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Calisa Rhose with Heather Kinnane and her Faery Dreamy novel #fantasy #MFRWauthor #interview


Welcome one and all! Grab a beverage of choice, something sweet and sinful. No-no, not the men. What’s the matter with you? You know the hands-on rules… The guest gets first pick! 😉 Take a comfy seat for another, or a first, spin in the Round Pen.

I’m thrilled to welcome my wonderfully talented guest today, Heather Kinnane, who is sharing her book, A Faery Dream: Nerida’s Story with us!

Please show ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Heather some real Ranch love!

Before I get to the nosy part of this interview, tell us a bit about you.

Hi everyone!

I’m an Australian writer of sweet and steamy romantic escapes. My books always have a happy ending, because there’s no guarantee of getting that in real life, and sometimes it’s just nice to know things are going to end well. I have three children, and a very supportive husband who is the only reason I’m able to find enough time to write books! He also provides the inspiration for my heroes. 😉

Author Bio: Heather Kinnane is the author of the romantic fantasy series, ‘A Faery Dream’, and the steamy menage series ‘Seeking Satisfaction’. She lives in Australia with her husband, children and pets, in a house in the bush. When she’s not writing she’s usually avoiding the housework by reading, gardening, or soaking up the natural world. Sometimes she’s lucky enough to be visited by echidnas, sugar gliders, or wedge-tailed eagles.

Okay, let’s begin.

My writing area at the moment is a corner of the couch in my living room. What does your writing space look like?

Ha – my writing space is often a corner of the couch, too! I am trying to be a little more organized this year though, so I’ve reclaimed the small upstairs office from my children (who discovered all the arty and crafty bits in the cupboards and took over), and am enjoying having a bit of space where I can spread out and know I (mostly) won’t be disturbed.

For a lot of writer’s it’s a life-altering event coming up with titles and character names. Others it comes as naturally as breathing. Which is it for you?

Titles and names are so difficult for me! It’s very rare that they just fall into place, mostly I spend ages agonizing over them, and changing them a billion times before I settle on something. I’m envious of those who can find names and titles easily. Wish it were contagious!

What advice would you offer aspiring and new writers?

Keep writing. It’s a bit cliché but honestly – the only way to be published is to keep going. Perseverance is the key.

The constant shift of the industry makes me often scratch my head and ask ‘what next?’ So, what do you think it takes to be a successful author at the moment?

I’m not sure I know how to answer that one! So tricky! Like you say – there’s a constant shift – always new things to try. And then you have to be careful that the trying new things doesn’t steal away precious writing time (with three kids any moment I can get to myself is precious – I’ve got to be careful how I spend it!). I guess this answer is a bit the same as above – just keep writing. If you’re writing good stories, the readers will find you (eventually).

Who would you like to meet in the publishing industry- dead or alive- and why?

It would be great to meet Stephen King! I love his work – The Dark Tower in particular is one of my all-time favourite series.

It’s time for 3 in 1! I’ll ask the questions and you answer them in one word. 😆

Favorite animal? Cat

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? Autumn

Favorite food? Chocolate

Well done! And for those who question her answer, CHOCOLATE IS A FOOD GROUP! 😉

Okay, Flash four. Ready? What are you working on now?

I wrote a novella during Nanowrimo last year, and I’m working my way through that at the moment… it’s a re-telling of the old Scottish Ballad of Tam Lin – awesome heroine saves her lover from the Fairy Realm. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going, so far.

What are you sharing today?

My newest release is the third in my ‘A Faery Dream’ series – ‘Nerida’s Story’ – though this one is focusing on a different character, so it works as a stand-alone too.

Nerida’s whole life has been focused on preparing for one thing – to be Consort to the King of Faery. She’s kept herself distant, awaiting the day when the King would be found and she would take her place beside him.

But there is no King. Instead, Nyssa is now Queen, with Kellen, Nerida’s brother, as her Consort.

