up to tumble in its force, cursing it, helpless but emerging the other side brand spanking new, with a different, more mature outlook on life, and one step closer to peace.

So I scooped up Pippa, my heroine in Romancing the Seas, and put her through the change wringer. She leaves a settled life in London behind for a new life in New Zealand. How exciting for her, and the first three chapters were hard for her. But hey she settled and now loves it there, in her brand spanking new life.  Here she is at the start, wondering whether she’s done the right thing:

RomancingtheSeasThere were several top-of-the-range treadmills and she chose one, slowly working her stride.

But her mind refused to let up. Why had she come out here to New Zealand? She should have stayed in London, working for Marcus. Okay, maybe she would have moved to a different restaurant, but even then she would have been surrounded by the familiar, not the unknown — and the downright scary. Now she was a prisoner of her own design: new country — heck, new continent — new job, new boss, no friends, and not even any space to call her own.

Maybe she had done the right thing. How could she have stayed in London after what Marcus had done? An up and coming celebrity chef, she had supported him all the way. Until his publicist had said to him, “Lose the sous chef; she’s too ordinary a look for you. You need an it girl on your arm, so all the paparazzi will be snapping you for the celebrity magazines.”

“Look, Pippa,” Marcus had pleaded. “Just give me a couple of years to get to the top of my career and then we can be together properly. We can still be together, but just keep our relationship under cover.”

Pippa had wanted to cry, but instead picked up her bag and walked out of the flat she had never quite moved into.

She had been right to leave. But whether she had been right to leave so drastically, swapping everything she had ever known for the unknown, was very questionable.

Her heart pounded rapidly and she pressed the treadmill button to lower the speed, concentrating on breathing deeply to slow her heart rate down. A light cough from the treadmill beside her nearly threw her off her treadmill in surprise.

Her new roomie.

In an attempt not to let the machine sweep her off, she pumped her legs and finally caught back up with the pace. Great. Glances at the monitor, proudly proclaiming a heart rate of 190, made her want to curl up and die. Mr. Eagleton, on the other hand, appeared very relaxed and loose limbed beside her as he lengthened into his pace, despite a faint sheen of sweat — clearly he had been in the gym for a while.



How about you – how do you feel about Change? Drop me a comment and let me know, then come to Cait’s Place to read the first chapter of Romancing the Seas.

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 That is a beautiful cover and great excerpt, Cait. Thank you for sharing!