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Calisa Rhose ~ Heads up about Tuesday’s SPECIAL Guest! #MFRW #surpriseguest #hint


WhoisBNSorry, initials is the only hint you get for who my special, special, SPECIAL!!! guest will be September 15th. Curious?

Although, I will add that she’s a very BIG NAME author and (other than the obvious ones, my pub-house sisters/brothers) my favorite suspense author. I was sucked into her amazing world when I read her “Perfect” trilogy several years back. I was flying to California and blogged about my reading choices, Michelle Willingham’s (then) new release, or The Perfect Liar. I chose TPL as my flight read and discovered it was actually book 2 in the trilogy that changed my reading life for the better. When I got home I got the other two books and they all remain on my Keeper Shelf.

Yes, I know that was more than another couple of hints. I’m horrible at keeping my own secrets! I’m also horrible at buying people gifts early and holding them until the celebrations they’re for. LOL But go ahead, click that link. I challenge you to see who is visiting, and then NOT come by Tuesday to say hi yourself! 😆

Do you want to know who is visiting the Ranch? I’ll bet you do (if you haven’t figured it out already). She’s got a surprise of her own that you’ll have to come by to find out about. 😀

We can’t wait to ‘see’ you at the Ranch for Tuesday Round Up! 😉horses_chestnut_grey

Until then, I’d love to hear your guesses in comments.