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HOME For Love!!!


I’m so SO excited to announce today is the day I kick off my HOME for Love blog tour!!! Here’s the next week’s schedule to make it easy for you to follow along for a chance to win a FREE ecopy!!!!!!!!

26th- Anna K. Lanier

27th- Silver James and Smut Writers Soap Box (this one I’ll be at all week but it’s not inc. in the contest)

28th- RELEASE DAY– Vonnie Davis AND AJ Nuest!!!

29th- W. Lynn Chantale

30th- Maeve Greyson

31st- Authors By Moonlight

January 2012-


Come HOME to party right here on The Ranch!!! Where I will announce the first winner of a PDF copy of HOME!!!! 

 I hope to see all my friends, and of course, my new friends-to-be, at each stop!


“HOME for love” blog tour is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s TWO WEEKS (Dec 28th) until my debut book, HOME, releases from The Wild Rose Press! Wa-hooo!!!

Today kicks off my “HOME for love” birthday bash for my Vintage historical with The Wild Rose Press!!!!!!! Read on to find out how HOME and other books in the Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll series came about.

Spring 2010, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. One author, an editor for an epublisher, asked the Oklahoma RWA group if anyone would be willing to write in a series to submit to her publisher. Several jumped right in. Some held back. Over the next weeks others joined in and a theme and guidelines were tossed around.

That was the birth of the Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll series to be marketed to The Wild Rose Press.

I was one of those who held back. Unpublished, and as yet, nothing more than hopeful that “someday I would get noticed and sell a book,” I joined this fun project with many other Oklahoma authors.

This would be a project to showcase our state’s writing talents to the world in a single combined effort. Each book written would include the doll with carvings on its whale bone body. Each would be between 10,000 and 60,000 words and each would (hopefully) fit in a different subgenre The Wild Rose Press has to offer its readers.

I have to say our RWA chapter is chock full of talent! From historical to contemporary to paranormal, WE ROCK! Keep a close watch on my blog and The Wild Rose Press as more of these stories are brought to you one by one.

My followers and friends know I write contemporary. It’s my comfort zone. My passion for cowboys is widely-known. 😀 But for this event, and I don’t know why it did, the Vietnam era called to me. I have a respect for that time and the trials the world suffered, the losses the United States withstood, and still endure through the final ramifications from the war referred to as “a police movement.” I was a little tyke in those days so I don’t remember the impact of the moment it happened. But born in the middle of it may be why I feel a heartfelt need to learn, and subsequently, to write about love during that period when romance seemed forgotten. Hope took the back burner and so much was left behind.

But there were great victories at the same time; Elvis Presley, the Beatles and, my heroine’s favorite, The Chiffons, and let’s not forget the era of hot cars- all persevered, rose out of the smoke and strived for decades to follow.

That hope is what brings my hero Sam Callahan and my heroine, Poppy Tippen together. She refuses to let “that damn war” ruin her chance at the only man she’s ever loved. A man that same war destroyed, before spitting him back out into her lap and at the feet of a town that had always been home; but now makes Sam an unwelcome outcast. Poppy has the chance to show Sam where HOME really is, if only he’d open his eyes. 

I try to find inspiration for my characters with each story I write. It just helps picture the person as I write. Poppy was instant recognition from early on in the writing of HOME. Sam- not to easy. After hours of searching, I can’t find him. I have a picture that comes close, but even after a year I haven’t been able to find “him” as hard as I’ve tried. So here is my impression of Sam and Poppy.

My story of hope and love in a time when the world had little of either is my way of sharing what home means to me.


What could a gypsy and a Vietnam veteran have in common?

Silvertown’s outcast, Poppy Tippen, has loved football hero Sam “The Force” Callahan forever. But he never seemed to know she was alive. Now he’s home from the war and she suddenly finds herself comforting him from the demons of “that damn war.” Is his attention merely an escape from the haunting nightmares? Or does she hold the interest of the only man she’s ever truly loved?

