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Calisa Rhose ~ Stressed Over Stress


Happy 4th of July to my American friends! Yeah, I know it’s early, but I changed my Ranch décor and wanted to share with you all. 😆

WordStressI’ve been thinking about stress today. I stress out over everything from what to wear to the dr. (I had my bi-annual mammogram Monday) to whether hubby is getting too hot at work, to how long my horse might live-he’s twenty-one this spring. I know, I’m pathetic. LOL

But it got me thinking about stress and the affects it has on us. Headaches, nervous energy, that isn’t really energy at all as adrenaline with nowhere to go, mood swings–ok, that could be hormones–and irritability, which could also be attributed to hormones…

I mean, what am I supposed to do about housework that is not getting done, laundry–hubby has already said he Sunbatherrefuses to go to work in his birthday suit. I don’t know why! A little sun never hurt anyone. *shrugs* Okay, maybe he doesn’t look like that anymore, but in my eyes he still does. 🙂 And he doesn’t lay around looking sexy and drool-worthy all day, he’s in remodel and construction, but still–

PCStressAnyway, I’m trying not to allow myself to stress over everything and that’s hard. I try getting away from the house to relax, but then I worry about FIL at home. What if some clueless driver hits my car and I can’t get home and something happens? It never ends. I can (and do) stress over stressing. I’m the best stresser there will ever be. I should be bald! 🙂

I stress about my writing, not getting word count down, what I should say on Facebook or Twitter and how much time I don’t spend on G+, or Pinterest and how little I seem to do with my account (I knew that was a bad idea for someone like me!), what promotional tools work, and which don’t, and how I can improve on the ones I do have. I forget about Triberr for days at a time! Yeah, another bad idea for me. :/ Sorry Tribemates, kick me out now! Please?

StressSmileyAll this stress! Oy. The worst part is half the time I don’t even realize I’m stressing. But I know I could alleviate at least some of it if I would just shut my brain down and BICHOK. But then I stress over interruptions at crucial moments…that can’t happen IF I DON’T WRITE! And before I know it a day has wasted and all I have to show for it is…nothing. Wait… Does three pages count?TigerSwim

Face it. We are made to stress. That’s what says we’re alive and caring people. That’s my theory. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t sweat anything. Right? So my question to you is, what do you do to de-stress and does it work?

Thanks for stopping by to witness my meltdown. I adore you all. 😀