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Spooky Truth or Fiction ~ Calisa Rhose


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I remember one year my sister, brother and I got to go trick-or-treating with my cousin and aunt. I recall how excited, but a little scared I was to be in the dark with my aunt in a strange town. Now this might seem odd and you may be chuckling, but you don’t know my aunt.

She was my mother’s baby sister, and where my mom and the middle sister grew up average women, Auntie went…her own way.

I’m a fan of that show, TRUTH OR FICTION, where they show three or four short stories of supernatural or questionable events and you’re supposed to guess whether they are true or false. I usually get them all wrong. 😆 But that gave me an idea for this post, and to keep from getting sued (or worse!) I’ve made my own mother and her two sisters as the subjects–so here goes…

Truth or fiction?

  1. Auntie liked her candles and often talks about visiting the Faith Healers on a regular basis. She’s given me remedies to heal a curse that involves throwing a blessed coin into the sea as she repeated a chant three (or five?) times. For me, this thought conjure images of a cloaked woman, dark hair blowing wildly from the edges of a huge hood, wide skirt billowing around her legs, as she strolls on a jagged cliff high above crashing waves…

I can almost hear her chanting the secret words the Faith Healer told her to before throwing the coin into the murky depths below.

  1. Auntie also told me to put a room temperature, raw egg under the bed of a sick person to draw out the fever–which will hard boil the egg.
  1. Auntie will do almost anything to prevent her picture taken (though she’s had her familial moments lol), because she claims every time (my) picture is taken, a little piece of my soul is stolen.
  1. She told me about a boyfriend who cheated on her once when I was around ten years old. At some point after that he was arrested for some misdemeanor. The next morning the man supposedly awoke in the jail cell, with bruises and sore all over and claimed “someone I couldn’t see beat me up all night.”

I guess Halloween doesn’t mean as much to me because I lived it daily day growing up.

But auntie wasn’t the only special one in my family.

My mother had her gifts too. I told the story last year of her guardian angel and the first time I saw him. Well, let me tell you about another talent she possessed before her death. I got her to sit and do a partial card reading for me when I was eighteen. I don’t remember the results of that reading, probably because ever since I was entranced by the story she told me that day. She would only do a partial readings, and then only if the cards fell right. If they didn’t she’d take them back and walk away.


I don’t pretend to understand how card readings work, but the story is that when I was around eight months old my mom read for her middle sister for fun one day. They laughed as one card after another revealed horrible details. My aunt would be in a car, in rain, and run off a bridge  and die before her twenty-fifth birthday.

  1. Less than a month later my aunt and her husband got into a fight that to this day is conflicted and mysterious, the events following that argument even more suspect and sketchy.

In the end it was my cousin, only four at the time, who revealed a mystery. According to my cousin (who claims no knowledge of this conversation today), that my uncle deliberately drove off a little bridge a few miles from their house, in a rain storm. The three kids, nor her husband were injured, but her neck was broken. Her death was recorded as accidental. Her twenty-fifth birthday came a few days after her funeral.

So what about me, you might ask? I’ve already admitted to seeing my mother’s guardian angel. That’s as far as I’ll go here.

Now for the fun part.

Do you believe these stories really happened? Why? Why not? I’ll reveal the answers on the 31st!

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