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Six Sentence Sunday


I wasn’t going to do this this week- lazitis acting up- but decided to beat it down. 🙂 So I’m offering up another taste of Healing Whispers and then I think I’ll go work on edits for this one so I can get it published soon! LOL

In this scene Tobi has left Mags, and her scrumptious fudge, behind to call her uncle about his attempts to take her horse. Maybe you can tell why Maggie refers to Uncle Mark as a ‘snake.’ 😆

Tidbit: In the planned book two it is Mark’s son, Garrett who takes center stage as the faulty hero. 😉

“Mark, we need to discuss this horse you’re trying to take. He’s not for sale.” She dove right in hoping to make him see sense, or at least to catch him off guard. His law suit was ridiculous, to say the least, and he had to drop it. She owned Starfire’s Comet, period.

“I didn’t plan on buyin’ him, darlin’. 

Whew! Just reading that makes my blood boil! LOL

I hope you enjoyed this week’s peek. Click the logo at the top to visit other SSS snippets this week.


Six Sentence Sunday


In case you have heard and commented on the fire situation, I want to thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. After one night evacuated, we’re back home and everyone human and pet in our family is well. Helicopters are flying over tonight looking out for hot spots and flare-ups. I’m conflicted in how I feel about this. On the one hand I’m relieved they are diligent in preventing more fire. On the other hand it disturbs me that it is even necessary. But I am so thankful for our volunteer and paid firemen working, risking life to protect us.

Hello to new visitors and welcome back to those who are returning to the Ranch! I’m going back to Healing Whispers this week. Tobi has introduced Tanner to Starfire, her ‘broken’ horse and she has returned to the house to check in with her cook on dinner preparations. My Tobi has quite a sweet tooth as you’ll see in this snippet.

Tobi was hoping for some of the woman’s delicious chocolate fudge brownies tonight, had hinted so strongly that morning that Mags had run her out of the house. The minute she entered the big old kitchen and smelled the rich German chocolate, she smiled and kissed Maggie’s age-softened cheek.

“You’re spoiled, girl.”

“I knows it and I luvs it!” she laughed and snatched one of the perfect chocolaty squares to bite into, as a sigh escaped her lips. “Better than sex.”

Maggie laughed, “You must be doing something wrong if my brownies are that good, honey!”

I just love this scene.

Thank you for coming by and I’ll check in when I get a chance. I’ll either be hanging with friends over ‘work’ or helping with refreshments for the firemen most of today. I’d love to chat so comment and I’ll be in as soon as I can.


Six Sentence Sunday


Once more! I have been enjoying 6 Sentence Sunday for about two months now and haven’t run out of lines to share. That’s a great thing people. LOL Whether it’s your first time here or your fiftieth, welcome! I’m doing another 6 from Healing Whispers, my horse whisperer story I’ll be resubmitting once I’ve had a chance to revise it some later this year. I hope you enjoy my sample this week when I’m sharing a peek of why Tanner has his work cut out for him.

Men were—men—as far as she was concerned. They were good workers; she even had male friends, but not in the respect women typically thought of men. She knew from experience that if you gave them an inch, they invariably tried to take the whole shebang—and personally, she didn’t have a shebang left to offer. Not when her own uncle and cousin were after her horse.

They were trying to take her ranch from her a piece at a time since she wouldn’t lie down and give up the fight, sticking their fingers in whenever they saw an opening. So she made sure not to leave any openings. 

I love this woman! Thanks for coming by and I hope you’ll hop over to check out some of the other participating authors by clicking on the logo at the top of this post.


Six Sentence Sunday


I almost forgot! Visit the link embedded in the logo for all this weeks sixers and here’s my rushed contribution.

I literally have four minutes to get this live so I hope you will forgive the briefness! What a week… Good thing my characters don’t mind being yanked and bossed around. 😆

It’s a quickie but Tanner is asking Tobi why she waited so long to get help for her horse and this is her response.

