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Six Sentence Sunday


Whether it’s your first visit, or you’re a returning glutton for punishment, WELCOME  to Six Sentence Sunday in the Round Pen here on the Ranch! 😀

I missed out last week on 6SS due to family stuff. This week will be the last of In the Mists of the Mind at least for a while. Not sure what I’ll surprise you with next week, but whenever my new book gets farther along, I’ll share pieces of my newest contracted book with you. 

In case some of you haven’t heard, I sold my contemporary short novel, Perfect Dr. Viv, newly titled Risk Facotrs, to Lyrical Press, Inc. last week! I got a tentative release of March 2013 yesterday. 😎

For now here’s another peek at Chelcie and Dray. To set the scene up a little. She goes looking for her love and runs into a strange man who follows her. Chelcie is suspicious of Dray’s brother, having never met him and worried the enemy is closing in on her after a series of events. In her fear she (and Dray) discovers a new gift. One that could get Dray killed.

In a moment all sense of reason fled, after exiting the car, to see his brother fly through the air and land in a broken heap a fair distance from Chelcie.

Forcing his body to work, he reached her in a matter of seconds, “What the hell are you doing?”

A slight flick of her wrist rooted his feet to the ground as surely as if he’d grown roots. Her eyes were wild, flittering here and there over him.

She backed away and glanced toward where Colin still lay. A prayer for Colin’s life was in order.

I hope you enjoy this entry. Don’t forget to check out other participants by clicking the logo at the top of this page. See ya next week! 🙂


Contest: HELP! I need an opening scene!


I’m in a rambling mood this morning, trying to transfer the mood to my WIP. Not happening so far, but the muse is tugging at me. You may know, or remember me blogging, about my cowboy story I began last September. It was prompted by an ALL CALL from Wild Rose Press for novellas to go into a new series, Honky Tonk Hearts–the first two of these releases this month! I read the word cowboy and my ears perked up, my muse’s ears perked. Why? Because at that time it had been more than a year since I’d been able to enjoy the smooth sex appeal and charm of a cowboy!

My last was Healing Whispers, Tanner Royal. How many remember him and Tobi Star? I got a request for the partial by an editor at Harlequin SE… What happened with that, you ask? Absolutely nothing. After nearly two years I’m still waiting to hear back on that submission. 😦 Email? Oh, I have…twice. No response is forthcoming so far, not even nearly a year after my second email. Try again? Maybe, or maybe I’ll just submit HW elsewhere. I like the sound of that. True, it wouldn’t be Harlequin, but does that really matter as long as a quality publisher prints my book? I don’t think so.

What does this peek into the dismal past have to do with my ramblings today? I’ll tell ya.

I was trying to sleep last night and as it happens, too often, my characters came to stretch out beside me. Pillow hogs, I tell ya’ll! So there we lay, Nick on my left, Haley on the right…she insisted to lie next to my hubby, not that I blame her. I’m trying to sleep, they want to gab. Typical.

Hero doesn’t think he’s cut out to be a sheriff and heroine doesn’t like how they meet up again after eight years. WTH???

He has to be in law enforcement and there’s already a built in Marshal in the series. That leaves the position of sheriff in Jasper, Tx open for Nick James. He finally concedes. Now he’s agreeing with Haley that how they meet for the first time needs to be more…monumental…memorable. And I agree. Damnit.

So rather than writing their new meeting, I’m writing this blog post. I have a very good reason for this though. It’s helping me. Yep. Blogging is helping me be creative and productive. See, I don’t have a clue how these two should meet now and I’m hoping I’ll have an epiphany as I blog about it. 🙂

Nope. Nothing coming to me so far. I am hoping to get this story finished by April’s end. Maybe ya’ll would like to chime in?

How would you like to see a hero and heroine, high school sweethearts, meet again after years apart, and a split that was less than mutual? Keep in mind that, though not a comedy writer, I do try to add a certain amount of light, tasteful humor in my books, so pretty much any scenario, even the outrageous, will be considered! And Haley is something of a sasspot.

I won’t be sitting here waiting for inspiration, or the winning entry, to strike. I’ll be moving forward from where I left off. 

