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Lovely Blog Award recipients


Alyson Reuben

Kat Henry Doran

Jannine Gallant

Ceri Hebert

Jennifer Jakes

Ruth A. Casie

Jennifer Daiker

Aj Nuest

Joelene Coleman

Joya Fields

Your name is on this list because I’ve visited and re-visited your blogs and enjoyed each trip! All you have to do to walk away with a Lovely Blog Award is:

1. Mention my blog with a link back to it.

2. Regift the award to ten (10) lovely and deserving bloggers (hint: visit and make sure they don’t already have it- unless you want to give them a second one- there’s no rule as to how many a blog can have.;) )

3. Email your awardees to let them know they have an awaard awaiting them on your blog. Post their instructions so they can link back to your blog!

4. Tweet and/or facebook your new award with my blog link to direct visitors back here!

Done with those? Great!

Here’s your award! Be sure you post it to your blog side bar for all to see!

I wish I could give more than ten at once. Who makes these rules? 🙂 If you aren’t on this list- it is absolutely NOT because I don’t think you have a lovely blog!

Congrats to those who receive the award!