“I didn’t. It has just taken me this long to, hopefully, find someone who can help. I thought that other whisperer was a good choice, based on references…until he got here. Once he realized he’d be working directly with a woman, he seemed more interested in why I didn’t breed, than Starfire.” She heard the words flow from her lips and bit her tongue to still it. Dang it! 

Thanks and have a great day!


Six Sentence Sunday


Once again if you’re an ‘oldie’ welcome back. New to the Ranch? I’m so excited to ‘see’ you here! Thank you for stopping to check out my writing and if you feel like taking a little tour around my cyber Ranch, I’ll wait.

Back? Did you try the buffet table and coffee fountain? Which spout did you drink from? I love the Mocha! 😀

So the last two weeks I’ve been teasing you with snippets from Healing Whispers, my contemporary cowboy story. Here’s a blurb to help you out:

Heart-bruised, half Cherokee Tobi Star has forgotten how to trust and love after a cheating ex-fiancé, and her beloved father’s death. She’s a strong woman with determination to make her family’s horse ranch survive the threat of greedy relatives trying to steal her troubled, champion breeding stallion. The answer to her prayer comes in the form of Tanner Royal, a horse whisperer with a desire for his own family. This ex-bull riding hero is more than she can resist, but who, after a disastrous marriage, has his own demons from the past tearing at him, which has him doubting whether he’s husband material. 

And today I present a sneak peek that proceeds last weeks’ post by a few paragraphs. I’ll wait while you go check that out too. Already? That was quick! Here you go then:

That was a new mare and I’d hoped he’d react to that, as much as the heat pheromones she’s putting out.”

“It didn’t work.”

“I know. So, what is your initial impression?”

“Don’t have one.” Her gaze clicked on him and he continued, “Not without a contract.”

Ahh- so he’s a man with scruples when it comes to business. I wonder how he feels about business before pleasure? 😆

Thank you for staying to read. I hope you like it and I’ll be checking out some of my fellow 6-ers now. You can too by clicking the logo at the top and going to the 6SS home page.

Until next week-


6 Sentence Sunday


Welcome! If you’re returning, welcome back to another installment of 6 Sentence Sunday! Click this link or the logo to find all participants.

I’m going to continue with last week’s story choice, Healing Whispers, because I love this story and the main characters. I also love the secondary characters which is who you’ll be meeting this week.

Meet Starfire’s Comet- the reason for this book:

The horse pranced anxiously, causing Tanner to tense on high alert. The stallion stepped closer to her and after a few silent seconds she nodded slightly. Movement to the left caught his attention as a man led a bay mare into the ring near the stud.

The mare squealed her excitement at the stud’s presence, which would normally lead to breeding. It caught him slightly off guard when the woman turned the stallion toward the mare, and the Palomino promptly whirled and moved away, striking and twisting his thick body with a threatening grunt. Tanner suspected then, that the masterpiece stallion was Starfire’s Comet, the reason he was on the Star Cross ranch in Ryan, Oklahoma . 

This is definitely a male with female issues. lol I hope you enjoyed this peek and return next week for another glimpse of the masterpiece HQN turned down! 🙂


Six Sentence Sunday


Welcome back! Or welcome to the Ranch if you are a first time visitor! 🙂 If you don’t know, there are many authors who participate in 6 Sentence Sunday every week. If you click on the logo above you can find and visit all or as many as you wish!

This week I’m sharing a little something from another cowboy story I submitted to Harlequin Special Edition two years ago, and only recently got a rejection on it….

To set it up a little, this is from Healing Whispers Tanner Royal, horse whisperer, has arrived on Tobi Star’s breeding and training ranch to treat a horse for her. This is his first impression of her. 😀

Golden eyes of a lioness, sharp with a dark rim of long thick lashes grazed over him slowly, sending a shock of heat through him. He shifted his feet as his temperature hiked. He wished she would look somewhere else.

Hell’s bells.

He’d stared down Brahman bulls with less fire in their eyes. This slip of a woman was as exotic looking as any creature he’d ever seen on National Geographic, and just as intense. 

I adore these two characters and absolutely LOVED writing their story. They will get a revision workout and be submitted out again this year. Or that’s my intentions for them anyway. lol I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek.