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We’re All Ears: June Inspiration #Lisa’sPieces #jewelry


For my regular fans and friends, you know me for my writing. I’m currently on a sort of forced/self-induced hiatus from writing while I deal with some personal issues. But you don’t know I also create jewelry with beads, wire and polymer clay. Since I don’t want you to think I’ve disappeared I thought I’d share this other aspect of me. 🙂

It’s my other passion and I’m going to be showcasing some items I make for Lisa’s Pieces (my jewelry designer name) here until I get my jewelry blog set up. Today is the first time I decided to join with a site called Earrings Everyday for their We’re All Ears blog hop challenge. The host loves earrings, handmade jewelry and each month she posts a photo for inspiration and invites others to use that inspiration to create gorgeous, unusual and original earrings. This is something that appealed to me.



The instant I looked at the June image, which you can see on her site here, I knew what I wanted to make. The swirls drew me in, but it was the top skylight that I focused on with my Cherokee heritage in mind. It looks like a dream catcher to me, and I love dream catchers! So, I decided to keep the swirly aspect and add a dream catcher to my earrings.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve had the pair of silver feathers forever and didn’t know how I wanted to use them until this project. They are perfect, don’t you think? Then I added the mother of pearl birds to the top because my husband thought they needed a little something extra. I agree. 🙂

I used 20 gauge wire and formed a swirl, then tweaked it to the size I wanted and added size .08 Toho beads in black and clear. Since I used black beads and black string to make the dream catcher you can’t see the string in a picture unless I put a piece of paper behind it. It might have been better to use white string. I didn’t, but as you can see with the paper in there… I was able to sew in tiny dream catchers into the bottom of the pieces to attach the feathers to.

I call these “Spiraling Dream”.

It’s been fun participating in this adventure! You can see what others have created using the same inspiring image by scrolling to the bottom of the host post here:

I hope you’ll join me for some of my creations and as soon as I have the jewelry site set up I’ll add a link here to get to it.

Until then,