Sam Callahan’s only solace from the war nightmares wrecking his life comes in the unlikely form of a gypsy girl with stigmas of her own. He’s known Poppy his entire life, but there’s something different about her now. Something special he desperately wants to hold on to. Can he convince her she’s the only thing he needs to put the past behind him?


“I’ll always want you, Poppy.”

Her head shook in automatic denial. “You’ll want a girl who fits your life. Not some gypsy with

no family lineage to brag about. Your momma won’t accept that, either. She’ll make you choose someone like Connie, someone who fits into your world. Not the girl everyone avoids and whispers about behind her back. You’re gonna be the town’s doctor. You need an uppity wife who will make you proud.”

When Sam laughed, his chest shuddered against her back. Deep, husky, real. He turned her in his

arms and looked down at her, smiling. “Poppy, do you honestly think I give a damn what people think? Look at me! I’m the town outcast, the survivor who should have died saving the others, not be here planning a future that includes a wife, a medical practice.

“I shimmy under park benches, run from my mother’s lipstick, for God’s sake. I wake up

screaming and crying over nothing in the middle of the night, crawl under my bed and hide, shaking, until morning. Hell, I can’t even be a doctor because I haven’t finished school yet.”

“I didn’t know. It must be awful for you.” No matter how it hurt Poppy to know he used her, it felt much worse to know how he hurt alone.

“The only time it isn’t awful is when I’m with you. When I think of you.”


 I invite you to join me in the release celebration!

I hope you will love HOME as much as I do.

Get your copy of HOME (on December 28th) at The Wild Rose Press:                   

** NOTE: This is currently the ‘coming soon’ link so watch for updates on and after the 28th.

Small-town country girl Calisa Rhose lives in a semi-remote area of Oklahoma with her husband, five dogs and one horse. All of her three daughters and their families live within throwing distance. She’s a member of RWA and the local chapter OKRWA. She intends to nurture and continue to grow as an author with the help of her family and supporters.

Find Calisa at her website/blog

On twitter @Calisa_Rhose and Facebook @Calisa Rhose

She loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

I’ll be having a GIVE AWAY BASH on my blog, PEN OF THE DREAMER, on January 1- New Years Day! The tour will continue on, but on this day I’ll be choosing a winner for one copy of HOME.
Comment on all posts from December 26th through January 1st for more chances to win!

 The day following the New Years Day party I will announce the winner. You can find the full tour schedule on my website at

See you on the tour trail!!!!!


Last Chance to Enter 2011 NRCA


Did you intend to enter and time just slipped away? This is your last reminder to enter 2011 National Reader’s Choice Awards before the December 1 deadline! Go. Now. Enter. At any one or two or all of these links that apply to you!!!

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Good luck to all who have entered!


Historical Awesomeness-Ruth A. Casie


Wow. Just awesome wow! Here on the ranch I try to showcase some wonderful authors. Mostly new authors I’ve met through TWRP, my critique groups, or friends I met through workshops like this wonderful guest today. Active on so many levels of RWA and other writing organizations, she still finds time to write such incredible books like Knight of Runes. I first read samplings of this awesome book over a year ago when she was still writing it, it was amazing even in the rough draft stage, so I’m doubly excited to have her tell us about the book today. Please welcome Ruth A. Casie to the round pen! 


How I Got From There to Here

I’m on the Carina Press site admiring the cover of my debut novel, Knight of Runes. Okay, so you may think I’m staring at it because he’s a really hot guy. I have one in residence, hot to me that is. The picture on the book cover may be the illusion of mighty Lord but my novel is really published. That’s no illusion.  

I started the project March, 2009 excited to help a friend with her writing. It quickly escalated into creating a series of romance novels. We each had stories in our head and made plans to connect them. After a few months of hard work and several tens of thousands words on each story, we found the stories worked better individually. It was a big stretch to work them into a series. We decided to critique each other’s stories and finish our books.