Nerida has never felt so lost in her life.

When Imradon appears, he brings out feelings Nerida thought she’d never experience. But fighting against a lifetime of conditioning is hard, and then there’s the big question: does she want a partner, or is she just looking for something—anything—to fill this terrible emptiness?

A Faery Dream 3: Nerida’s Story, can be read as stand-alone or part of the series. 

Where can we find you and your books?

Nerida’s Story can be found here:



My website:

My amazon page:

Where will you be next?

I’m hanging out on Twitter at the moment

But you can also find me on Patreon ( – with lots of deleted scenes, and early glimpses of what I’m working on, and plenty of other things too. 😊  

Thank you so much for playing along Heather! Wishing you much luck with your book and writing. I hope you’ll come visit again one day.

Thank you so much for having me Calisa! I had so much fun – already looking forward to catching up again next time. 😊


Calisa Rhose presents~ February2018 UnCover Monthly~ and a new posting date #submityourcovers #MFRWauthors #Coverlove


Welcome one and all!

I still need lots and lots of covers to share for 2018, so I’m leaving this invitation up until I send out an email begging for your covers! 😆

Apologies, I don’t post erotic/a, or anything above a heat level 4 in content or cover. You will find everything you need to show the world your covers at this link:

Please, consider submitting your covers, and I’d appreciate if you would share this link to January’s UCM showcase with your loops and groups.

The next post will go live at 12:01 a.m. (CMT) Monday, February 12. We’d love to see new faces in the comments and in the showcase as we move together into a brand new year.

Thank you!!! 

Back to business! Welcome to Pen of the Dreamer, where I welcome guest authors with their beautiful covers on UnCover Monthly! I’ve changed the days I post this feature to the second Monday of each month, instead of the first Monday.

Go HERE to get the application, read carefully, then hurry and submit your covers! Remember, the early bird gets the prime slots. 😀

For now, enjoy more awesome cover art by the incredible authors and artists who make them possible for you to gaze upon each month.

It would be great if you leave a comment letting everyone know what you think about them and maybe even check out a few author links to meet those behind the books. Or just say hi. Don’t forget to tell your friends to stop by so they can appreciate some greatness, or get in on the fun, too!

This feature is only to highlight the authors and artists, instead of the actual book (though if you see one you want to buy I’m sure the authors won’t mind 😆 ). Enjoy this months’ covers to ogle and explore. If there is one provided, you can follow the artist links by clicking on the name, if there’s an artist link provided, to learn more about the amazing creators of these beautiful covers.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: A Relative Matter

Author: Karen Cogan


Genre: Historical Romance

Length: Novel

Heat Level: 1

Publisher: Karen Cogan

Cover Artist: N/A

Release date: May 23, 2015

In this sweet Regency romance, life in India is idyllic for Anne Tyler and her younger brother, Jeremy until the deaths of their parents shatter their world. They are sent to England to live with a grandfather that neither remembers. However, as the years pass, the kindly man proves a balm for their wounded hearts. His death, when it comes, is a cruel blow.

Though his will leaves the estate to Jeremy, the boy is not yet of age. His grandfather’s nephew, a man with a mysterious past, is named guardian of the property

and soon arrives to take up his duty. Unfortunately, the man has a son who is both evil and cunning. Since he stands to inherit the estate should Jeremy die, he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the property.

