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Book pirate at large: Is he making money off your books?


















“This page has been removed by Facebook!”



I was on Facebook around five tonight and checking emails back and forth when an email came into my box for a fellow loop member. The email was alerting her to a pirate. Not the “get these books free here” kind though. This guy was bold in selling author’s books right from his Facebook page! His Mission statement?

To spread the LOVE of READING worldwide in just a click of a mouse! 

I was, and am no less now, hours later, furious and shocked at his gall. Maybe as a new author I’m still naive about a lot of this stuff. And, I may embrace my Cherokee heritage, but I have a rousing Irish temper from my mother’s side. I shoot first and ask questions later. I was sending emails to authors, searching some out to contact through their websites, alerting my loops and publisher to this person. How dare he!? Hell, my own book won’t even be out for another two months and I’m…

Several authors, yes, that would include moi, officially reported his page activities to Facebook. I searched the rules of Facebook for this type of action and it says: 

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and we prohibit users from posting content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights. When we receive a proper claim of IP infringement, we promptly remove or disable access to the allegedly infringing content. We also terminate the accounts of repeat infringers in appropriate circumstances.

Charles W. Eliot’s name, email and phone number, along with his selling criteria for these books that aren’t even his to sell, is clearly listed in his ‘Info’ section here: He’s bold. 
Which you can see, if this link still works in the morning, just how prompt Facebook reacted to multiple abuse reports on Charles. As of eleven tonight it still is active. How promptly they reacted to uphold their own rules–
Yet they didn’t hesitate to threaten/shut down some author’s pages this spring for running contests on Facebook to GIVE AWAY THEIR OWN BOOKS! They say we can’t have visitors of our blogs go to FB to attend a contest or visa versa.
Yet Charles can sell our books without our consent.
This makes me want to inundate his email with rage and demands he cease his actions immediately. So what if I did, if we all did? What if we all rage against FB? Would they shut him down? Maybe until he set up again with a new ID and started again. Would it slow him, those like him down?
Doubtful. But neither would we be allowing him to continue to peacefully steal from us.
While I was browsing through enraged authors comments and threats against him I saw one in particular that caught my interest. One commenter said that in December Canada would have a new law in place that would be a step toward shutting this illegal and just plain abusive behavior down once and for all. Pirating will be illegal in Canada to the point of prosecution. I know it won’t happen over night- but at least they are trying. Are we (USA) ready to take that step? The last I read our government was still worrying over infringing — on the infringer’s rights!
Please! If I’m wrong and this has changed in the last year, someone correct me. In the mean time, I urge all Facebook patrons to rally and let’s shut this guy down, even for a short time. Follow the link above, let Charles know what a terrible thing he’s doing. File your report by clicking the button at the top of his page. I did.