Her life was filled with training for the New York Marathon, a beautiful daughter getting ready for high school graduation and college tours, and a job that took her all over the country (and sometimes the world). My situation was very different. My three are children are independent and on their own. I use my treadmill as an extension of my closet, and my job is a ninety minute commute to New York City.

I had the time and I had the story so, I wrote. I researched all sorts of things, the renaissance, manor life, herbs, poisons, karate moves, survival training, field medical procedures, druids, magic, warding, myths, and knights. I wrote some more. By August, I had 105,000 words and a completed manuscript. Now what? I didn’t know what to do with it.

I looked for a support group and found Romance Writers of America. I spent the next fourteen months learning about craft, publishing, and career building. I pitched to agents and editors and kept on polishing my manuscript.

In October, 2010, I participated in an online pitch sponsored by Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal (FFnP), an online RWA special interest chapter. Angela James, the senior editor at Carina Press, requested my full manuscript. I gave it one more polish after taking Eliza Knight’s class, Edit Your Book in a Month, and sent it off January 2011. February, Angela James called. Carina Press wanted to publish my story. 

I asked her to repeat her name. I must have heard it wrong. It sounded like she said Angela James. It finally sunk in. This was THE CALL. All that practicing in the shower going over and over what I would say, how sophisticated I would sound and the brilliant questions I would ask, must have floated down the drain. I sounded anything but coherent and witty.

For days I thought, Angela must be mistaken or she must be calling everyone that pitched. So many agents and editors told me that time travel romance wouldn’t sell. I was certain Carina Press would change their minds. When the contract came I had to admit that it was real. 

My family, day job colleagues, and friends (writers and non-writers), all celebrated with me as the project moved into its next phase, ready for production. With my editor, Denise Nielsen, we worked through the edits, cover fact sheet, and back cover blurb.

So, I sit and look at the cover (on the Carina Press buy site) and realize that all that hard work, the disappointments, and even the doubts were so worth it. I look at the cover, a symbol of reality to me, and the excitement bubbles up all over again. And that hot guy, the one in residence, told me he knew it all along.

Knight of Runes

It’s the 21st century and time travel is still a Wellsian fantasy but not for Rebeka Tyler. While on an impromptu tour of Avebury, she takes a misstep at the standing stones, and finds herself in the right place but tossed back into the 17th century. When Lord Arik, a druid knight, finds Rebeka wandering his lands without protection, he swears to keep her safe. But Rebeka can take care of herself. When Arik sees her clash with a group of attackers using a strange fighting style he is intrigued.

Rebeka is desparate to return to her time. She poses as a scholar sent by the king to help find out what’s killing Arik’s land to get access to the library. But as she decodes the ancient runes that are the key to solving his mystery and sending her home, she finds herself drawn to the charismatic and powerful Arik.

As Arik and Rebeka fall in love, someone in Arik’s household schemes to keep them apart and a dark druid with a grudge prepares his revenge. To defeat him, Arik and Rebeka must combine their skills. Soon Rebeka will have to decide whether to return to the future or trust Arik with the secret of her time travel and her heart.

Ruth’s Bio

Ruth A. Casie was born in Brooklyn, New York. For twenty-five years she’s been writing for corporate America. Encouraged by her family and friends this ballroom dancing, Sudoku playing, aspiring gourmet cook has given way to her inner muse. She’s let her creative juices flow and started writing a series of historical time travel romance stories. She hopes you read and enjoy her stories.

Ruth A. Casie

Title: Knight of Runes

ISBN: 978-14268-9258-5

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: November 14, 2011

Genre: Historical time travel

Ruth’s web site:

Ruth’s blog:

Ruth’s Twitter:

Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Leave a comment with your email address.   One person will be randomly selected at the end of the day. 

Did you miss that? Yesterday was Ruth’s RELEASE DAY!!!! Don’t forget to leave your email in a comment!