Murder and threats of murder soon haunt their every move. Standing between them and disaster is the handsome Lord Westerfield, a man who promises to defend Anne and Jeremy, even at risk to his own life.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Druid Warrior Prince,

Celtic Stewards Chronicles, Bk #3

Author: Juli D. Revezzo


Genre: Medieval Romance

Length: Novel

Heat Level: 2

Publisher: Raven Queen Publications

Cover artist: Raven Queen Publications

Release date: October 16, 2017

Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected.
When a foreign guardian presents himself as her only option for salvation, Gwenevieve must make a choice between her desires, and fulfilling the mythic fate to which she was born. A forced marriage to a Tuatha dé Danann warrior isn’t part of her plan.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Lady of Steel

 Bk 1, Medieval Ladies

 Author: Mary Gillgannon


Genre: historical romance

Length: Novel

Heat Level:

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Cover artist: Debbie Taylor

Release date: January 10, 2018

One rapturous hour sparks unforgettable passion between Lady Nicola and Fawkes de Cressy. But when Fawkes returns from Crusade, he finds Nicola enmeshed in a dark web of castle intrigue. Surrounded by enemies, the battle-hardened knight and the aloof, wary woman must rebuild the bond between them. Or a sinister plot will destroy them both.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Nerida’s Story,

A Faery Dream 3

Author: Heather Kinnane


Genre: Romance

Length: Novella

Heat Level: 1

Publisher: Feathery Wings Publishing

Cover artist: Olivia Pro Design

Release date: March 15, 2018

Nerida’s whole life has been focused on preparing for one thing – to be Consort to the King of Faery. She’s kept herself distant, awaiting the day when the King would be found and she would take her place beside him.

But there is no King. Instead, Nyssa is now Queen, with Kellen, Nerida’s brother, as her Consort.

Nerida has never felt so lost in her life.

When Imradon appears, he brings out feelings Nerida thought she’d never experience. But fighting against a lifetime of conditioning is hard, and then there’s the big question: does she want a partner, or is she just looking for something—anything—to fill this terrible emptiness?

*A Faery Dream 3: Nerida’s Story, can be read as stand-alone or part of the series. 


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Stars in the Morning,

Landmarks Series, The Erie Canal

Author: Laura Strickland


Genre: Historical Romance.

Length: Novel

Heat Level: 4

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Cover artist: R. J. Morris

Release date: October 6, 2017

Accused of ruining Mae Ballard and faced with a shotgun wedding, Jefferson Lind knows exactly who’s to blame. He’s been taking the fall for Jedediah’s sins as long as he can remember. Mae’s a shrieking shrew, and he hasn’t seen Jed, his identical twin, since they worked digging the Erie Canal together. If he’d been ordered to marry Mae’s sweet younger sister Rosie, instead, he sure wouldn’t complain.

Rosie’s the only member of her family who believes Jeff, and she’d go to any lengths to free him from her sister’s clutches. But when Jedediah turns up with violent thugs on his tail, things quickly grow more dangerous. Gamblers from Buffalo seize both sisters as hostages, prompting a daring impersonation. Can Jeff and Jed shed their troubled past and win the hearts of the women they love?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Title: Turn to Her,

Bk 2, The Brothers Series

Author: Lynn Kellan


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Novel, 173 pages

Heat Level: 4- hot- sex

Publisher: Lynn Kellan

Cover artist: Ida- Amygdala

Release date: December 13, 2017

Ivan Antonov is a bona fide genius, with more patents than any graduate student on campus. Everyone thinks he’s just a brain with no heart, and maybe they’re right. Whenever he opens up, anger spews out. He’s tired of being used for his intellect, tired of fixing everyone else’s problems, and tired of the women’s groups that spew man-hate all over campus. Before he graduates, he’s going to dismantle The Women’s Grid and anything else like it.

His quest inadvertently targets Tia Garcia, the gorgeous psychology intern who lives next door to Ivan. She’s all about helping women become self-sufficient, and she’s agreed to participate in her colleague’s ground-breaking experiment. The experiment pairs her up with Ivan, the brawny neighbor who is difficult to read. He’s sexy as heck, but he insists that her women-only seminars need to include men. If she can’t preserve her program’s integrity, she might lose the post-doctoral job she wants.

There’s a reason why Ivan is determined to defund programs like hers, but he can’t tell her why. If he does, he’ll have to admit that one night, he wasn’t so smart after all. So he buries the truth and works like hell to redeem himself. While he’s at it, he’ll stop the ruthless group of people who want to tear him down, but what could be more heartless than targeting the only woman who wants to read him right?

