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Grasshoppers, monkeys and Irish men! ~ Calisa Rhose


I have to welcome a new friend, Lyrical Press sister and lovely woman, Cristal Ryder!

I’ll be reading her book so asked her to bring it with her. I know it’s not what I typically post but I had to break the rules this once to show such an awesome cover. I love the sensuality portrayed! Ok, so it’s damn sexy! So beware H.O.T. alert warning for what’s below!

 Cristal also brought a little something-something to share with you all so I’ll turn it over to her now. 🙂

Hello there!

I’m excited to be here with Calisa on her blog. Since we’re around St. Paddy’s Day I thought I’d share a recipe. A drink one. That’s green 🙂  Oh, why not eh? (oops, is that the Canadian coming out in me?)

In 1985, so long ago, in a land far far away I stayed on a small little island called Navini off the coast of western Fiji. It was glorious. You could walk around the island in 20 minutes. We played volleyball at 5:00 on the dot every day, and it was competitive, I might add. We lounged and lazed under the Fijian sun. Took boat trips to other little islands and frolicked in the tropical waters.


But at night, well, a whole different ball of wax. We had fabulous foods, lovo’s – like the Hawaiian luau – and drank kava. But one drink we had that you can get here, was the most delish down there, maybe it was all about the location. Anyway, I’ll share it with you on this blog because it’s GREEN! The recipe below is the exact words the bartender wrote out for me (except for the ice cream comment).


1 nip creme de menthe

1/2 nip creme de cacao

Ice cream – fill your boots because she doesn’t say how much!

Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend. Pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

Since we’ve talked about booze and St. Paddy’s day is right around the corner! (CR-Behind us now 🙂) How about something else a little fun. It’s so dead easy too.

Monkey Bread

3 cans Pillsbury biscuits

Syrup    – 1/4 cup white sugar

                – 3/4 cup brown sugar

                – 3/4 c butter

Mix        – 5 tbs white sugar

                – 3 tsp cinnamon

Cut biscuits into quarters

Shake with sugar mix until well coated and place in greased bundt pan

Shake remaining mix over top

Bring syrup to a rolling boil and pour over biscuits

Bake 350 for 30 minutes

Turn onto plate, pull apart and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these recipes and I’m always ready to share some more! Oh, and fyi, a story I have coming soon with Ellora’s Cave has a sexy Irish hero in it 😉 called Midnight Dream Lover. It will be in the third anthology volume of erotic spoofs Fondled and Gobbled. Click here to see the second one that I have a story in.


A little bit about me. I’m published with Ellora’s Cave, Sybarite Seductions and Lyrical Press. I write steamy romance and if you like cowboys, chefs, wine and spicy lovin’ you can find me at any of the links below.!/CristalRyder

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Ooh-la-la! Thank you for these delicious sounding recipes and the HOT cover. With those, who needs a fireplace?

And because I like variety, I believe a good thing can always be good in different formats, or recipes, if any of you have a variation of her recipes, we’d love to have you share it in a comment.