My favorite book – or AJ Nuest and Jezebel’s Wish


Today I have my dear friend AJ Nuest visiting. I have to tell this little story and then I’ll jump in the round pen with AJ and Jezebel’s Wish. When I first sold to TWRP my lovely editor *waves to Nan* suggested I look at some of their covers for style and tone ideas for my book. While skimming the many pages I came across this beautiful book with a black horse running through the snow. It had absolutely no qualities I could use for my book but I read the excerpt and knew I would have to read that book. I’d never heard of the author, but knowing she was a fellow WRP author, I had hopes of getting acquainted some day. I still had that star struck feeling of meeting all these awesome authors that I was now a small part of going on. Well, with the excitement of my own book, I forgot who the author was (and didn’t find time to look it up again for a long while). Not long after I joined The Wild Rose Press Yahoo loop a wonderfully friendly woman began cheering me on with each step of my book. Her name was AJ Nuest. Then one day I visited another blog and there was that book. The one I HAD TO HAVE! Then I realized it was AJ’s. I had no idea she was the author until that day. Have I mentioned my really BAD memory lately? I think it was two weeks later that I won her book on another blog. I was in heaven. I’m so proud to call AJ, and so many WRP authors, my friend. They truly are an amazing bunch of talent.

That’s my story. Just needed to share what a wonderful woman AJ Nuest is. 

Much heartfelt thanks to Calisa for hosting me at her blog today, and for being such an incredibly supportive friend. I loves ya, babe! 

Ditto! So let’s find out more about you, sweetie.

  1. Usually when there is a truly damaged hero or heroine the other is scarred as deeply so they can grow and heal together. What made you decide Jezzy needs a ‘healthy’ hero? 

I never purposely started out to make Matty a ‘healthy’ hero — and let’s face it, next to Jezzy, everyone looks healthy. However, I did intend for him to be strong enough to rescue her – from the past, from her mistakes, from the guilt she carries. To me, nothing represents love better than someone sacrificing their own happiness to help another. And Matty does this without hesitation for Jezzy, because unless she finds her way through the grief, neither of them can move forward. This is one of the key elements in Jezebel’s Wish. To show that without fail, helping another is ultimately the greatest reward we can give ourselves.

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world but could take only one item that wasn’t a book- what would it be? (discounting the obvious; clothes, toiletries, etc)

Does this place have power? Then hands down my laptop. If you’re taking reading away from me, I’ll write – and make up my own darn stories. Ha. So There!

Haha. I’ll let you have that one.

  1. When you were writing JW, what was the theme song? Does it still apply now that the book is published?

I didn’t have one. Which is really strange since I’ve sound tracked the entire manuscript for Flicker, my latest WIP. Maybe this is because I’ve yet to find a song that emulates the emotional intensity of Jezebel’s Wish?

I kept humming “Run For the Roses” while reading JW. I know- that’s a song about a young horse winning the Kentucky Derby, but still- the emotional outage suits Jezzy to me. It’s about winning the ultimate prize, and she did.

  1. If you could talk to either Jezzy or Matty (for real), who would you talk to and what would you say to/ask them?

Neither. I would spend the entire afternoon in the barn, grooming The Reverend. I would share all my hopes and dreams for the future, tell him everything about my family and life, and then we would go for a long ride, listening to nothing but the creak of the saddle and the quiet hush of the forest. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Me too. I love that horse. He looks nothing like my Sonny, but inside? Yeah.

  1. Before I submitted my soon to be release HOME, I told friends/family that if it didn’t sell somewhere that I would indie publish it just because I truly believed in that couple and their story. Did you ever think of JW in that way before it sold, or would it have ended up in the box under the bed?

Since Jezebel’s Wish was one of my first stories, I wasn’t really aware of the indie publishing market as a choice to getting the story out there. In retrospect, I think I would have kept submitting until it was contracted somewhere. I’m sure one day I’ll take the plunge into self-publishing, but I’m not quite there yet.

