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The Ranch Makeover


Hello friends! I know, I know. It’s been a while since my last post…from me, I mean. I have to take a moment to thank all my lovely and handsome guests of late- and those to visit in the near and far future, as well. What would I be without all of you?

So I wanted to let you know that I will not be back to my regular irregular posting just yet. I’ll share the whys because they are quite exciting! 😀 Okay, maybe not quite exciting, but exciting…to me, and I hope to you.

First of all my Blogging News: I have decided to (attempt to) keep a better list of the wonderful guests upcoming on the Ranch and where I will be hanging out when not here on my Ranch. This news is here and will remain in the same location under the News & Fun tab above. I’ll be cleaning it up, dusting out the cobwebs of old news and sprucing it up with fresh information, a new guest list. I have some great posts on the Ranch’s horizon that I can’t wait to share with all of you! Don’t worry, if you want to keep track of when you- or someone you stalk- were on, I’ll be saving the old news in a word .doc on my hard drive. You can contact me through my Say Hey! tab and if I kept that record here then I can give it to you. I haven’t been very steady in keeping that page updated, I’m sorry to say. I’m looking into a calender that I can put on that page and give a visual to visitors and guests. So look for the new corral there. 😀

Next on my list of to-dos is the Guest Blogger Guidelines: I know- why bother? Well, I sometimes forget to give full or clear instructions to my guests, which can, and have, caused a lot of extra needless work when I set up guest posts. The page will be very close to what it is now, but I will try to clarify and make what I’d like from guests more specific and clear. Hopefully that will help visitor appearances on the Ranch more pleasant. I tend to be a stickler with things like that, only because, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on those things so if we work together it makes it a bit nicer for me too.

Next I’ll be adding a page (I’m still considering this one and if I want it ON the Ranch, or linked from it. As an indie editor under another name, I want to be available to clients, give them information, prices, what they get for their money, and what-not- because it can be uncomfortable asking someone that kind of stuff, and I don’t want to cause discomfort for anyone. 🙂 So that page may come later and be a link off the Ranch, kind of a back forty cottage of sorts. 😆 We’ll see.

What am I up to that keeps me so busy? 

I’m revising Healing Whispers, my horse whisperer story to submit…somewhere. I am hoping to finish Hearts Afire- my fireman story- soon, so I can get it submitted this year too. I have a short story I’d like to complete this year and submit. So, as you can tell, lot-o-irons in the fire! I also have a book two to Healing Whispers I want to write still…probably not this year.

If that’s not enough, I am still working on finishing my first paranormal book, that I will publish somewhere, somehow. BUT- I won’t be talking about that genre here anymore. That’s another of the coming changes. I will be taking the pages dedicated to my wolf shifters down, in fact. Why? Because this is a contemporary 1-man/1-woman author’s website. I feel I need to keep the genres separate to keep confusion down for visitors and guests. I have been considering for some time now if I should put an 18 and older notice to enter the site, and have decided against that. My Ranch is open and all are welcome. Of course, as with any romance site that isn’t designated Inspirational or Sweet romance only, I suggest parents review it first- just in case. But I won’t be putting up an entry stopper. 

In the changes I will adjust my guest roster for Pen of the Dreamer blog, but don’t worry. I will still work to bring all your favorite authors to you. I will explain more about that later, when I get all my changes made and the Ranch revamped and the new exposed. I will be working around guest posts, and will strive to post my own blogs as often as I have time for in the meantime.

I’m hoping to bring a new feature, or even two, soon… by the end of the year. In the interim, I would love to hear what you’d like to see on the Ranch. What have you looked for on a blog that nobody does? What would make you enjoy your time here more, or tell others about the Ranch?

Which contemporary authors would you like to see interviewed or hear a particular topic from? Ms. Nora? Brenda Novak? Sharon Sala? I’m open to big-name guests to mix it up with my darlin’ newcomers and small press and indie friends. Who have you discovered recently that you’d like to hear more from? Vonnie Davis? Joya Fields? There are so many new and old contemporary authors I hear about but have never had on the Ranch. Name a few for me and we’ll see what happens. After all, how else will we become more known if not by putting ourselves out there?

We all know it’s about word of mouth in this business, whether you are a writer or a reader. Give me names people! I’ll take care of contacting them (except SK- because his contact system on his website hates me, as does the contact email for his manager! I know. But I won’t be doing horror on the Ranch either.) So who? Click the Say Hey! button and fill my inbox. 😀

Until I have everything ready for the big reveal, I hope to see you weekly for Tuesday Tales on the Ranch and 6 Sentence Sunday (which I missed this last week. So sorry. :(). And, hey, if you notice any of the new makeover tweaks, don’t be bashful; let me know what you think! It’s all for you. If you don’t like it-it’s no good to me. Right? 🙂