And what could be more stupid than falling in love with a woman who’s smart enough to figure out his darkest secret?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I want to thank all the authors who submit their covers

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Calisa Rhose Presents ~ Heather Kinnane


Welcome to the Ranch and visiting my guest and crit partner, Heather Kinnane! I’m locking Heather in the round pen for the day to share insights on sequels so grab a donut and coffee and let’s listen. 🙂

Unexpected Sequels

In August this year I finally celebrated the publication of my first book. It’s an ebook, a short romantic fantasy at just over 16,000 words, titled A Faery Dream.

AFaeryDreamFinalmedA Faery Dream is the story of 30-something year old Melissa, who has always felt different. For months she’s been dreaming of the particularly sexy Kellen, all the while trying to work out whether her struggling relationship with Tom is worth saving. She decides it isn’t, and just as she does so Kellen steps from her dreams into her reality, with secrets of the past, and explanations for why she’s always felt so out of place – her mother was one of the Fae, and Melissa has a faery name, Nyssa. Kellen is keen for Melissa to return to the Faery Realm with him, but he doesn’t tell Melissa everything, and in holding back he risks not only their relationship but the future of all the Fae.

A Faery Dream was always going to be stand alone. When I got to the end of it (on all of my drafts), I was convinced there was no more – what else could I write that the reader couldn’t imagine? A Happy Ever After was inevitable, there was simply nothing more of the story to tell.

It seems I was wrong.

After it was published, the reviews began to trickle in. They had two things in common, a love of the story (*phew* – author wipes her brow), and a conviction there should be more to it. “I hope it’s a prelude to a full novel,” one reviewer said. “I want more, more, more,” said another. I have to admit I dismissed the first comment – from a friend – who said they hoped for more, but when others felt the same it seems at least my muse was listening, even if I wasn’t.

Approximately three days after A Faery Dream was published, my muse hit me with an opening scene, and once I started I couldn’t stop. Fast forward to around three weeks later, and the first draft of what is presently titled A Faery Dream 2 (I know – totally original 😛 Of course, the name will most likely change in some way by the time it’s published) was finished at 40,000 words. I can’t really tell you much about A Faery Dream 2 without giving away the end of A Faery Dream, but I can say that it does continue Nyssa and Kellen’s story.  

Once it was written I left it for a month, and now I’ve opened the file again, for the editing to begin. I’m about half way through the first edit – there will be at least two passes before it’s handed over to my trusty beta-readers for their keen eagle-eyes to find any problems, and then another pass or two (or more) before I’ll submit it to my publishers, so there’s going to be a bit of a wait yet.

But there’s a lesson for writers in this, I think, that a story is never over, even when you’re certain it is. And perhaps there’s a lesson for readers too – if you love a story so much you want more, let the author know – even if she/he doesn’t plan on adding to the tale, maybe their muse is listening, and will fulfill that wish for you! 🙂

And if you’d like to read some more of those reviews, or buy the book, check out A Faery Dream on Amazon: or AmazonUK:

A Faery Dream is also available at All Romance eBooks:

And of course at SteameReads:

HeatherJensen11.05.13Author Bio: Heather Kinnane writes steamy stories in almost every genre, though fantasy realms with all their magical possibilities have always been her favourite setting.She lives with her partner, two children and a variety of pets in the idyllic island state of Tasmania, Australia, and spends her spare time (when not writing, or being a mother) reading or walking through the lush Tasmanian bush, which gives her inspiration for many of her fantasy writings. Her debut novella, A Faery Dream, was published by SteameReads in August this year and is available from Amazon, All Romance eBooks and of course at


 Thanks for that interesting look at sequels, Heather! Good luck with your books. 🙂

Dodadagohvi~ until we meet again