Me neither. Boy am I glad HOME sold! I’d have been forced to back that bullet and dive in and I’m not sure I could have then or now.

  1. Sometimes when I begin a new story and get stuck it’s because one of my main characters isn’t up for the job. When Matty came to you for the first time did you know he’d be the man to heal Jezzy, or was he even the first hero you interviewed for the role?

Generally, and because my writing time is so limited, by the time I sit down to pluck away at the keys, each character I envision is pretty well rounded out in my head. And because Matty is so strong, both physically and emotionally, he was in really sharp focus before I had the chance to get him down on paper. No other man could have saved Jezzy, in my opinion. He needed to be really secure in who he was and what he wanted, and not afraid to face Jezzy’s demons, while at the same time exhibiting a deep sense of empathy and patience.

  1. I love Jezzy. I told you throughout reading the book that I loved her, I ‘got’ her. We have an industry full of editors and authors who tell us not to write a hero or heroine the reader won’t feel empathy or sympathy for right away, or at least very soon after the book starts. Or at least like. What made you decide to break the mold, go against a proven route and risk everything for Jezebel?

Honestly, I had NO IDEA I was ‘breaking the mold’, as you say, or that I had ventured into uncharted waters with Jezzy. Truth is, even though I’ve always been an avid reader, my tastes generally gravitate toward the fantasy genre. Not until JW hit cyberspace did I realize my story was ‘different’ than your typical romance. One friend recently told me the reason this story gets such an intense reaction is because Jezebel’s Wish falls into the Women’s Fiction genre. But because of the beautiful relationship between Jezzy and Matty, it’s also a romance. Since its publication, I’ve come to the conclusion my writing tends to blur the lines between genres. And that’s just fine with me.

My take on Jezebel’s Wish by my lovely and talented friend, AJ Nuest~

I honestly felt that this was Matty’s story more than Jezzy’s. Why? Because he didn’t have a personal conflict, I think. So this became the path to his happiness after caring selflessly for others all his life– giving his all to a broken soul with no thought to himself. He knew she might leave– I know he did (even if that was just in the back of the author’s mind)– he knew and yet he persevered. It was almost as though he needed to prove to himself that he could save her, one last battle before he could settle down and let happiness claim him. Yes, it was about Jezzy, her fears, pain, self-loathing– but it was really Matty’s success story in the end for me.

And for fun:

What’s your favorite number? 7 – cliché, I know. But it’s always brought me luck. I also have a special fondness for the number 3. Faith, hope, and charity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Past, present, and future. Body, soul and mind. Three is a significant number.

My number is 2-unity. But 5 is also another significant number. The 5 wounds of Christ. When you fly- window or aisle seat? Aisle seat, because I love to watch the scenery, usually with a notebook and pen in hand.

Your favorite living person in the world? (husbands and significant others exempt) My daughter, Lily Belle. The best way to describe her is “a beam of light”. She’s incredibly beautiful (and in case you think I’m biased, here’s a photo), effervescent, has limitless energy, and illuminates my heart with her constant joy. The way she views life is astonishing to me. And she is always singing, even while she eats. A dear friend of mine recently had the opportunity to meet Lily Belle, and afterwards my friend looked me straight in the eye and said, “You DO know your daughter is a fairy, right?” When I laughed, my friend said, “I’m dead serious.” Makes sense, I guess, since Lily Belle spends a large portion of her time sitting in the trees around our property…playing with butterflies…while she sings.

I’m pretty sure I know who deemed Lily Belle a fairy and I fully agree. She’s a beauty. I can almost hear her sing.


Haunted by nightmares, tormented by guilt, Jezebel came to Redemption Ranch to escape the past—except now she’s stuck in the middle of nowhere with no redemption in sight. When her mother pushes her into riding lessons with local veterinarian Matthias Saunders, Jezebel balks. Sure, the doctor is gorgeous, but he’s completely obnoxious and knows how to push every one of her buttons.

