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Wednesday Wrap-up ~ What is HP? Let’s ask the publisher!

Maybe I should ask “who” is HP?


I’m manning the grill today! 😆

HeneryPressLogosquI have an epublisher (owner) with me for Wednesday Wrap Up, where I invite industry professionals to gather at the Ranch and share their expertise! Please show Kendel Flaum some Ranch love as she discusses what Henery Press publishes and how you could publish with this breakout romantic suspense ebook company!

Kendel was also kind enough to bring a few of their book’s cover art for us to drool over. What do you think of these? Personally, I think they are different and fun! 🙂

1. Why only suspense?

We actually take all genres/subgenres in mystery, thriller, and suspense, plus chick lit, women’s fiction and romance. We just put a really fabulous romance series under contract – 4 books, all lightly connected through their secondary characters. The first comes out this July (just in time for RWA Atlanta). Though our first love is mystery.

Fatality2. Do you see any big changes in the future for HP? If so, what kind?

We’re growing our Hen House strong, but steady. Nothing major up ahead, but we’re always adding programs and promotions (like our innovated eCards and Pin It to Win It contests).

3. Do you think HP will ever take other genres?DoubleWhammy

We’ll probably always stick close to what we know. It helps us build a synergy amongst readers and our authors.

4. What subgenres do you accept?

I’d say pretty much all subgenres except erotica, and anything that veers into fantasy. Light paranormal romance and mystery is fun (think magical not vampires). 

5. What types of story tropes are you looking for?

This one’s tough to answer, but I can say this: I’m truly looking for a tightly-written story with excellent pacing, original metaphors, snappy dialog, and page-turning tension.

6. Are there stories topics or subgenres you haven’t gotten that you would like to see cross your desk?

I’m still waiting for a magical mystery to plop onto my subs pile!

7. Any advice for those who might want to submit to HP?

Take your time. Publishing calendars fill up, but there will always be spots open – for every month that passes, the next month opens. Make sure your submission is as ready as is can be – if you’ve revised it twenty-five times, sent it out to betas a half-dozen times, polished it, tightened it, and polished it again. Scour for typos and mistakes.

Follow the submission instructions. Every agent/editor has different ones, and you wouldn’t believe how many folks just ignore them (those subs don’t even get a glance).

Most of all, be yourself. Let your personality pop in your writing and your sub package, and it will shine!

ABOUT HENERY PRESSperf5.500x8.500.indd

Henery Press is an independent publisher in the mystery/suspense genre focused on engaging stories with sharp twists and lively characters. We want every reader to enjoy a captivating story written by a talented author wrapped in a pretty package.

All books are available in digital format (ebooks), print (trade paperbacks) and eCards and may be found in popular outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Copia, Kobo, iBookstore, as well as your favorite independent bookshop or local library.

Our eCards are like ebook gift cards – they look just like plastic gift cards with snazzy graphics on the front and the book description on the back. There’s a unique code on the back, just type it into the redemption box on the Henery Press website, and you can download the ebook file (epub or Kindle) and start reading in minutes!  Every Henery Press title is also available as an ecard – authors find them to be great giveaway and promotional items, and sell them alongside paperbacks at signings…

We pay royalties to our authors while offering editorial guidance, engaging cover artwork and a structured turn-key social media strategy. We’ve got high expectations up here in the Hen House!

Whether you’re swiftly turning the paper page or quickly tapping the turn page button, we hope we’ve whisked you away to someplace mysterious or dramatic, and always fascinating. Happy reading!


Kendel Flaum is a Southern California native who now parks her flip flops in Dallas, Texas. Deciding to combine her fifteen years of entrepreneurial savvy and over a decade of designing, writing, and editorial experience, she launched Henery Press, an independent publishing house focused on mystery, suspense, and romance. As managing editor, she’s always looking for gripping tales with surprising scenes and clever dynamics, from cozies and crime capers to paranormals and PIs. She’s got a coop full of award-winners and nominees in the Hen House, and just loves finding a gem in the slush pile.

Thank you for coming and sharing your electronic publishing company with us, Kendel! Maybe I can convince you to do a blog pitch in the future.

For now,