I’ll announce the winner at the end of April and post the new beginning, along with the winner’s name, in the “Excerpts” section of my website (hover your cursor over The Corral tab) sometime in the future, once I incorporate it into the book. I’m thinking *when* BTTWWW is published I’ll give a free copy to the winner of this blog! 

So leave your suggestions in the comments, tell your friends&family/facebook/tweet/email the contest to help spread the word from now to April 30th and let’s have some fun!


It’s a Tweet-a-licious Day!


I was trying to find something to blog about this week- until my special guest blog on the 19th- and then came this fabulous event. Though my book HOME isn’t out yet I am a Wild Rose Press author, so I’m in this!

Copied from the wise and talented TWRP author Clover Autrey‘s blog.

Wednesday, July 13th (that’s tomorrow!) The Wild Rose Press authors are taking it to the Twitterverse.
A full fun day of tweeting our blurbs, favorite lines and whatever.

So fellow Roses, here’s how it works:

1st, post your blurb or longer favorite lines or whatever to your blog or website.

2nd, decide what line you want to tweet. Can’t be longer than 140 characters, but I’d go even shorter like 120 in case someone wants to add something like: gr8 cover! or luv this one!

3rd, make sure you add the #TWRP hashtag within the message so we can all find each other and readers will also see it and hopefully join in and look for others.

(Other hashtags you can use are #favlines #blurbs #makeupyourown or use your specific genre hashtags. I might use #fantasy #romance #ya #youngadult or #paranormal

Here’s an example of mine:
#TWRP #favlines “Cal. Don’t move.” Cal glanced up and into the barrel of his older brother’s shotgun. ~C the pretty boy cover

Except, wait a minute. That tweet is long and clunky once I added the url to amazon. So I need to shorten that.

Here’s how to shorten long urls. Highlight the url. Control C to copy it.
Next go to or and paste (Control V) the long url into the “shorten links” box. Press “shorten” and voila, the long url link is now a short url link. Copy and paste that into your message line.

Now here’s how my tweet message will look:

#TWRP #favlines. “Cal. Don’t move.” Cal glanced up and into the barrel of his older brother’s shotgun.~ C the pretty boy cover 

If you click on both the long and short links, you’ll see they both take you to the same place. (And while you’re there if you want to like and tag my new book I’ll be thrilled–did I just do an advertisement? Yes, I believe I did.)

4th, Now you’re ready to tweet. On the 13th, send your message out into the T-verse. Make sure to add your #TWRP hashtag. Then type that hashtag into your twitter searchbar or you can also hover over that hashtag on your own message or anyone else’s, press enter, and it will take you to an entire list of tweeters using our #TWRP hashtag.

5th, On Wed, Retweet any of the messages that catch your eye. (Hover the mouse over the message and the reply and retweet boxes will appear) If there’s room add a message of your own along with. Also if you feel like it, follow their links and comment on their blogs, or like and tag their amazon pages, or whatever. Generally, just spread the love.

**So how can non #TWRP peeps enjoy this? Retweet, help get names, books, word out there and along the way discover a whole passel of new books to add to your own TBR pile! There’s a lot of authors to choose from- or just pick from them all. Have fun! 

It’s gonna be a great day.

Don’t forget to return on July 19th when I’ll have the awesome HQ/Mills and Boon Medical debut author, Wendy S. Marcus visiting on her blog tour. Find out 5 little known but fun things about her!


You found me!

Osiyo! Hello!

You found me!

Welcome to my new (and improved?) Blog! Under my new and improved pen name, Calisa Rhose.

I hope you like the new site, complete with what I’m writing now and working on sporadically at other times. Please grab a sweet treat and a glass of your favorite beverage and take a tour. You can Meet Me- learn a fun fact about me. See what I have In The Fire-out with publishers right now. In Write Now you’ll see what I’m currently working on, or check the nested pages for extras. Learn What Else I dabble in when not writing contemporary romances that melt your heart and sizzle your blood. And see what News & Promos might be going on.

Or you can email me just to say hi, or to let me know what you’d like to see in my new blog, or on the site as a whole.
I’ll be having a contest very soon to give away some books, so be sure to return often to get in on the fun!

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Dodadagohvi~ Until we meet again