Only her deep connection with The Reverend, a gentle stallion who guards her darkest secrets, has her agreeing to spend any more time with Dr. Saunders. Caring for the stallion is the first bright spot in her life in months, and if being around the horse means she has to deal with Matthias Saunders, then so be it. Surely a city girl like her can handle one country vet—even one with disturbing blue eyes. Can’t she?


Jezzy stopped. “I thought I was having a riding lesson.”

“You are.” He nodded toward the empty paddock. “Go in.”

“Go in?” Jezzy propped a hand on her hip. “You sure you know what you’re doing? Because it was my understanding that an actual horse is needed for a riding lesson.”

“Don’t you think it would be wise at this juncture to leave the understanding up to the professionals?”

Jezzy rolled her eyes. “You’re making this way too easy. Professionals? Please. Don’t get me started.”

“Why not? Getting you started is exactly what I’m here for.”

Jezzy’s jaw dropped. She didn’t quite know how to interpret that remark.

He held out the rope. “Now go in. And take this lead line with you.” Steely blue determination glinted in his eyes. There was no way he was going to give in.

Jezzy snatched the lead line from his hand and stormed through the gate, then turned when he closed it behind her.

He put a foot on the bottom railing and rested against the gate, facing the horizon. “Take the chair to the center of the paddock and sit down.”

“And just exactly how is that supposed to teach me to ride?”

He cocked an eyebrow. “You want out of the deal?”

Jezzy’s fist clenched tight around the lead line. What she wanted was to march back to the fence and smack his face.

AJ Nuest lives in northwest Indiana with her loving husband and two beautiful children. She is the Senior Editor for Still Moments Publishing, and the author of two contemporary romance novels.

Visit her on the web at:


Facebook: Tattered Pages

Jezebel’s Wish Buy Links:

The Wild Rose Press:


Thanks for dropping in AJ. And to one lucky commentor you can have your own copy of Jezebel’s Wish if you leave your email in the comments.


My 2011 birthday gift


I got a strange email last night asking me if I had a release date yet for HOME. Of course, as usual, I responded “no”. Then I got an email from Nan Swanson my lovely editor at The Wild Rose Press asking me if everything “looks okay” because she hadn’t heard from me about HOME. OK, at this point I’m more than a little anxious and confused. I tell her I didn’t get an email. She quickly forwards “the” email to me which said-



Joy! Happiness!

And- it’s my birthday! December 28, 2011!!! I’m very excited to have a birthday this year. Not because I’m getting another year older- if I could have a birthday without aging that would be wonderful. But-




It’s a Tweet-a-licious Day!


I was trying to find something to blog about this week- until my special guest blog on the 19th- and then came this fabulous event. Though my book HOME isn’t out yet I am a Wild Rose Press author, so I’m in this!

Copied from the wise and talented TWRP author Clover Autrey‘s blog.

Wednesday, July 13th (that’s tomorrow!) The Wild Rose Press authors are taking it to the Twitterverse.
A full fun day of tweeting our blurbs, favorite lines and whatever.

So fellow Roses, here’s how it works:

1st, post your blurb or longer favorite lines or whatever to your blog or website.

2nd, decide what line you want to tweet. Can’t be longer than 140 characters, but I’d go even shorter like 120 in case someone wants to add something like: gr8 cover! or luv this one!

3rd, make sure you add the #TWRP hashtag within the message so we can all find each other and readers will also see it and hopefully join in and look for others.

(Other hashtags you can use are #favlines #blurbs #makeupyourown or use your specific genre hashtags. I might use #fantasy #romance #ya #youngadult or #paranormal

Here’s an example of mine:
#TWRP #favlines “Cal. Don’t move.” Cal glanced up and into the barrel of his older brother’s shotgun. ~C the pretty boy cover

Except, wait a minute. That tweet is long and clunky once I added the url to amazon. So I need to shorten that.

Here’s how to shorten long urls. Highlight the url. Control C to copy it.
Next go to or and paste (Control V) the long url into the “shorten links” box. Press “shorten” and voila, the long url link is now a short url link. Copy and paste that into your message line.

Now here’s how my tweet message will look:

#TWRP #favlines. “Cal. Don’t move.” Cal glanced up and into the barrel of his older brother’s shotgun.~ C the pretty boy cover 

If you click on both the long and short links, you’ll see they both take you to the same place. (And while you’re there if you want to like and tag my new book I’ll be thrilled–did I just do an advertisement? Yes, I believe I did.)

4th, Now you’re ready to tweet. On the 13th, send your message out into the T-verse. Make sure to add your #TWRP hashtag. Then type that hashtag into your twitter searchbar or you can also hover over that hashtag on your own message or anyone else’s, press enter, and it will take you to an entire list of tweeters using our #TWRP hashtag.

5th, On Wed, Retweet any of the messages that catch your eye. (Hover the mouse over the message and the reply and retweet boxes will appear) If there’s room add a message of your own along with. Also if you feel like it, follow their links and comment on their blogs, or like and tag their amazon pages, or whatever. Generally, just spread the love.

**So how can non #TWRP peeps enjoy this? Retweet, help get names, books, word out there and along the way discover a whole passel of new books to add to your own TBR pile! There’s a lot of authors to choose from- or just pick from them all. Have fun! 

It’s gonna be a great day.

Don’t forget to return on July 19th when I’ll have the awesome HQ/Mills and Boon Medical debut author, Wendy S. Marcus visiting on her blog tour. Find out 5 little known but fun things about her!


Sometimes life throws delicious curve balls!


I had planned (will I never learn not to?) to let the last post run for a few days because Connor is SUCH a total hottie and deserves his 15 minutes of fame, his name in lights and all that. Maybe he’ll get his chance again in real lights and not dim fluorescent ones soon. For now, I have a couple of announcements I can’t hold in any more!

First (and I really don’t know which is more exciting for me) my husband and I found a house deal we couldn’t pass up. Because of my FIL we weren’t sure if we could take the deal, however. To our surprised delight he’s fully onboard though! We are buying a house!!!!!!

This house!

It’s so lovely. Three bedrooms (or two and an office for mwah!) Two full baths, one attached to the master which we are letting FIL have since it’s the only bedroom that is down stairs. The kitchen is gorgeous with twenty feet of counter and cupboards. Incredible! We’ll do a little fixing up (ie. new carpet upstairs, new flooring in the kitchen and maybe one bath, new back deck, etc), minor stuff of preference. Best of all it sits on three and a half acres and is much closer to our daughters and granddaughters! Actually between the two who live the farthest away right now.  So, though  we just moved to Fil’s two weeks ago for what we thought was an indeterminate time span- we will be moving again. This past week and all weekend we’ve been extremely busy cleaning it and getting it ready to move into in a month or less.

Second (and this has me squeezing all day!) I got my cover, the official artist generated cover by the talented Tina Lynn Stout, for my soon to publish historical novella, under The Wild Rose Press Vintage line, HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the striped awning at the top is says small town Oklahoma. The car is perfect for the 1960’s which HOME is set in. Just pet look at this.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful book cover? Well, maybe you have- I don’t want to know. Lol Don’t you love the muted, dreamy quality Tina gave my story? With so many new and very blank walls in the new house I need decorations. I need to print this and frame it! Would 24×36 be too big? Yes, I do have a frame that large! Lol Maybe a more modest 16×20?

Nah. I’ll go with a nice 8×10 I think. After all, I have to have room on my new walls for many more book covers in the future. Remember, this story is just one of a multi-author series to be released by The Wild Rose Press in future months! And, of course, I will have Connor and Viv up one day in a glowing frame as well, if all revisions go well.

So sit back and drool with me for a while as I celebrate.